Away From The Spotlight: Take A Look At These Celebrities Doing Their Normal Jobs

Being a celebrity has its pros and cons. Having a luxurious life and a high credit score is one of the benefits of being a celebrity. However, there are still some who choose to live a quiet life and retire from show business. They decide to get a degree and become lawyers or teachers and prefer to enjoy their life away from the public’s eyes. For some, they might not appear in front of the camera anymore but opt to work behind it as a director, writer or producer. Some of these Hollywood stars might have been able to live a retired life thanks to their investments and businesses.

Kirk Cameron – Religion

Kirk Cameron rose to fame after playing the role of Mike Seaver on Growing Pains. However, he probably lost interest in acting since he decided to become a full-time author and religious activist instead. When he was working on Growing Pains, he converted as a born-again Christian. The drastic change in religious beliefs probably contributed to the fact that Kirk no longer wanted anything to do with his sinful past.

Kirk even wanted the scripts changed because he felt it wasn’t appropriate. He then appeared in 2017’s Extraordinary because he has a mission on his religious walk to become a man worthy to be called a follower of Christ. He is also great at money management as he has a net worth of $20 million, and it seems that Kirk has donated quite a lot of money to religious causes, adding to the fact that he is a changed man.

Josh Saviano – Lawyer

During the ’80s, Josh Saviano was a famous child actor who played the role of Paul Joshua Pfeiffer in The Wonder Years. People may have forgotten who he was, but some fans of the show still remember the talented young boy who played the role. This was just one of Josh’s few roles in both television and film because he was unable to stay in the showbiz world after The Wonder Years project ended. Unfortunately, the series never got the reception it deserved, and Josh stopped pursuing a career in acting for the time being.

In 1989, he had his last television appearance. He then went on to get a degree in political science at Yale University. In 2016, he came back to a set and appeared in Law & Order. He must be happy to be able to do both of his work at once. Josh is currently enjoying his time as a potential big star and might even play more roles in the future once he gets the drive to pursue acting again.

Greta Garbo

Most people know that Hollywood has its ups and downs. It is not easy to step away from this world, but that is exactly what Greta Garbo did. She left during her prime years and at the peak of her career. The three-time Academy Award-nominated actress kicked off her career in silent films before making her film debut in Anna Christie back in 1930. After being labeled as “box office poison,” she still worked on her career.

Eventually, she retired at the age of 35, which in most cases is too early for a celebrity actor, but everyone has their reasons for halting their career. Greta must have an excellent credit score and top-of-the-line insurance, so no wonder she was able to live a life of leisure and frequently went on vacations. Aside from jet-setting, she started a massive art collection which is probably worth millions of dollars. Greta seems to enjoy the finer things in life while keeping a private life as she is far from the celebrity she once was, but her loyal fans still hope for the best in what’s to come for Greta.

Peter Ostrum – Veterinarian

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is one of the iconic movies ever made. The role of the young Charlie Bucket was the first and last role that Peter Ostrum ever played in Hollywood. Many people still recognize Peter whenever he makes an appearance on media outlets, but many don’t realize that Peter had other endeavors he wanted to pursue too. His young face is easily recognizable by the millions of people who have watched the film and loved the characters.

After Peter departed Hollywood, his focus shifted to a career where he can show love for animals. He is currently residing in New York where he works as a veterinarian that specializes in large animals. Peter’s current profession is not in any way inferior to his previous career in acting as he can do the thing he loves the most. His current net worth is $500,000 and it seems he has good money management since there are no reports of his bankruptcy that surfaced.

Alfonso Ribeiro – Dancer/Host

Alfonso Ribeiro started his professional career when he was just 8 years old. He is known worldwide after he portrayed dancing Carlton in the show Prince of Bel-Air. Alfonso was one of the supporting characters of the show that elevated its primetime ratings, and it’s a shame people didn’t appreciate him enough for his efforts. After the series ended in 1996, he went on to star in different reality series such as Celebrity Duets back in 2000.

Afterward, Alfonso hosted Catch 21 and joined the 19th season of Dancing With The Stars, probably because he loved to dance. Alfonso’s love for dancing has certainly brought him a long way since his early beginnings in the industry and has rewarded him handsomely for his hard work. His current net worth is around $7 million and it looks like he’s great with money management or he probably has a good financial advisor.

Nicky Blonsky – Hair Stylist

One of the most iconic movies in Hollywood is the 2007 film Hairspray. Nicky Blonsky was one of the most effective actresses who have ever played the role of Tracy Turnblad. It may come as a stretch, but Nicky would have become a big star if she managed to pursue her career even further. Unfortunately, Nicky didn’t get a follow-up or a new role after this box office hit due to personal and production-related issues.

She retired to her home state, New York, to start her a new career. She was seen working at a hair salon in Los Angeles, and things have been going well for the former Hairspray actress ever since. However, Nicky, to her credit, returned to show business and landed a role in Ghost in the Graveyard. She is currently in a happy relationship and it might lead to her finally getting a chance to wear a wedding dress.

Chris Owen – Waiter

Chris Owen is best known for his role as Chuck Sherman or The Sherminator in the American Pie franchise. The American Pie movies were some of the most controversial films of the early 2000s, but loyal fans would argue that it was one of the best comings of age shows for teenagers growing up. Chris played this role in American Pie, American Pie 2, American Pie Presents Band Camp, and American Reunion.

