The Secret Behind Dolly Parton’s Fame And Her Long Sleeves Finally Revealed!

An American singer, songwriter, actress and humanitarian named “Dolly Rebecca Parton” decided to unlock everyone’s curiosity about always wearing long sleeves every time. This article will definitely end your wondering about his everyday outfit.

It Started When She Was Very Young


Dolly’s childhood contributed a lot about his secret. She is a beautiful girl, independent and a very passionate feminist. Dolly never wanted any clothes that can reveal his arms and legs. Despite her fame, she wanted to stay as a normal child and she wanted to keep her private life on the down low. Still, everybody wants to know about her intriguing childhood.
Her family lived in Tennesse when she was a little, that was January 19, 1946, to be exact. Before fame, their family was very poor and broke. The whole family had to live in a small, one room cabin. Her father had to work as a farmer and a construction worker at the same time. Her mother had to take care of her and her 12 siblings.

Church As His First Stage


The church was a huge part of her childhood. The whole family regularly attend church. She was 6 years old when she started to perform in front of people during the congregation. After that, she got her first guitar gift from her uncle and started to create songs on her own. At an early age, she started performing on local TV shows.
When she was 13 years old she performs on the legendary country music venue, the Grand Ole Opry. After the performance, she was able to meet Mr. Johnny Cash and she got some tips from him. Dolly was very inspired because of this. Johnny told her that she has to follow her dreams and don’t give up easily.

Her Singing Career

Dolly graduated high school in 1964 and decided to move in Nashville to pursue her dreams in music. She admits that she had a hard time at first reaching her ultimate goal. Her uncle Bil Owens started to help her compose a different kind of songs for other artists. Her uncle decides to composed songs with her, and it’s a hit!
At the age of 19, she signed with one of the top recording studios, the Monument Records. The studio wanted to mold Dolly as a loud pop artist because it was popular at that time. Dolly started to write and record songs, but she was not lucky at that time, none of them were successful. She also composed Bill Phillips’ biggest hit and she sings harmonies for him. Because of this, she has the opportunity to transition from pop to country music. She was able to release two country singles that made her go through the limelight. It was a huge hit!
Parton was asked to appear on “The Poter Wagoner Show”. On that time his country music career is blossoming. Her performance on that show made her more popular though it was not that successful because she was replaced with singer Norma Jean. However, that show considered being the launch point for Dolly’s career. The audience really appreciates her performance and they love her.

Dolly As A Solo Artist

The Wagoner show had a number of songs together with Dolly until she decided to leave the show go on a solo. She had her first single “ Just Because I’m A Woman, in 1974. Unfortunately all the solo singles she released in the late ’60s was not as successful as the songs she did in the Wagoner Show.
Even though Dolly leaves the Wagoner show, they still give Dolly a second chance to become a star. The show convinced Dolly to record her own version of the song “My Skinner Blues” which is originally created for Jimmie Rodgers. Finally! It was a hit. Her solo career took off and she recorded her first ever number one single “Joshua”. That single made her way up to the top.
It was a successful collaboration for the Wagoner and Dolly. Though, they often had a debate about dolly’s career. Eventually, it became very evident that Dolly needed to leave the show, but every time she tries the Wagoner sued her for a breach of contract.

The Biggest HiT

The song “ Coat of Many Colors” is one of Dolly’s signature songs, though it only reached number 4 in the charts. But she doesn’t surrender easily and released another song “Jolene”. It soars straight high to the top of the charts. This is the biggest hit ever and also a big success in the UK. She works with Sandy Galin, who became her manager for the next 25 years. She continues her singing career to a mainstream audience. One of her hit song” Here You Come Again” sold a lot of copies and rapidly reached top 20 on the charts!

Music Awards

Dolly became a huge start on the late ’80s. Her album “Trio” became successful and spent for almost 2 months on the top country charts! She became more and more famous because of his songs. She was also introduced into the Country Music Hall of Fame. It was really a success and she kept on doing more Grammy- award-winning albums with her Bluegrass style. She definitely won a lot of awards because of her talent. She was nominated for Academy Awards and Oscar Awards.

Not A Theme Park Fan

Although Dolly Parton owns a theme park, she never tries to ride at the “Dollywood”. She doesn’t like the idea of riding on a roller coaster. She has a severe motion sickness that she even got sick!

