Celebrities That Have Inspired Fans With Their Weight Loss

People often look up to celebrities when it comes to weight loss. They tend to follow what they do, their routines, and the secrets of achieving that sexy body that they have been dreaming to have. Whether it’s a strict diet, exercise, or even surgery, fans will surely follow what they do.
As celebrities know that their body and looks are their primary investments in this industry, they will do everything to make their appearance look pleasing in the eye. So, here is the list of your favorite celebrities that defy all odds to lose those pesky extra pounds to attain the sexy body they have now.


At this point, after releasing hit records like Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, and Hello, it’s safe to say that almost everyone can recognize Adele. Along the way, the singer surprised everyone when she revealed her new lean body. What did she do, you ask? Rumor has it that the 31-year-old star chose a diet that would still allow her to take wine and chocolate. Now, with that said, how many pounds did she lose? A whopping 50 pounds.

After giving birth to her son, Angelo Adkins, the famed hitmaker reportedly decided to lose weight by hiring a personal trainer and following a food diet. It seems like she has been following this diet since 2016, and now people can see the effect. From the looks of it, despite her busy schedule, it’s nice to know that the singer still takes time to make investments for her wellbeing, and she now enjoys the results.


Another star who made everyone’s jaw dropped when she launched her sexier body in public is Melissa McCarthy. Moviegoers would probably recognize Melissa for her role in films like Identity Thief, Spy, and Tammy. Despite her success as a comedian, the actress also took audiences and critics by surprise when she took on a more serious role in the 2018 film Can You Ever Forgive Me?

After getting a role for the TV series Gilmore Girls, Melissa decided to opt for a crazy diet. She went on a liquid diet that made her lose 70 pounds in just four months. Despite its amazing effects, it also provided some setbacks for the actress. It made her feel hungry and crazy half the time. Fortunately, with experience on her side now, Melissa said she would never do it again. She might end up using her health insurance if she continues doing so. Now, she only follows a low-carb diet to maintain her new weight.


Rebel Wilson has become quite the figure in the entertainment industry in recent years. Among all the films and shows she starred in, moviegoers arguably know her best for her role in the Pitch Perfect movies. Since then, she’s continued working on other titles like Grimsby, How to Be Single, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, and Jojo Rabbit. To help her lose weight, Rebel Wilson reportedly went to VivaMayr Altaussee in Austria to detoxify her body and spirit in 2019.

She even posted her getaway on Instagram, showing her slimmer physique and revealing she dropped 14.5 pounds while staying there. Rebel gave credit to the facility for her dramatic weight loss. She said that VivaMayr Altaussee helped to improve her “digestive and immune system.” She stayed there for two weeks and admitted that she had the most amazing time of her life. The actress also mentioned that everything she went through was filmed for a health documentary.


Delta Burke made a name for herself as Suzanne Sugarbaker in the television series Designing Women. In the show, fans could see a beautiful and energetic woman. Other projects she has worked on through the years include Filthy Rich, Delta, Women of the House, and Boston Legal. Despite the bright and radiant persona she presented on-screen and on stage, things were very different for Delta in real life.

The 63-year-old star once suffered from depression and weight gain. To make matters more troubling, she was even diagnosed with diabetes. Although things seemed to be going for the worst for her, things started becoming more optimistic for Delta when she moved to Los Angeles with her husband, Gerald McRaney, and mom, Jean Burke. The degree of love Gerald gave to Delta helped her to heal. She also began taking Byetta to suppress her appetite and monitor the diet that successfully helped her lose weight.


Chris Pratt lost almost 14 pounds by only drinking water and urinating three times before 10 a.m. The 40-year-old star was once overweight, weighing 300 pounds, which was his highest. Thankfully, he underwent a huge body transformation over the years. When he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and played the role of Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014, he lost 70 pounds. Chris didn’t deny the pressure he felt about staying in shape in the industry.

In fact, he even revealed that he needed to lose more weight for the new role he was about to do. Thankfully, after all that hard work, the actor doesn’t need to lose much anymore – safe to say a good portion of the credit goes to the ol’ reliable water diet. Other projects he has worked on through the years include the Jurassic World movies, Magnificent Seven, The Lego Movie, and Passengers.


Many of the music industry’s talented figures first gained widespread recognition by joining talent shows. One such person that instantly became a star thanks to Britain’s Got Talent is none other than Susan Boyle. Since then, she has released more than a few hit albums, including I Dreamed a Dream and Someone to Watch Over Me. Susan Boyle revealed she had been battling her weight since she was young. She was even often bullied in school at the time because of her appearance.

As she felt she had nowhere to go, she took comfort in food. Sadly, it only made her weigh even more. When she was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2012, Susan knew she needed to be health-conscious, or else she might need to use her health insurance. What is the first thing she did, you ask? Well, she cut sugar from her diet. Although it was the bane of her life, Susan knew that she had to stop eating sweets and cakes.