Given the success of his film, it was surprising he had a short-lived Hollywood career. It seems that Chris had a knack for teen movies but never really explored into trying other genres. Since he was unable to get big roles, he worked as a waiter at a sushi restaurant for quite some time. Fortunately, he bounced back in 2015 and began acting again. His current net worth is reportedly $200,000 and hopefully, he makes investments to avoid bankruptcy and huge loans.

Kevin Jonas – Restaurateur

One of the hottest trios is the Jonas Brothers. These talented siblings used to have sold-out tours around the world. During the peak of their careers and the time they were releasing hit singles, they decided to part ways and put an end to their band. They might still be making music, but Kevin decided to choose a different career and rarely makes appearances whenever the brothers are up for a performance or a concert.

After the band’s break-up, he launched an app called Yoop, which is an app that gives restaurant recommendations based on your area. Kevin’s decision to focus on his business has rewarded him dearly and seems to be a more lucrative path than pursuing his music career. His net worth is $25 million and he probably used his investment money for his business. It seems that he practices great money management to maintain a healthy business.

Danny Lloyd – Biology Professor

Danny Lloyd chose a different career path. Instead of walking down the red carpet, he chose to be a biology professor. He is best known for his role as the young boy in the classic horror movie The Shining. It is one of the films that has had a cult following over the years, and many would say that The Shining was why many horror films have evolved to what they are today. Some say that this then 8-year-old actor had no idea that he is starring in a horror movie back when they were filming it.

It may come off as a way to deceive a child, but at the time, it was best for Danny that he didn’t know what the movie was all about. He retired from show business two years after this epic movie was released. Now in his adult years, he is teaching biology in Kentucky. He should have good money management since he has a net worth of $400,000.

MC Hammer – Professor

Many know MC Hammer, one of the most popular musicians in the ‘80s and ‘90s. MC’s influence has inspired many musicians to pursue their dreams no matter how hard it may seem, and people tend to forget that when they talk about him today. Even though he was famous and successful with his music career and earned a lot of money, he had poor money management and struggled with his finances, so he ended up filing for bankruptcy.

It’s unfortunate to see such a promising musician go through such hardships, but MC eventually made a comeback. Good thing he was fortunate enough to rise again from bankruptcy as some celebrities never get to experience luxury again after filing for the statement. He now officiates weddings, lectures at Ivy League Schools, and develops iPad apps. Some reports say that he is planning for a 90s nostalgia tour. He is one example that bankruptcy isn’t a dead end.

Tony Danza – English Teacher

Tony Danza starred in several popular films such as Who’s the Boss and Taxi. After playing different roles, he decided to go on a different career path. Tony decided to pursue a more practical goal in life and opted to finish his education. After securing a degree from the University of Dubuque, he spent a year teaching English for students in Northeast High School in Philadelphia and released a book in 2012.

Tony found happiness with his new ventures in life, and it seemed as if his acting days were long gone. However, two years ago, Netflix announced that he will be returning as an actor in their new series The Good Cop. The series was given a good review in 2018 which means that Tony is back in show business and might star in more Netflix projects in the future, seeing as the platform is gaining popularity because of quarantine.

Freddie Prinze Jr. – Cook

Freddie Prinze Jr. was one of the most sought-after actors in the ‘90s. Girls fell in love with him because he was a natural heartthrob and could easily win the heart of any female. Freddie was always a good-looking man, and realizing that he had the potential to cash in on that trait, he immediately took a chance at acting. After appearing in movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer and She’s All That, he proved that he had both good looks and great talent.

To his credit, he also did voice acting which led him to secure a role in Star Wars Rebels and then he released his own cookbook Back To The Kitchen. After marrying his fellow actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, he opted for a private life. After working hard on different jobs, he gained a net worth of $19 million with no signs of bankruptcy or financial limitations for the foreseeable future.

Jeff Cohen – Lawyer/Writer

One of the child stars in the film The Goonies is Jeff Cohen. He played his role well but he did not choose to pursue acting in his adult life. Child actors sometimes stray away from acting because of a shift in interest, or the eagerness to perform on camera has faded away. Jeff decided to shift to a different professional career, so he left Hollywood and became a lawyer. Indeed, Jeff’s life has changed, and his decision to pursue a career as a lawyer has surely given him many options to secure his future.

He attended the University of California, Berkeley to get his degree and eventually became an entertainment lawyer in Los Angeles. He also founded his own law firm Cohen & Gardner back in 2002 and writes for The Huffington Post. He is still working as a lawyer and a writer at the same time.

Gary Coleman – Security Guard

During the ‘70s and ‘80s, Gary Coleman was a household name. Many outstanding actors and actresses today, often credit their passion and dedication to their craft because of the inspiration they got from watching Gary as a child. He rose to fame after he starred in the famous show Diff’rent Strokes. He characterized a funny child who won the hearts of millions of his fans. However, his fame did not last and he did not progress through the years.

Even if he was one of the promising stars during his time, he struggled financially. The monetary issues proved to be too great, and Gary eventually passed away of health issues. However, before Gary passed away due to a Hemorrhagic stroke back in 2010, he had already left Hollywood and became a security guard to make ends meet. Unfortunately, his Hollywood career did not work for him, but Gary did what he could to survive in the industry, and many appreciate him for that.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas – Harvard Graduate

John Taylor Thomas is the voice of the famous lion, Simba, in the Disney movie classic Lion King. It’s no secret that many adults today still rave about the Lion King movies and consider it a household name in childhood movies. Jonathan also played the role of Randy Taylor in the ABC 90’s sitcom Home Improvement. It would seem as if Jonathan had a bright future ahead of him because of the success he got from these two projects.