Multi-talented Actress

Dolly was a talented composer and singer. But, she is also an accomplished artist. “Porter Wagoner Show” helps her to develop her acting skills. She rapidly became famous and started her very own show entitled “Dolly”. She got a lot of positive reviews for her performance for “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”. Her role is “Miss Mona Lisa” who runs the Chicken Ranch brothel. Dolly said that her signature look was based on a real-life woman of the night! A big yellow hair, high heels, and very bright red lipstick! This was exactly how she wanted to look and it was believable and realistic.

A Time For Love

Dolly had an intriguing love life, it comes out naturally because Dolly’s life is not just about a career, it’s more than that. She fell in love and got married for a long time to Carl Thomas Dean in 1966. She also changed her name but she still uses her maiden name when she performs. Her husband doesn’t want to be seen and avoided the spotlight. He actually saw Dolly perform once.
She is never verbal about it. She let what destiny decide if they would have children. She thinks that she wasn’t destined to be a mother of two children, but being a mother to everyone is a blessing. Dean was so romantic every time they were together and ask to marry dolly again by renewing their vows.

Interesting Fact

One of the most interesting facts is Dolly Parton is the Godmother of the popular singer Miley Cyrus. Miley is now grown up and Dolly decided to collaborate with Miley and sing her hit song “Jolene”. Dolly also act as Miley’s second parent so when the media criticized Miley, Dolly defended her all the time.

She’s Forever Young

If you think about her looks and style, you will notice that she never grow old. She always looks beautiful and young. The combination of good genes and plastic surgery is her secret. She admits that she had undergone little modifications on her face. The people love her because she was so honest about it and often make fun of herself and make jokes about it. She said that the most important thing is the “realness” inside of you and not on the outside. She also said that every girl should do whatever they want as long as they look and feel good.

Dolly As An Icon

Definitely, she has one of the most iconic looks in the music industry. Shes this big blonde beautiful hair, a big bosom and her big personality that made her trademark. She often jokes about most of her lookalikes were guys!


Her husband and Dolly are rarely seen together and because of that, Dolly was accused of being gay by the media. She has a close friend named Judy Ogle and they have been best friends since they were in grade 3. The media got a lot of pictures of them holding hands. Dolly said that she just love Judy and nothing romantic is going on between them. “We’re just friends”.

The Feud

Everybody knows the success of the song “ I Will Always Love You”. It was Dolly’s hit song but the people remembered it as a Whitney Houston song. It means that it was a smashing hit! The media spun Dolly Parton’s jealousness about it, but it’s not true. They had the feud that never was. Both of them really like each other and Whitney humbly thanked Dolly for allowing her to sing her song. Dolly said that it’s her pleasure and she really wanted Whitney to sing it.

All About Books

When she was a child she helps other children in need if she has a chance. Growing up In poverty led her to launch the “ Dollywood Foundation” that allows children to get a book every month until they reached kindergarten. She really likes storytelling, and she really loves children!

Loves Everybody


She holds an annual Gay Day charity at Dollywood. This charity supports the LGBT community because for Dolly everyone deserves to be loved.

Suicidal Attempt

Dolly had some hard times as a normal person would feel. She seems very happy and contented in her life but she actually attempted suicide. She had a problem with her love life that led her to use a gun. Fortunately, her Boston Terrier Popeye looked at her and helps her realize that she was making a very big mistake and she put the gun down.

She Never Stops

Dolly is getting older but it doesn’t stop her to do things she loves. She is showing no signs of slowing down. She has a recent tour, which is one of the biggest ever in the USA. She also performs with Miley Cyrus on “The Voice”. Good things just keep on coming her way. She was presented with the Willie Nelson Achievement Award at the Country Music Awards. Dolly is an extraordinary person!

From Rags To Riches


She grew up “ dirt poor” and doesn’t have any privileges. Poverty doesn’t stop her to make her dreams come true. Now, she is worth about $500 million. She earned a lot of money from royalties earned from Whitney Houston’s “ I Will Always Love You”.

The Iconic Hair

People remember Dolly because of his hair. She has a lot of wigs in her closet because she loves experimenting with wigs. It started when she was young and she found out that wigs can achieve different styles and shapes. She said that she never leaves the house without a wig.

Sheep Named Dolly

There was a scientific experiment that occurred in 1955 when scientists try to clone a sheep from a somatic cell. Dolly, the sheep was named after Dolly Parton because of her large bust, so it’s not totally random! Ian Wilmut, the man who cloned the sheep said that the name derived from a mammary gland cell and she couldn’t think of more impressive glands than Parton’s.