It goes without saying that most, if not all, of us love to have a good laugh now and then. Through the years, the entertainment industry has introduced numerous comedians. Well, one such talented figure who recently rose to prominence is Zach Galifianakis. Zach Galifianakis has been losing weight since 2013. After Conan O’Brien forced him to spill his secret, he finally revealed that cutting out the booze from his diet helped him lose weight.

When he stopped drinking, the 50-year-old star started to put the weight off. Zach turned his back to vodka and sausage. This new attitude not only helped him lose the extra pounds but it also saved him a lot of money for use on other things. Zach now might have a better approach to his investment planning principles, along with his new lifestyle. Although he admitted it his habits were delicious, he knew it was bad for his health.


Keely Shaye Smith is the beautiful wife of Pierce Brosnan. With that said, Keely has more than just looks for her. She’s also a former model, TV host/correspondent, journalist, and actress. It is no surprise that the 66-year-old actor is so head over heels over her. Since then, the couple has worked on a few projects together, including the award-winning documentary Poisoning Paradise.

As Keely continuously gained weight, however, she became the center of attention for the rumor mills. To stop all the hearsays, she reportedly changed her diet and lifestyle, resulting in losing roughly 100 pounds. In turn, when she accompanied her husband at the premiere of Mamma Mia 2 in 2018, she surprised everyone with her new look. Well, despite the fact, it’s safe to say that the degree of love Pierce has for her will surely stay the same no matter how many pounds she carries – that’s true love right there!


Like many of today’s singers, Jessica Simpson developed her talent when she played for her local church choir. Along the way, she also auditioned for The Mickey Mouse Club. Although she didn’t get a role for the show, Jessica still found her way to becoming a successful artist. Jessica Simpson has been working with her trainer Harley Pasternak to lose some pesky pounds, especially after giving birth.

As she gained a lot of weight after giving birth to her third kid in 2019, she once again needed the help of Harley. Now, the question is: what did they do? Harley revealed that they didn’t follow a certain routine to lose weight. They, too, never used a weighing scale to monitor her weight. He just created a habit for Jessica to follow, and she had to keep up. By following this habit alone, she managed to lose 100 pounds. Jessica gives credit to the holistic lifestyle changes that always work for her.


Quiz shows are often entertaining to watch, especially when they let us learn a thing or two along the way. One such program that attracts audiences is The Chase, with Anne Hagerty as one of the “chasers.” Through the years, she revealed that her weight loss opened the door for her to date again. The 61-year-old star revealed that when she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, she already had a hard time going on dates in the past.

Fortunately, things became better for Anne as she gained her confidence back and gave love another try. She even told The Sun that it took her years of psychotherapy before she even considered dating again. After she lost weight and began using contact lenses instead of glasses, she felt confident again. Thanks to her time in I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, she lost around four stones. Now, she doesn’t have to use her credit cards much to buy food.


Thanks to his performance in films like Superbad, 21 Jump Street, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Moneyball, Jonah Hill has since become a well-known figure in the film industry. With that said, the actor also has another feat that has caught the attention of fans and press through the years: his physique. Jonah Hill started his weight loss journey as early as 2011. Even so, he only resumed his diet once again in 2017.

At the time, he worked very hard to lose the 40 pounds he gained after doing War Dogs in 2015 by hiring a nutritionist and trainer. He even got advice from his lean and hunky friend, Channing Tatum. Jonah is now 36 years old. Last year, he shaved off a few points from his credit card and started learning Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training four to five times a week. He has been learning in a studio to get over the stuff that made him feel weak and insecure when he was a teenager.


Many celebrities are often quite particular about the pounds they gain. Well, Alec Baldwin is no exception to this. After the actor noticed he was adding some unnecessary fats to his build, he decided to change his daily habits. To show that he lost weight, Alec Baldwin dropped his pants on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Fans were then convinced that he indeed put off the extra pounds.

What’s his secret? The old star gives credit to juices. He revealed that he only drinks juice in the morning and skips having a breakfast meal entirely. Alec explained that he wanted to lose weight because he was pre-diabetic. He didn’t want to use insulin, so he only takes green juices, cashew milk, and tries his best to cut sugar off his diet. Alec is also into intermittent fasting. His wife, Hilaria Baldwin, revealed that she’d know if her husband is already hungry if he’s angry – or “hangry,” in modern-day slang.


Rosie O’Donnell has been struggling with weight issues much of her life. The View co-host wanted to make a change to see all her children and foster kids grow up. In fact, she was willing to go under the knife to be able to do that. She sought the help of Dr. Amit Trivedi of Advanced Laparoscopic Associates. With enough money loans and courage, she finally underwent surgery in 2013.

After two years, she successfully lost 50 pounds. The operation changed Rosie’s life. She now has a different relationship with food. Since then, she has developed a mindset that helps her from having sudden urges to eat – she doesn’t even think of food much anymore. Besides changes to her overall physique, Rosie’s weight loss also improved her overall way of life. Other than being able to sleep better at night, Rosie also said that she could finally perform better in her motherly duties.