He worked alongside the talented Tim Allen and learned many skills that he would eventually need to perform at his best. After working for seven successful years on the show, he decided to leave in 1998. Not only did he leave this production but also retired from his acting career. After he left, he focused on his studies and was able to earn a degree at Harvard, thanks to his hard work and dedication.

Carrie Henn – Teacher

Carrie Henn is another Hollywood star on this list who chose a career as a teacher rather than continuing an acting career. However, it shouldn’t be a negative factor to the teaching profession as most celebrities on this list have made successful careers outside of acting. When Carrie was just 10 years old, Carrie starred in Alien alongside the legendary Sigourney Weaver. The Alien movies were one of the highest-grossing sci-fi films of all time, and the franchise is a household name at this point.

Unfortunately, she didn’t return to acting after this project. She had a short-lived Hollywood career and decided to live a quiet life away from the spotlight. She now works as a teacher for a school in Atwater, California. Although she performed her role well, she chose to leave show business and live a normal life. She must have secured a good investment plan and insurances to be far away from bankruptcy.


Gary Dourdan is best known as Warrick Brown from the hit show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Many people still remember the useful information and knowledge that the show imparted to its viewers, and many fans still watch the series now and then. However, after Gary’s time in the TV series, the star’s career didn’t really improve, and pleading to cast in different projects didn’t help with his reputation.

Things drastically turned terrible for the actor as he had a string of run-ins with the law. He got arrested for possession of illegal substance, had issues about domestic incidents, and he even filed for bankruptcy in 2012. However, Gary Dourdan, to his credit, is redeeming himself once again as he is attending auditions to clean up his name in Hollywood. He also proved that he is not just a television actor as he took the stage for the theatrical version of the 2011 movie, Two Can Play that Game, with Vivica A. Fox. He is also a great singer, doing some live performances over the years.

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles’s career was surging in the late 90s and early days, as the actress was emerging from the turn of fame, and in this popular comedy “Ten Things I Hate About You.” The clever and bold Kate Stratford got rid of the fate of the superstar. This movie made Stiles a star, but she stood out by playing O and Hamlet in later Shakespeare films and the interracial dance love story “Save the Last Dance.”

The versatile actress was very cautious about what she chose when she entered the ranks of Hollywood, and after consolidating her status as a “thinking teenager’s movie goddess”, the star took a Hollywood vacation to study for college and to pursue a degree. Julia must have felt the need to gain recognition in school as her acting career was already quite successful. She eventually graduated with a degree in English Literature from Columbia University.

Lark Voorhies – author

Saved by the Bell was one of the most popular series back in the ‘90s. That’s why most of the cast members were household names during the time. But after the ‘90s, some of the cast members left show business and pursue a different career, which is a common trend seen with 90s actors and actresses looking for a different path after making it big during the golden age of entertainment.

One of them is Lark Voorhies, who chose to retire from acting to be an author. Even though she was one of the most outstanding cast members, she chose to live a different life and leave acting for good because a peaceful and solitary life as an author piqued her interest more. She is an accomplished author, so she probably doesn’t have financial problems, and there wasn’t any news about her filing any bankruptcy statements anytime soon.

Barret Oliver- professional photographer

Barret Oliver stole the hearts of many after he landed a starring role in the epic 80’s movie The Never-Ending Story. A young, handsome, and talented actor like Barret had all the traits to make him one of the brightest stars in the business. However, Barret did not pursue his Hollywood career when he became an adult and chased after a different ambition. After working on his last production in 1989, he decided that acting was not for him.

He preferred to work on the other side of the camera and become a photographer. He is currently working in the photography and print industry, which to no surprise, is working well for him. He had proven himself as a child actor and he was also able to prove his name in his new career. His works have been displayed in different museums and gallery exhibitions. His works might be good investments.

Grace Kelly- Princess

Grace Kelly was one of the actresses who lived in a real fairytale as she had everything that any celebrity could ever want in their career. She was once a dashing Hollywood star and then became a real-life princess because of her once-in-a-lifetime romantic encounter. Grace married the Prince of Monaco, who had given her royal accessories and treated her like the princess that she was.

She had to quit Hollywood, but she became one of the most lovable princesses and a more renowned celebrity than she was. The compromise she made wasn’t bad since most stars only play the role of princesses but she became the real deal, living and breathing as a member of the royal family. It’s safe to say that she can properly do without the need for any money management since each member of the royal family probably has their own financial advisors.

Rick Moranis – Full-time Father

Rick Moranis was one of the most famous actors in Hollywood, and in a time where the industry was brimming with talent, Rick made a name for himself. He performed well in films such as Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Ghostbusters, and Little Shop of Horrors. These are great films that were box office hits, and Rick was primarily responsible for their success. However, his wife passed away in 1991 so Rick decided to quit show business and focus on raising his two children.

He retired from acting in 1997 to be a full-time dad. He said that he had to travel a lot when he was an actor so he wasn’t able to fully commit to raising his children. He decided to quit and worked on some voice acting in the past decade. He might have gotten a good insurance for him to maintain his status and show no signs of bankruptcy.

Brittany Ashton Holmes – Working Student

One of the cast members of the famous movie The Little Rascals is Brittany Ashton Holmes. The movie was iconic, but unfortunately, Brittany didn’t land other roles after this production. It may have been due to bad management or a lack of project opportunities, which shelved Brittany’s career. Her time in the industry was short-lived because two years after playing adorable Darla in The Little Rascals, she retired from Hollywood and decided to lead a simple life with a simple job.