Dolly raised in very poor surroundings, their family has a low-income budget for 12 siblings. Their childhood house is not as beautiful as we imagine. They had a problem with good plumbing and electricity, but she loves her house no matter how hard for their family. When she started to become famous and earns a lot of money, she decided to talk to his brother about the restoration of their childhood house. She wanted to keep it looking exactly the way it was before. She only wants to improve electricity and also the plumbing.

Barbie As Dolly

Barbie is a big part of her life. Dolly wanted to be as beautiful as Barbie. Her entire life she has dreamed of being pretty. She even wrote “Backwoods Barbie”, a song that describes her dream of becoming a Barbie.

More Than 5000 Songs

To this day, Dolly wrote an incredibly more than 5000 songs! Not all of them was successful and not all of them have been released but that it is quite amazing! She always practices writing songs every two or three days!

Top Of The Charts

Kenny Rodgers became Dolly’s singing partner and released their song, “Islands In The Stream” which easily soar to the top of the charts. Their song was actually written by the band “Bee Gees. The song rapidly became the number 1 duet of all time!

Just A Rumor

The media speculated that Dolly and Billy Ray Cyrus were more than just friends. Dolly Parton helps Bill Ray in his career and Dolly asked Ray to open for her in a few concerts. After that Ray’s career really took off. But you know how media works, it’s just a rumor said, Cyrus.

Jolly Dolly

Dolly is a very jolly person, it seems like she wanted everyone to be happy. She is well known for her great sense of humor. She said that she is not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because she knows that she is not dumb. Actually, she is very smart!

Not Just A Sheep, A Bridge Too

A sheep named after Dolly is nice and I probably think helps her about publicity. For Dolly, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So after the sheep, there’s a bridge! The General W/ K Wilson Jr. Bridge that is located in Mobile, Alabama was also named after her.


Dolly has a lot of nicknames like The Iron Butterfly, The Queen of Country, The Smoky Mountain Songbird, The Book Lady, The Queen of Nashville, The Aunt Granny and The Leading Lady of Country. These names prove how famous she is!

Being Tough

About Dolly’s life perception, she always makes sure that being bad keeps the bad vibes out. She said that you have to believe and love and she made a point that having thick skin is critical to living a happy life.

Her Greatest Love


On her recent interview, Parton said that Music takes her everywhere she wanted to go. For her, it’s her greatest love and she can’t abandon it easily so she always tries to make lots of records as long as she can. She is so passionate about this and doesn’t want to stop.

Regrets Of Having Children

She always admits that she regrets not having children. Dolly and her husband always thought that they would have kids easily. They didn’t do anything to stop it from happening. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way they wanted it.

Love Of Her Life

The people love Dolly Parton so much and they wanted to know everything about her. Everyone is so curious about her love life and how is the relationship with her husband. “Carl is a very sweet guy,” Dolly said. Carl is very understanding and he is okay about Dolly flirting with some guy.”Men are my weakness” said Dolly in an interview with the Dail Mail. She also stated on that interview that she just loves to flirt and having fun.

Lovely Breast

She is known for her big boobs. For 30 years, she said that having big boobs is pretty painful! She even said on Contact Music that she has been suffering from a lot of pain for the size of it. She said that” My boobs are killing me and I really don’t know if I can still bear the pain”.Her boobs have been Dolly’s trademark but she paid a lot for this and undergone surgeries to maintain it.

Numbers Please

Speaking of numbers, do you have an idea of how tall Dolly is? She is one of the most powerful and huge singers in the music industry but she only stands 4 feet, 9 inches. What else? Her breast size is 40DD and that’s huge and it was insured. Number please, each cost $300,000!


There was a person of her life where she felt the need to disguise. Sometimes she wanted to go out in public as normal people do. Just like some celebrities, she wants some peace and silence in public. Unluckily after several attempts of concealing her identity, nothing seemed to work and she is still recognizable.

The Library

In 1995, she started the book distribution company called “ The Imagination Library”. Her father is an inspiration to her. She uses her father’s inability to write and read to inspire other people like him. The book donations to children under the age of 5 started in 1995. Dolly thought that introducing books at a young age is a very big help, they will love reading books and she knows that they will keep on reading.

Ultimate Crush

Johnny Cash is her ultimate crush, she knew the meaning of her appeal when she saw Johnny. She saw Johnny at a concert and it made a big impact on her. Johnny had a huge influence on Dolly Parton and told her that had to follow her instincts and pursue a career in music.

Business Woman

Not just a successful singer, she is also a very successful businesswoman. She owns “Velvet Apple Music or the BMI”. It allows her to own the copyrights and published all of her songs. I told you she never stops!

You’ve Reached The End