In the earlier years of his career, John Goodman paid no mind to the number of pounds he carried. Even so, his opinion on the matter began to change after he realized he already weighed around 400 pounds. Thankfully, the actor now lost a quarter of that bodyweight. How did he do it? Simple, he stopped impulse eating. The 67-year-old actor revealed that he used to have a handful of food, and it would go directly to his mouth.

Although it didn’t affect him much at first, his food-eating habit eventually became quite a hindrance for the actor. Back when he was still overweight, it would take him three months to lose 60 to 70 pounds. After that, he would reward himself with a six-pack of beer. Now that he’s doing more exercises, he’s doing things slowly. By the looks of it, it’s safe to say that this investment undoubtedly paid off in the long run.


Tyra Banks first gained widespread recognition for her career in the modeling business. Since then, she maintains her celebrity status by working on shows like America’s Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars. Along the way, however, the supermodel also received her fair share of harsh remarks from the public, especially after she gained some weight. Credits to her nutritionist, Tyra Banks managed to lose 30 pounds. The 46-year-old star revealed that she now feels physically better after losing the extra weight.

Now, the question is: what inspired her to lose weight? Her son! Tyra explained that having a son later in life made her want to run around and chase him without feeling the spasms of being overweight. To overcome this concern, her nutritionist created a food program that would meet her specific needs while ensuring her it would not affect her emotional state. As Tyra loves cheat snacks and meals, she says that it’s okay to indulge in moderation and never deprive yourself.


If there’s one Hollywood star who can be called the master of transformation, it is Christian Bale. The 46-year-old actor has played different characters throughout his career. For each role he landed, Christian would often go as far as to change his overall physique to give the performance the justice it deserves – he can be skinny to very thick if his movie asks for it. One of his most controversial transformations was when he did The Machinist in 2004.

Here, he lost 60 pounds in just four months by sticking to a diet that only consumed water, apple, and one cup of coffee a day. Although he already had a thin, 120-pound figure, Christian believed it still wasn’t enough and insisted on losing some more weight. Fortunately, the film producers thought that his at-the-time build was already more than enough for the role. With this kind of project, the film companies surely gave him insurance to ensure his health is well taken care of.


Oprah Winfrey takes care of her health by following a healthy diet that she will never get tired of. How? After years of relying on food as her means to cope with stress, the media mogul has since followed a well-balanced diet that only has her consume 1,700 calories per day. It is composed of 20 percent protein, 30 percent healthy fat, and 50 percent carbohydrates, which she gets from whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

As a result, she eventually overcame her eating habits, all while developing a healthy physique for herself – though she could still become more “ripped” if she chooses to. She also gets 1,100 mg of calcium from yogurt and soymilk. Oprah also makes sure that she eats fresh food to maintain her sodium level within the recommended amount and fiber that averages 34 grams per day. If you want to check out this kind of diet, you can ask your doctor or get familiarized by searching for any available online classes.


Kirstie Alley has the most relatable diet among celebrities. She never denies that she struggled to lose weight, experiencing the ups and downs of shedding off those pesky extra pounds. When the actress requested the help of weight loss and nutrition company Jenny Craig, she lost 75 pounds. Despite the fact, she, unfortunately, gained some of it back along the way, though she did lose more than what she added when she joined Dancing with the Stars.

It goes to show that maintaining a certain image isn’t as easy as we thought it would be. When she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, she once again gained her weight back. Kirstie’s battle against weight gain continues, and it looks like she has no plans to give up. She is not afraid to max out her credit card and buy all the food to keep her healthy and slim, as she feels more energetic when she’s lightweight.


When Shonda Rhimes lost 150 pounds, she gave credit to herself for sticking through with her weight-loss journey, despite the challenge it posed for her. With that said, though, the TV producer isn’t too happy with how people reacted to her transformation. Sadly, she realized that people only found someone valuable when they looked pleasing in their eyes. In a newsletter she sent to Shondaland subscribers, she admitted that she was never pleased with the attention she got after shedding a lot of weight.

Shonda pointed out that a person’s size was often linked to their worth–a sad truth that she experienced firsthand. Although she made plenty of achievements for herself throughout her career, Grey’s Anatomy producer found it baffling how people only congratulated her when she burned off some pounds. Despite the usual notion of losing weight to look better, Shonda did the task so she could live a healthier life.


As a record executive and a man who loves to make investments, Kevin Liles likens his diet to his profession. As a busy man like him, he always gets busy lunch schedules. With that said, despite his hectic timetable, he still makes sure that he gets the most out of his meals. How?

Kevin admitted that he is a creature of habit in a lot of ways. He loves to go to the same places all the time, explaining it helps him big time to be familiar with things. It also aids his staff to know him even more. As a result, they now know what he wants to eat, which, in effect, also helps him maintain his dietary needs. He does not fried foods, carbs, and sugar. He only consumes lots of protein and vegetables. Aside from keeping him healthy, it also saves him time from telling people what he wants.