Brittany is currently living in Los Angeles and working for Starbucks. Reports say that she is also planning on getting a degree in political science to help secure her future and possibly get a higher-paying job after graduating. She probably needs to get a student loan, unless she earned enough from her acting career. Brittany still has the potential to get back into acting, but time will only tell if the former actress still has any interest in performing on camera again.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Mother and Writer

Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the most sought-after actresses in the ‘90s. She was best known for her role in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Surprisingly after the show, Sarah was the only one that didn’t get any notable projects. After this production, she tried to take on different paths and set her eyes on pursuing a career in the food industry. The former actress established a startup similar to her husband, but hers was focused on food.

In 2015, Sarah co-founded FoodStirs which is a baking kit company and has sold many units since its inception in 2015. After this production, she tried to take on different paths and set her eyes on pursuing a career in the food industry. This supermom was taking care of her family, doing an awesome job in the kitchen and was also able to maintain her acting career. They must have good insurance and finance managers since it looks like they don’t have major debt nor were there any news of bankruptcy that surfaced.

Andrew Shue – Blogger

During the ‘90s, Andrew Shue played the heartthrob on Melrose Place, which he worked on for seven years. Andrew was one of the most promising young actors of his time, and because of his talent and dedication, he gained recognition for starring in the show. Following the success of this series, he became a mommy blogger, which made him famous worldwide. The former actor, who once read scripts, is now creating content for empowered mothers all over the globe.

He co-founded CaféMom together with Michael Sanchez who is his childhood best friend. CaféMom is a social networking site that targets women and highlights different interests to build up. It shows parenting content and it became a platform for help, recommendations, and advice that many mothers never knew they needed. This new career must have worked great for his finances since he didn’t see any need to file any bankruptcy statements during the early days of transition.

Alicia Silverstone – Activist

Alicia Silverstone was one of the promising actresses during the ‘90s and arguably one of the more recognizable names on this list. A lot of people envied her because she lived a glamorous life in a Bel Air mansion and has set the standard for glamor and luxury for modern celebrities. This was also the time when she played the role of the pretty blonde girl Cher in Clueless and gave an outstanding performance.

In the ‘90s, Alicia chose to use her fame as a platform to do something good and create steps on how to make a difference. She had always wanted to change the world and make it better. She is now an activist who is still working on her acting career but never forgets the reason she started working hard in the first place. Alicia has a net worth of $20 million and we hope she has great money management skills and a financial advisor.

Amanda Bynes – Fashion Designer

Amanda Bynes was one of the most successful child stars during her generation. Many remember her as the ideal teenage girl which inspired many young girls to take their appearances more seriously. She was one of the best actresses in television and film during the peak of her career, starring in romantic comedy films and highly rated family movies. She has a lot of TV series and movie titles in her credit which would make anyone think that she had all the potential to become a huge star.

However, she had to face legal battles and dealt with personal struggles. With that, she disappeared from show business. But those struggles didn’t stop her as she pursued a different career, and this time, in fashion. She is currently studying at California’s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She probably didn’t need a student loan because she has enough earnings from her acting career.

Meghan Markle – Dutchess

Before becoming the bride in the wedding of the decade, Meghan Markle was one of Hollywood’s most promising actresses. Meghan was one of many aptitudes in the business that had the perfect combination of talent, beauty and brains. She starred in the long-running series Suits and gained credit for her amazing performances. However, she had to end her contract and stopped playing the role of one of the best lawyers in the series because she had royal duties, which were something she couldn’t escape.

After giving birth, she is now a full time mom who serves the country as well. But her journey to being a princess wasn’t easy. It was filled with controversies, but at least Prince Harry was always beside her, before and after the Royal Wedding. Despite the issues, especially the ones from her family, Prince Harry still stood by her side.

Angus T. Jones – Event Production

Angus Jones played an adorable, funny, and loved character in the series Two and a Half Men, which was one of the best comedy shows on TV in the early 2000s. Angus’s talent and skill in acting may have been of the few reasons why the show became so popular. He continued playing the role in his teen years, proving to everyone that he was born for acting and could perform on camera at any age in his life. However, it seems that he had a change of heart when he became an adult.

After 10 years working on the series, Angus decided to retire from his acting career. He became a member of the Seventh-day Adventists Church and also joined the management team for Tonite, which is an event production company. it looks like he handled his finances well, probably thanks to a financial advisor who helped him manage all his earnings during his acting career.

Jack Gleeson -Student

Game of Thrones is one of the most historical series today. The show may have received mixed reviews for its final episode but the fact still stands that the Game of Thrones series set the standard for medieval film genres. The franchise was famous for its epic plot twists and its casting of unique and talented actors and actresses. One of the most effective actors is Jack Gleeson, who played the role of King Joffrey for three years and quite frankly.

The role would always be attributed to the amazing portrayal that Jack bestowed upon its initial release to the story. He played it so well that he is both loved and hated at the same time, and some even rejoiced upon the death of his character. After he was done working on the series, he decided to take a break from acting. He continued his studies and took a degree in philosophy and theology at college.

Erik Per Sullivan – Student

It appears that Erik Per Sullivan followed the footsteps of his former co-star Frankie Muniz. Erik’s decision may have seemed uncharacteristic at first, but what separated him from other celebrities quitting acting was that he paved a brighter future for himself by going back to school. He also decided to quit Hollywood after working on the successful series Malcolm in the Middle.