Even before she finished her studies, this famous talk show host was already particular with her weight – the first diet she took was in first grade. Recently, Wendy William spent three years to lose 50 pounds. How did she do it? She gives credit to a pescatarian diet, meaning the only animal she eats is fish. She also does cardio exercises, and Pilates. All these routines helped her lose those fats in her arms, tummy, and behind.

Thankfully, the weight didn’t return. Despite these noteworthy habits she does, however, Wendy also has one secret that she follows to help her maintain her new figure: breakfast! Williams said that the significant part of her healthy-eating plan does not forget to eat breakfast. The only difference is that it’s not just a simple breakfast, but a breakfast for the gods, complete with fruits, green juice, and a vegan version of sausage, egg, and English muffin.


A lot of people know that before Perez Hilton became a fit media personality, he was once overweight. The “King of all Media” tried his hardest to keep off the pounds and finally removed his chubby image. Now, he is slimmer, not to mention, a real hunk. Well, with that out of the way, what is his weight loss secret?

The 42-year-old star partnered with FitOrbit, a website where people who want to lose weight could find the most affordable trainers and nutritionists in town—you will never need a money loan for it. Perez revealed that he looked up to David Beckham when he was on his journey to shed off some pounds, but just like other people, he had a hard time doing it. Fortunately, despite the challenges, he still managed to achieve his goal of losing 70 pounds after four years of exercising and following a healthier diet.


Queen Latifah, born Dana Elaine Owens, has always been open about her struggles with weight loss, which she’s gone through for years. Throughout that duration, she even tried different diets, like Jenny Craig, for which she used to be a spokesperson of. Along with the fact that experiencing a case of heart failure runs in her family, the singer knew that she had to start living a healthy lifestyle and get health insurance for herself sooner or later.

Thanks to Jenny Craig, she managed to lose 20 pounds and is doing everything to keep the weight off. Besides getting help from the weight loss company, the singer also spent most of her time in the gym, exercising for one hour per session. Although looking good is very important in the business that she’s in, Queen Latifah also said that feeling good about oneself is still the most crucial goal any person can ever achieve.


One of the many celebrities that can maintain her figure is Mariah Carey. Through the years, the singer has always managed to maintain her physique, which many people are undoubtedly jealous of. Well, how does she keep it? Simple, she follows a strict diet that is full of protein. Aside from that, she also has a special secret to putting off her weight, like cutting out processed sugar completely from her diet.

Mariah reportedly cut out chocolate and other sweets from her list of snacks. When she craves something sweet, she only opts to eat fruits. Mariah also works out regularly and only eats clean, whole foods, focusing mostly on vegetables. She also cuts out carbs and bread from her diet, helping her to lose lots of pounds. Now, in retrospect, it’s safe to say that this investment surely paid off for the singer. After all, she does need to stay healthy and fit for her to effortlessly perform on stage for her concerts.


Jennifer Hudson managed to lose 80 pounds. Although she can opt to burn some more fat out of her body, the singer is more than happy with her current frame. Since then, Jennifer just maintains her physique by cooking her own meals and avoiding all kinds of junk food. She may now be consuming more lean protein, dietary fiber, and healthy fats. She also shouldn’t be skipping meals and starving herself.

For her journey to becoming a healthier Jennifer, a portion of the credit goes to Weight Watchers. Through every step of the way, the fitness company provided Jennifer with all the essential tips and advice to achieve her goal. With all things considered, though, the most significant factor behind the singer’s weight loss transformation was her son. She didn’t only want to burn some pounds to become healthier; Jennifer also did it to ensure that she can provide all the love and care needed to raise her son.


Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi revealed that her secret to losing weight is the Cookie Diet, an eating plan that Dr. Sanford Siegal developed. This diet is never boring, as it allows her to eat nine specially-made cookies throughout the day, in place of her breakfast and lunch, and a healthy meal for dinner. According to the Cookie Diet website, Snooki only consumes 500 calories from the nine cookies and 500 to 700 more from her dinner of choice.

In total, she only has 1,000 to 1,200 daily caloric intake that helped her lose weight. With that said, Snookie revealed that she only eats six cookies during the day and chicken or fish for dinner. Since then, she’s been enjoying its benefits – she even encouraged her mother to give it a shot. With this kind of diet, it sure looks like she doesn’t need to worry much about spending credit card points on the food she eats.


Kevin Federline never denied his struggles with his weight after his split from Britney Spears. In an interview in 2010, he admitted that he looked like a pregnant woman due to his big tummy. He even called this phase of his life upsetting, as people used to call him “K-Fat.” In turn, like many celebrities, Kevin decided he had to do something about it. Soon after, he signed for VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club 7: Boot Camp to lose the extra pounds, and he succeeded.

Despite the progress he made on the show, he later gained the weight he lost. Even so, it’s safe to assume that the dancer-rapper-actor has been continuing with his weight-loss investments. After all, besides being a celebrity in the entertainment industry, he’s also a father to his kids – energetic kids, while he’s at it. Well, with that in mind, Kevin has more than enough reasons to motivate himself into regaining his buff and healthy physique.


Khloe Kardashian used to be chubby when she was young. At the time, she admitted that she never paid attention to her body and lifestyle, resulting in her being a little overweight. After some time, Khloe finally realized that she needed to change her unhealthy lifestyle if she wanted to lose those extra pounds. What did she do, you ask? Khloe didn’t believe in rapid weight loss, as she knew it would be hard to maintain.

Instead, she opted to follow a slow process with an everlasting effect. She never planned to lose a pound a day. Her goal was to be emotionally strong by eating healthily and working out to slim down. With that said, if Khloe has any plans of setting up fitness-focused online classes in the near future, rest assured that many fans of the media personality will be more than willing to attend and support the program.


Renee Zellweger needed to add a few extra pounds to play her role as Bridget in the 2001 movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. When the film’s production ended, she then wanted to lose the weight she added by following the Zone Diet. Here, she has to watch how many of each food group she consumes. This diet plan asks its followers to stick to a strict eating habit of only consuming a specific ratio of 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat.

For a dieter to achieve this, they need to possess a high degree of motivation, strong enough to keep them committed to the program, especially in the long run. If determination is a vital piece behind achieving ideal results, then the actress surely has that in spades. After all, despite having to gain weight for two separate occasions – both for follow-up Bridget Jones movies, Renee still managed to lose the unwanted pounds after production for the films ended.


After becoming a little overweight due to some problems he encountered along the way, Rob’s sister, Kim Kardashian, revealed that he was back at the gym in 2019. He was even often spotted working out with his sister. Although Kanye West’s wife didn’t talk much about Rob’s weight loss journey, the 33-year-old businessman’s physique presented more than words ever could. On October 21 last year, he showed off a slimmer and more toned figure.

According to reports, he is doing a lot of things to lose the pounds, like following a strict workout routine and an “easy, peasy diet.” Even so, Rob is yet to fully commit himself to his weight-loss journey, as he still slips up at times – though he’s recently been doing a great job staying in shape. After all, if he goes back to neglecting his overall wellbeing, insurance companies will surely be hunting him down to offer different health policies.


Christine Aguilera made a lot of jaws drop when she lost a whopping 49 pounds. Aside from looking gorgeous, like always, she also seemed to be at her happiest and healthiest. Thankfully, the 40-year-old star shared her diet for everyone to follow. Like other stars working in the industry, Christina admitted that she also struggled to lose those troublesome and stubborn pounds, even when she already changed her eating habits.

Why? It’s because of stress. Although she undoubtedly has a fun time working on The Voice, it still doesn’t deny that the job can be quite stressful sometimes. With that in mind, when she took some time off from the entertainment world, Christina finally had the chance to de-stress and begin her fat-burning routine. Today, thanks to the investments she made for herself, which included exercising and following a colorful rainbow diet, the singer has since been enjoying the fruits of her labor.


Kelly Osbourne started her weight-loss journey in 2009. To finally drop down the number on her weighing scale, she adapted different kinds of methods and eventually lost a staggering 70 pounds. She tried hula-hoop parties to burn the calorie and followed the Reverse Diet, which allowed her to eat heavy food in the morning and lighter meals at night. Kelly also became the U.K.’s poster girl for the weight loss craze M-Plan, a.k.a. the mushroom diet.

Here, she had to replace lunch or dinner with a mushroom dish every day for two weeks, which would help her lose four to ten pounds. Nutrition experts credit mushrooms as a great meat substitute with only a fraction of calories. Besides following a new diet, Kelly has also been keeping alcoholic beverages away from her system. Since then, the singer has been more than happy with herself and hopes to inspire her fans along the way, too.


Dr. Dre managed to lose 50 pounds in an effort to take care of his health. The 55-year-old star credits his weight loss journey for making a huge difference not just in his appearance, but in his overall health, too. He follows a strict diet and exercise routine, which is mostly composed of cardiovascular activities that help him develop his muscle strength as efficiently as possible.

Although he is now in his mid-50s, Dr. Dre says that he still feels like he is in his 30s, thanks to his healthy lifestyle. In fact, his doctors even told him that he still looks like a 31-year-old – goes to show that having a healthier way of life can make just about anyone look and feel younger. Besides improving his overall wellbeing, Dr. Dre also hopes that this new and better routine he’s following can help him be there more often for his kids and grandkids.


Seth Rogen lost weight when he played the lead role in the 2011 movie The Green Hornet. As he received praises for successfully putting off those extra pounds, Seth humorously replied, like he always does, that his weight-loss journey was not worth the worry. Although most of the stars shining under the Hollywood spotlight often focus their investments on their good looks and physique, Seth, on the other hand, focuses more on his humor and wit.