Truly one of the hardest decisions a celebrity has to make is to leave everything behind when they’re at the peak of their career. Erik decided that acting was not really for him. His contract with the series ended when he was 14 years old and his last on-screen role was back in 2006. He has not made an appearance and he went to study at the University of Southern California. Getting his degree is a good decision. His savings must be huge thanks to his acting career and he probably won’t need a student loan.

Phoebe Cates – Advocate

Phoebe Cates was popular during the 80s, and that period was well-known for producing most of the superstar talent that we have today. She is a well-known actress in Hollywood who starred in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and many producers had their eye on Phoebe when she first showed her talent for acting. But during the 90s, Phoebe decided to take a break from Hollywood and her acting career to prioritize her attention on more personal matters.

During this time, she focused on her family and to provide for them financially. She also spent time and involved herself in a lot of charity work, as well as raising awareness for Juvenile Diabetes. A philanthropist at heart, Phoebe has given her best efforts to support the advocacies she follows. She must have invested her money into a good business and got insurances to maintain her net worth of $5 million.

Karyn Parsons – Producer

Karyn Parsons kicked off her career when she played the role of cousin Hilary on the hit series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, alongside Will Smith. Karyn gave outstanding performances, and she may have also indirectly influenced the success of Will Smith’s career at that point. Having starred in one of the most successful 90’s shows, she landed more roles in the years that followed. Most of the actors that acted in the show had promising careers ahead of them.

However, Karyn decided to retire from her acting career to pursue another passion and explored producing her films.. Rather than working in front of the camera, she used her investment money and founded her own production company Sweet Blackberry. The company funds animated films about unsung black heroes. Karyn’s company has given a new light to how black heroes are appreciated, and many have followed and supported her journey as a result.

Charlie Korsmo – Lawyer and Professor

Charlie Korsmo is best known for his role as Jack in the famous Steven Spielberg’s take on Peter Pan, Hook. People don’t realize how much pressure it puts on a celebrity to take on a major role like this, but Charlie performed flawlessly and gained nods for his acting talent. He had the opportunity to act alongside Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams, which must have been a dream come true as one would expect to be able to see their idols almost every single day on set.

Despite this experience, he decided not to pursue his acting career. Instead, he enrolled himself at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology before he went to Yale Law School. He is now a lawyer and a professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. But his love for acting is was rekindled when he went back to show business to do the movie Chained for Life back in 2018. With all his experiences he must have good money management and financial advisor as well.

Michael Schoeffling – Craftsman

Michael Schoeffling is best known for his role in the classic 80’s movie Sixteen Candles, alongside Molly Ringwald. He portrayed the hunk, Jake Ryan and during that time, people saw the potential in Michael to be a big name in Hollywood. After a few years in the industry, he retired from acting due to lack of roles and opportunities back in 1991, which wasn’t a surprise as there were so many talented new actors and actresses that getting a big break was near impossible.

Instead, he started a family and eventually had many mouths to feed, which ultimately lead Michael to look for a new way to sustain himself financially. So he needed to fix his finances, that’s why he started his own woodworking shop and created furniture. Michael’s new business is doing well, and it seems that he has plans on expanding his company even further. Hopefully, he has invested his money wisely so he’ll be far away from bankruptcy.

Mike Vitar – Firefighter

Mike Vitar is a 90’s star who had a handful of movies that people assumed were the catalysts for Mike’s bright future in acting. He appeared in films such as The Sandlot and the two sequels of the iconic movie The Mighty Ducks. After the turn of the century, he tried a different career and joined the Los Angeles Fire Department to become a firefighter. Many questioned Mike’s decision to leave the Hollywood industry to take up the helm of a firefighter.

It seems that the former actor had already made the decision long before he retired. However, the former actor got into some trouble in his new career. Mike was involved in legal trouble back in 2015. He and his fellow firefighters were charged with misdemeanor battery after assaulting someone. He was then suspended for six months without pay since he also did not contest the charges. Hopefully, he pulled his life back together and is farm from bankruptcy.

Tom Selleck – Farmer

In the history of pop culture, Tom Selleck was an iconic custodian of a mustache. He is considered a TV superstar and is regarded as a generational talent by many award-winning celebrities. He won numerous awards and made a great fortune with the production Magnum P.I., one of the most famous shows back in the day. Currently, Tom enjoys his break and quiet life in his 60-acre Californian ranch and he manages his own avocado farm.

With all these amenities and responsibilities, one would think that Tom could retire and enjoy life luxuriously. However, aside from his farm work, Tom continued his acting career and became a regular on TV. All his hard work paid off because he has a $50 million net worth, securing him and his family for many years to come. He must have a good financial advisor because he was able to maintain his good credit score ever since.

Dylan Sprouse – Brewmaster

One of the most loved child actors was Dylan Sprouse. Working alongside his twin brother Cole, Zach has played roles in Big Daddy, Friends, and they even have their own show The Suite Life of Zack & Cody on Disney Channel Dylan and his brother Cole are two of the most beloved Disney celebrities for their quirky attitude on and off-camera. When the time came that the twins have gone from child stars to adults, they went on different paths, with Cole pursuing acting and Dylan opting for a more classical and traditional profession.

Dylan pursued a different passion and became a brewmaster, which to everyone’s surprise, is actually good at it. He and his partners own a meadery and a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The bar is famous among local celebrities, and Dylan is now well-financed for the future, allowing him to do what he loves for the rest of his life. He wasn’t able to forget his love for acting so he went back on screen in 2017. Dylan invested his finances well and he probably had help from a financial advisor.