He cleared that he never tried experimental injections to reduce weight and just followed a strict diet and exercise routine – these two alone already worked wonders for the actor. Besides starring in the action-comedy film, Seth was also newly engaged at the time. As a result, some fans wondered if the engagement had something to do with his transformation. Well, he immediately cleared that out, too, and said that it would be pretty hilarious if he slimmed down because of it.


America Ferrera screams body positivity. In fact, she’s also quite vocal about matters like gender equality and people’s overall welfare. Although the 36-year-old star struggles with weight loss and body image issues, she recently learned to ignore the negative comments she receives and has since focused more on herself. Now, she looks better than ever after burning off 30 pounds from her physique. Due her transformation, the actress remains a role model for many of her fans.

After spending the earlier years of her career mostly working on her looks, Ferrera eventually realized that what we have on the outside isn’t the only thing that matters in life. To this day, the actress reminds her fans to focus more on their passions instead of their looks and physical appearance, to focus their investments on the things they can do to help others along the way. Proper exercise, a good diet and a healthy mind-set can certainly go a long way.


Many people were surprised when 50 Cent posted a photo of him having an extremely skinny build. It turns out that it was actually an integral part of his role as a cancer patient in the 2011 movie Things Fall Apart. The 45-year-old star wanted to perfect the role as a tribute to his friend, who, unfortunately, passed away because of the disease. By the time the film was released, audiences had likened 50 Cent’s transformation with actors like The Machinist’s Christian Bale and Philadelphia’s Tom Hanks.

At the time, 50 Cent already lost 50 pounds. From 214 pounds, he fell to 160 in just nine weeks by following a liquid diet and running on a treadmill three hours a day. With his thin frame, his manager told him to have himself checked by a doctor. Although he surely has himself covered with health insurance, the rapper-slash-actor assured his fans that he felt perfectly fine throughout the filming process.


Boy George has been open about his weight gain battle, but the iconic singer surprised everyone when he showcased his new body. When he debuted as one of the coaches in The Voice Australia, the 59-year-old singer showed audiences and fellow coaches his new frame after losing almost 90 pounds. In fact, his current look is quite reminiscent of when the singer was still at the peak of his career back in the ’80s.

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume that many people asked this one question as a result: how did he do it? Boy George credits eating almonds and following a tailored diet with helping him maintain his physique. Of course, he didn’t do this without a medical expert’s supervision, as he had the help of the famed nutritionist Amelia Freer, who was also Prince Charles’ personal assistant. He also worked out five times a week and skipped eating carbohydrates, sugar, and dairy.


Life in the entertainment industry had always been in Adam Richman’s mind, even during his school days. In fact, he even graduated with a master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama. Since then, Adam began with his journey to achieving celebrity stardom. Along the way, the TV personality first worked on titles like Guiding Light, All My Children, and Law & Order: Trial by Jury before he found his way into the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food.

Throughout his time on the food reality TV series, Adam visited various American restaurants and tried beating the challenges they had in store for him. Along the way, however, the 46-year-old star admitted that he became depressed when he gained a significant amount of weight due to the time spent on competitive eating. Fortunately, after his retirement, Adam followed a soccer player’s fitness routine and lost a staggering 70 pounds in just a matter of 10 months.


Many people enjoy a good musical film or TV show every once in a while. One such title that perfectly fits this genre is none other than Glee, which has Amber Riley as one of its stars. When the actress noticed she was gaining a lot of weight, she decided to start eating more healthy foods. After seven months, her hard work finally paid off as she lost a considerable amount of weight, dropping two dress sizes – this led the show’s costume department to make last-minute changes to Amber’s wardrobe.

After that, she decided to improve her diet to further her weight loss and ease her stomach pains. She admitted that the fast-food she was continually snacking on took a toll on her health, resulting in chronic tummy aches. Although the investments she made for her wellbeing undoubtedly paid off in the end, Amber revealed that she had been more than happy with herself already, that it was all just a matter of becoming healthier.


You may remember Sara Rue on the TV series Popular, but you will surely not recognize her today. The 41-year-old star went on her own long personal weight-loss journey and made a dangerous change, a significant transformation in her body, losing more than 50 pounds along the way. Sara teamed up with the pharmaceutical company Takeda to further her weight loss. The All for Love star also shut down the beliefs that celebrities always had the best care and could quickly lose weight anytime they wanted to, saying it was a lie of the highest degree.

The truth is, just like everyone else, they, too, work hard to attain their ideal weight and body. Although it improved the actress’ physique, Sara has admitted that she has a more personal reason for her journey: her kids. Besides improving her health and overall wellbeing, Sara also wishes to be a healthy and fit role model for her family.


From a chubby child to a real hunky actor, Josh Peck showed his dramatic body transformation on Instagram, which put everyone in awe. The 34-year-old star revealed he made a conscious effort to lose weight as he knew it would make him happier and healthier. In addition to that, Josh also said that with his presence on TV and films, he could, hopefully, also be a good role model to his viewers. Thankfully, he shared his secret with everyone.

He started by following a strict diet and hiring a personal trainer. These changes resulted in having a healthier lifestyle to maintain his leaner body. After having an acting credit for Drake and Josh, Josh went on to have a successful career. He appeared in a series of independent movies and led Fox’s comedy Grandfathered for a year. Other projects he has worked on through the years include titles like Red Dawn, Danny Collins, and Battle of the Year.


Did you know that one of Hollywood’s most likable actors, Bradley Cooper, was once on the heavy side? Even so, the 45-year-old did his best to drop off his weight for his role in the movie, The A-Team. How? He cut sugar, salt, and flour from his diet, and stopped eating sandwiches. This diet helped sculpt his midsection and remove the pesky fats – this also made it easier for him to beef up his frame for his role in American Sniper.

Bradley also spent two hours a day working out in the gym with his personal trainer, doing lots of strength and core training. Using the 3-2-1 method, which comprises three cardio circuits, two strength training circuits, and one core workout, he now has the body that we adore today. Bradley knows that his look and physical appearance are just some of the critical investments in this industry – the other being talent, which he also has in spades.


Although we seldom see Hilary Swank on either the small or big screen, she remains busy at the gym. The 45-year-old star often posts her series of workouts on Instagram, which she calls #FitnessFriday. In one of the videos she shared, she showed off her super-fit body while performing kettle swings and sled pushes. With that said, perhaps it’s safe to say that her fitness journey began when she first landed an acting credit for one of her most famous roles, which is in One Million Dollar Baby.

At the time, she ate 210 grams of protein a day and 60 egg whites, admitting it was a tough thing to do. Along with her diet, the actress also had to spend four to six hours daily on boxing and weightlifting exercises. Thanks to her hard work, not only did she add 29 pounds of muscle to her frame, but she also won an Oscar.


Charlize Theron said that when she did the 2018 movie, Tully, she gained some weight and suffered from depression. It took the 45-year-old star a year and a half to put off the pounds that seriously frustrated her, describing the whole predicament as a hellish experience. Charlize acknowledges that it was a long journey for her, and it was hard as she had to press junkets and movies around it, and nobody knew what she did for the film.

At first, everyone thought that she was only wearing pads to look fat. When the first photos from the movie came out, everybody thought it was prosthetics. In reality, Charlize gained 35 pounds for her role in the film. With that said, the actress is no stranger to this kind of investment in the entertainment industry. After all, she did the same thing when she worked on her award-winning role for 2003’s biopic Monster.


Nowadays, Raven-Symoné is often well-known for her role in the popular Disney TV series That’s So Raven. Through the years, the actress has also worked on other titles, like Dr. Dolittle, College Road Trip, Cheetah Girls, and even lent her voice for the animated series Kim Possible. As fans are used to seeing Raven as a chubby young woman, many of them were surprised when she showed her new and slimmer body. This led to questions about her diet and exercise, but it also gave birth to pregnancy rumors.

Raven revealed that her stress-free diet is the secret to her now sexier body. After losing 35 pounds, she became a hot topic, not just because of her weight loss but also because of her alleged pregnancy and supposed secret baby. Fortunately, though she could call a lawyer and file a complaint, Raven paid no mind to the fake news spreading around the community and has been happily living healthily ever since.


After Janet Jackson gained some baby weight, she successfully put it off by losing 70 pounds. For the motivation behind her weight-loss journey, it’s safe to say that a significant portion of the credit goes to her upcoming concert at the time. The 54-year-old star had to prepare herself for her next stage performance at the Hollywood Bowl, in front of thousands of fans from around the globe.

To achieve her goal, the singer worked with her personal trainer, Paulette Sybliss, who revealed that she dropped all the baby weight by building muscle. Despite the singer’s amazing transformation, Paulette said that they didn’t do any cardio, which came as quite a surprise to everyone. All they did was weight training, the type where they could incorporate exercises back-to-back. In fact, the trainer even admitted that she didn’t just want Janet to lose weight; she also wanted her to lose most, if not all, of her body fat.


Melissa Joan Hart revealed her new body in the most effective way: through a surprise post on her social media accounts. For this achievement, the 44-year-old star gave credit to NutriSystem, which helped her with her weight-loss journey, where she shed a staggering 40 pounds. Melissa earlier revealed that she gained almost 60 pounds of weight while pregnant with Tucker in 2012. With that said, what inspired her to lose weight?

Simple, it was for her kids, too. Besides being able to wear any piece of clothing she could think of, the actress wanted to slim down her frame so she could play around with her energetic kids more. Plus, this healthy change in lifestyle also made the actress feel more confident about herself. Although she felt hopeless at the start of it, she realized that staying fit and in shape no matter what age you’re at is the most important thing you can do for yourself.