Hayden Christensen – Farmer

Hayden Christensen is a Canadian actor who became a household name in 2001 after he played a role in Life as A House. He gained international fame after starring as Anakin Skywalker in the iconic Star Wars franchise. Many people also liked his other indie films, but the Star Wars films gave him the necessary leverage to choose movie roles. The Anakin role gave him his big break, but he decided to go on a hiatus from acting and bought a farm with his earnings.

Hayden certainly made a smart financial decision, but fans were initially confused why he suddenly left at the peak of his career, but things have turned out pretty well for the actor since. He also started his own clothing company and launched his production company. After all his investments and success, Hayden doesn’t seem to shut down the idea of a possible comeback into the acting industry.

Geena Davis – Social Activist

One of the prominent actresses in the acting world is Geena Davis. Many actresses from the 70s and 80s looked up to Geena for her versatile acting technique and wholesome personality, a sure-fire combination that is hard to beat when growing a career in Hollywood. The Thelma & Louise actress took a break and founded that Geena Davis Institute of Gender in Media. Geena has always had a soft spot for supporting a cause and backing advocacies, and with the financial freedom that she has, standing at the forefront of these ideologies has fulfilled her dream.

She was working on the presence of female characters in media. Social activism became her primary focus, but she did not quit acting. She had appeared in Grey’s Anatomy in 2014 and on The Exorcist in 2016. She must have handled her finances well and have a good credit score as she has a net worth $30 million.

Mara Wilson – Writer

After starring in the iconic movie Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, Mara Wilson rose to fame back in the 90s. Growing up, Mara realized it was hard for her to get roles after she grew out of her “cute” phase. So she decided to pursue another career. Mara has been on and off in the acting world. She spends most of her time in her new profession as a writer. Her current net worth is $500 thousand, and she must have kept her finances intact because there were no reports of bankruptcy that surfaced.

Mara has been able to write an article for an online magazine named She offered her opinion on why former child stars had a trend of being delinquents. Wilson also wrote for Publicolor in 2013, the same year she wrote for Mara Wilson had also written a stage play for The New York International Fringe Festival back in 2013. She surely must love writing as she publicly stated that her acting days were over during December of the same year.

Vanilla Ice – Real Estate

Vanilla Ice is one of the most iconic one-hit wonders of all time. He had won numerous awards for his hit single “Ice Ice Baby.” Vanilla Ice, born as Robert Van Winkle, switched his rap skills for real estate endeavors. In 2009, Vanilla Ice started his own reality show called The Vanilla Ice Project, which focuses on home renovation. Each episode features a different house. Vanilla Ice also published a book that teaches you how to be successful in the world of real estate.

He probably knows about mortgages and home loans. He must have been successful with his current career as his net worth is $18 million. We’re glad that Vanilla Ice was able to find another career path once his music career turned cold. Most one-hit wonders usually blow their money on things that don’t generate money. Vanilla Ice is known to share his thoughts on house flipping. His current profession certainly isn’t something that he does for money; instead, he does it with considerable passion.

Jim Carrey – Director

Known as the funny guy, Jim Carrey is one of the best comedians in Hollywood. He appeared in multiple films and television shows. However, he chose to change his career. He is now more into directing documentaries and less focused on comedy. In the last few years, he has also spoken out about his battle with mental health issues. He shared that finding his “zen” and understanding the difference between his soul, body, and mind helped him get through these times.

Despite his career change, he probably has a financial advisor to maintain a net worth of $150 million.
Jim also mixes acting and directing with producing movies. He’s made quite the success in producing blockbuster hits over the past few years. It’s always interesting to witness a comedy star’s growth throughout the years. For Jim Carrey, who knew that the Dumb and Dumber star had a knack for directing and producing in him? We’re more than excited to see Jim’s works in the future.

Steven Seagal

Who doesn’t know Steven Seagal? He’s one of the best actors when it comes to action films. He also landed multiple starring roles in movies and most of them became a huge hit. Not only is he a famous action star, but he is also a martial arts specialist. However, he has set his sights on a different career. Some say that he took oath as a Dona Ana County deputy in New Mexico, and he has been considered as a reserve officer.

This title means that he can only carry out police work if a commissioned peace officer goes with him. He has also recently written an action novel, but he still appears in productions from time to time. He must have a good credit score and a lot of investments given his hard work. Seagal has starred, directed, produced, and wrote a long list of film and tv projects throughout his career. It’s reasonable enough that he adds police work to his job title. He’s had plenty of roles that involved detective work, so making a few adjustments shouldn’t be difficult!

Cary Grant

Cary Grant was one of the most sought-after stars from “Classic Hollywood”, and the credit goes to his talents. Even if he did not win any grand awards, he is one of the greatest English stars who landed leading man roles in romantic films and screwball comedies from the 30s until the 50s. When he was 62 years old, Cary decided to retire from acting to raise his daughter Jennifer. He also took a board seat at Faberge and regularly attends meetings and supports international efforts.

If there’s anybody better to play an executive role at a cosmetic company, it would be an actor like Cary Grant. Cary Grant certainly knows a thing or two about beauty and cosmetics. After all, he’s lived and performed through the Golden Age of Hollywood. Given that he was already retired when he took the Faberge job, he could have given the company his undivided attention.

Big Hoss – Businessman

Richard Corey Harrison, also known as Big Hoss, is an American television star who is best known for his appearance in Pawn Stars. From 2010 and 2011, he had a massive weight transformation, where he went from 365lbs to 250lbs. Four years later, he appeared on the headlines when he hired a lawyer to finalize his separation with his wife. He then announced his second marriage to Kiki Harrison on July 2017.

He hasn’t appeared on any productions since 2016, and it has been speculated that it is because he asked a 10% partnership from his father and grandfather in their store and only was given 5%. Of course, running a popular pawnshop would present its fair share of problems. But, Corey Harrison was able to play a primary role in overcoming those challenges. Pawn Stars continues to air to this day. You can catch a glimpse of Corey’s business savvy in the popular History Channel TV show.

Frankie Muniz – Race Car Driver

One of the most famous child stars in Hollywood was Frankie Muniz. He starred in different movies and television series and he is best known for his role in the famous series Malcolm in the Middle. Frankie started his acting career at a very young age, but when he was 23 years old, he decided to take a break from acting. During his career, he has been nominated for a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award.

But eventually, he decided to pursue his other passion, which is race cars. He still managed his adult acting career, which is probably why he has a $40 million net worth. A financial advisor probably helped him do proper money management. Frankie Muniz must have used his passion for race cars as his escape from his hectic acting schedule. We’re glad that this enabled him to sustain his acting career. We certainly won’t see Frankie ending up broke over the next few years. This actor/racing enthusiast has a couple of films lined up for him in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Syd Barrett – Artist

Syd Barrett is one of the founding members of the iconic rock band Pink Floyd. He performed with the band for four years but he left in 1968. He had to battle mental illness, but after that, he continued to his passion for music and became a solo performer. Unfortunately, he was out of money and had to file for bankruptcy. So he decided to return home to Cambridge to live with his mother. While he was there, he started painting abstract canvases.

He got an art degree from Camberwell College of Arts back in 1964. He sadly passed away due to pancreatic complications in 2016. Syd’s paintings could end up appreciating over the next few years. He certainly made his mark in music, and art collectors should notice a magnificent collection of artworks over the next few years. One could say that Syd’s life was parallel to his creative work.

Gene Hackman – Novelist

Gene Hackman became a household name after the famous 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde hit the theaters. In the ‘90s, Gene landed leading roles in several films such as the 1995 film Crimson Tide. This multi-awarded actor has a current net worth of $90 million and it has been reported that he received $2 million for playing the role of Lex Luthor in Superman. His final acting role was in 2004, and in the same year, he appeared on Larry King and announced that he does not have any acting projects lined up.

Instead, he went on to write three novels which were all successful. He is currently retired and must have enough investment money, excluding his $90 million net worth. Gene Hackman was able to create a couple of must-read novels. When he got asked why he chose to become an author, he replied that it was his way of staying relevant. His acting experience helped him grow as a novelist and author.

Erin Moran – Suffered Depression

Erin Moran got her big break after appearing in the popular series Happy Days. During this time, Erin was only 13 years old and then she worked on this production for 8 years. She also starred in the spin-off series Joanie Loves Chachi. After only a year on the air, she went back to play her role in Happy Days for the final season. She was hardly seen in the entertainment world after the ’80s.

She admitted that she had suffered from mental health issues and failed to get some acting projects. Sadly, she passed away in 2017 due to head and neck complications. Hopefully, she had health insurance to help pay for the medical bills. Erin Moran was well on her way to Hollywood success. It’s a shame that she wasn’t able to deal with her struggles sooner. Regardless, she continued to appear in film and tv projects but to a minimal extent. Moran’s acting prowess was indeed a joy to watch.

Sean Connery – Retired

One of the most effective actors to play James Bond is Sean Connery. He starred in 7 Bond films from 1962 and 1983. He was also voted “Sexiest Man Alive” by People Magazine in the late ’80s. In 2000, Elizabeth II knighted this prestigious actor for his services to Film Drama. However, Sean confirmed his retirement in 2007. When he was asked if he would appear in the fourth Indiana Jones movie, he answered: “retirement is just too much-damned fun.”

After all, he already has a $350 million net worth and probably has multiple investments and insurances, thanks to his talent and hard work. Sean Connery was one of the most decorated actors in Hollywood’s golden age. In turn, it was only right that he chose to enjoy his retirement years further rather than make another film comeback. After all, it’s pretty difficult to picture Connery playing another role other than Bond in a full-length feature film.

Agnetha Faltskog

One of the most famous bands in the 70s and 80s is the Swedish pop group ABBA. Today, their group is still popular across the world. After the break-up of the band and her successive solo career, Agnetha Faltskog left the music industry. She purchased an isolated country house in Sweden and focused on the things that meant most to her. She then spent her time in Ekero to study astrology, riding horses and doing yoga.

She shared that she had not sung at all in a span of 13 years following her departure. She eventually returned to the music scene. She must have enjoyed her semi-retirement, after all, she had a $200 million and there were no reports of bankruptcy that surfaced. Yoga has shown positive effects on relaxation and an overall healthy lifestyle. Agnetha must have fully reaped the benefits of regular yoga as it allowed her to return to music after a brief hiatus. She’s still making music to this day and goes on selected public appearances now and then.

Taran Noah Smith – Restaurateur

Starring in one of the longest-running sitcoms in the 90s, Taran Noah Smith is one of the promising actors. However, a few months after the famous show, The Home Improvement has ended, he also thought that acting might not be his cup of tea. The former child actor opts to invest in the food industry. He then established Play Food, which is a restaurant specializing in vegan and organic food. His current net worth is $300 thousand.