Although she’s known for her body positivity, Lena Dunham also wanted to stay fit and healthy. With that said, she also doesn’t necessarily need to be as in shape as fellow stars like Jennifer Lopez; she’s more than happy with being as healthy as possible. One habit she added into her day-to-day living is keeping track of the food she eats on her food diary. In effect, it helps her be more responsible for what she has for her meals and snacks – and how often she takes them.

In a post on Instagram, the 34-year-old star discussed how she started to appreciate health and wellness by sharing a photo doing yoga. In the snap, she simply said that health is wealth, admitting she was trying her best while crawling across the room, begging for a donut. Fortunately, since the actress could do it at home, these exercise routines won’t be demanding much from her credit card, too.


The fan-favorite Entourage cast return to the big screen for its movie adaptation and one of them looked oddly different. Jerry Ferrara, known for his role on the series as Turtle, wowed audiences with his new and improved makeover. After losing an impressive amount of 40 pounds, the actor got to show off his ripped physique in the movie, which he prepared for way before any promotional material was released. To be precise, he’s been at it before the show even went off the air.

Everything started when he had a physical exam that showed he already weighed 200 pounds. With the possibility of experiencing health risks in the near future, his doctors advised him to lose weight. With a nutritionist and a simple diet, he managed to lose 40 pounds in 10 months. Despite his efforts, the actor, fortunately, didn’t need to rely much on his credit card to achieve his fitness goal.


Since her childhood days, Gabourey Sidibe was already concerned about her performance. Eventually, after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the actress knew she had to do something about it. To lose the weight that has been bothering her for a long time, Gabourey chose to undergo Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery. Although the procedure inevitably came with a hefty amount, it’s safe to say that she didn’t need any personal loans for it, thanks to her successful career in the entertainment industry.

After the surgery, she managed to lose a tremendous amount of weight. To further help with her weight-loss journey, the actress also began following a healthier diet and exercise routine. In fact, she’d even go swimming and biking from time to time, too. She also asked for advice from a nutritionist along the way to help her with her meal plans. Since then, she has been following them to a T.


Austin “Chumlee” Russell makes a lot of things as his investments. From collecting about 200 pairs of shoes to the Pokémon Trading Card Game to video games, and other sports activities, he seems to have done it all. Even so, the TV personality discovered another goal he wanted to achieve. After he saw his good friend, Corey Harrison, lose 200 pounds, Chumlee decided to follow suit.

In 2013, he started to change his lifestyle habits and lost 95 pounds in a year. How did he do it? He worked out six times a week and even improved his diet. He also began drinking more juice and eating more vegetables, cutting red meat from his list of meals. This change and his new weight allowed him to ride a hovercraft, which could only hold 250 pounds. Since then, he’s been maintaining his healthier lifestyle, all while aspiring to reach his ideal weight of 170 pounds.


Honey Boo Boo made quite a name for herself in the reality series Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Since then, as she is now 14 years old, the young star has become more conscious of her health and wellbeing. As a result, Honey Boo Boo now joins her mom, Mama June, along with her sister, Pumpkin, in the goal of losing some weight by starting a new workout regime.

The two kids were spotted with their older sister, Jessica, wearing their workout clothes and walking near their house as part of their new exercise. With that said, it’s safe to say that Mama June takes a significant amount of credit for motivating Honey Boo Boo into following a healthier lifestyle. After the mother lost a tremendous amount of weight, she has since been working hard to be a role model for her kids. Since then, Honey Boo Boo has been gradually losing those unwanted pounds.


The public sees Mama June’s transformation, as documented on the WEtv documentary, Mama June: From Not to Hot. The whole process showed a dramatic change in the 40-year-old star’s body. How did it happen? In 2016, Mama June made an investment in herself and underwent a gastric sleeve surgery, an alternative to gastric bypass, which reduced the stomach’s size by about 75%. This process would make her feel full for a longer time, thus eventually decreasing her caloric intake.

She also worked with the professional trainer, Kenya Crooks, to help her maintain her new body after losing a jaw-dropping 215 pounds. Since then, she has been keeping up with her healthy lifestyle. Besides following a well-balanced diet, Mama June has also been exercising, doing some beach yoga, and ocean-side jogging. Well, it’s good to know she’s going through her fitness journey in style, on the Florida sands, accompanied by the breeze and the soothing sound of the waves.


Ed Sheeran managed to drop 50 pounds, thanks to his newfound passion: exercising. The 29-year-old star used to weigh 210 to 225 pounds. Fortunately, after his Divide tour, he managed to lose some of that weight and brought his figure down to a good 168 pounds. Despite being quite an athletic fellow throughout his childhood, the singer didn’t do much to stay active when he began his music career. Even so, Ed’s newfound love for exercising worked wonders for him – it even helped him quit smoking.

Today, he usually does 45 minutes of running in the morning and goes swimming or sit-ups to complete his physical activity. Besides staying fit and healthy, Ed also gives credit to exercising for allowing him to disconnect from social media and TV. Other than being able to socialize more with people around him, it also provides the singer with some time alone with his thoughts, which he believes to be beneficial to his wellbeing.

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