He must have invested his money well, as his finances are quite intact. He is now separated and had one child, named Nolan Eric Smith. Taran Smith would need to come up and make investments in more restaurant chains to secure a bright and stable future. As of now, he’s currently working as a Technical Manager for the Community Submersibles Project. This project teaches people how to maneuver and pilot submarines and submersibles.

Susan Boyle – Store Manager

Hearing the voice of Susan Boyle can send chills down one’s spine. She first appeared on national television as one of the contestants in the show Britain’s Got Talent. She later released her first album that broke records, and she was even featured in the Guinness World Records. Given her success in the music industry during the earlier years of her career, it looks likes she won’t have any problems managing her credit score.

However, she is not that active in the industry nowadays. Rumors surfaced that she works as a store manager while working on her next album. She must have a good financial advisor to maintain her $40 million net worth. Susan Boyle is already a multi-millionaire, so why would she accept a job as a store manager. The successful singer said that taking the store manager job was her attempt to fulfill her desire to have a simple life.

Jon Gosselin – DJ And Prep Cook

Jon Gosselin is best known from their reality TV show called Jon and Kate Plus 8. He is the father of twins and a sextuplet, which is also the title of a show that their family appeared in. Sadly, he had to hire a lawyer when they called their marriage off. They must have also hired lawyers to arrange the custody battle with regards to their kids. After they separated, reports surfaced that he started working as a solar panel installer for a construction firm.

After which, he switched jobs to become a DJ. He was also spotted in a kitchen as a prep cook for Lancaster Pennsylvania. Jon undoubtedly needs to come up with an avenue to make more money and secure his future. He currently has a net worth of $50,000. With his kids growing up fast, he’ll need to pay for a whole lot more than just bills with his salary from being a DJ and a Prep Cook.

Michael Maronna – Electrician

Michael Maronna was one of the most promising stars in the ’90s. He appeared in movies and television series, and he is best known for his role as Jeff McCallister in the movie franchise, Home Alone. He also played the role of big Pete in the famous series The Adventure of Pete and Pete. After his time in front of the camera, he decided to work behind the camera as an electrician in Hollywood sets. So essentially, he still works in the entertainment industry. He must have handled his finances well with a financial advisor as there are no signs of bankruptcy that have surfaced.

Michael Maronna was able to continue his job as an electrician while he accepted minor film roles. In turn, his skills as an electrician served as his fallback whenever he had difficulties in landing film roles. Michael’s functional skills and resourcefulness are commendable. His last film appearance was in the 2019 film “High School Confidential,” wherein he played the role “Cole Grandstaff.”

Jonathan Bennett – Instructor

Jonathan Bennett was one of the most sought-after actors during his time, especially after he played the role of Aaron Samuels in the iconic movie Mean Girls. He also landed more roles in movies back in the 90s until the early 2000s. He is used to be working in front of the camera, but he decided to take a break and became a producer. Jonathan is also open about being gay as he went out in 2017.

His current partner is Jaymes Vaughan and they both seem very happy. Meanwhile, reports surfaced that Jonathan is also a spinning instructor. His current net worth is $500 thousand and it looks like he managed his finances well with maybe, a financial advisor because there were no reports on his bankruptcy. Jonathan Bennett was able to appear in various tv projects. He was also able to land a couple of minor film roles. Jonathan made sure that he earned a steady income, and in turn, he’s able to stay financially stable.

Lucy Liu – Visual Artist

One of the most successful actresses in Hollywood is Lucy Liu. She first rose to fame after playing a role in the famous TV series Ally McBeal. She then made her film debut when she landed the iconic role as one of the Angels in Charlie’s Angels franchise. Aside from appearing on screen, Lucy is also an activist and an artist. She had her first art exhibition in Singapore’s National Museum. Having a net worth if $16 million and without major loans or a hint of bankruptcy, this proves that she is successful in either career.

The decision to pursue a career as a visual artist is not based upon the struggle to make ends meet. We’re confident that Lucy treats this job as a hobby. Regardless, she could move away from either career if she wants to. If she ever decides to retire and call it quits, she’d have no problems or difficulties getting by.

Kurt Busch – Collector

Kurt Busch was one of the most famous professional stock car racing drivers that he even gained celebrity status. With his skills, he got numerous gold chips in 2004 and he was also able to win the NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship. With his success in racing, he was able to increase his net worth. Coming from a family of race car drivers, it wasn’t a surprise that he can pull off the success. Kurt seems to have a good credit score and no bankruptcy issues.

Aside from racing, he also collects cars. He needs good car insurance given his huge collection. It’s only reasonable that a professional racing car driver develops a knack for collecting cars. Kurt must truly love getting behind the wheel of some of the most expensive cars to drive. He currently has a net worth of $50 million. In turn, he’ll have no problems coming up with the money to splurge on any automobile that he wants.

Cote De Pablo – Singer

Cote De Pablo, born as Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez, is best known for her appearance in the hit drama television series NCIS. After working in this famous series, she earned multiple nominations for her performance and even won an acting award. Aside from performing, she also was given credit for her passion for the music industry. In fact, Cote gave the viewers a sneak peek of her musical talent in one of the NCIS episodes. After the viewers heard her sing, the American-Chilean star gained more fans.

It’s normal for actresses to showcase their passion for singing along with their acting careers. For Cote De Pablo, she’s not going to limit her horizons to just one thing alone. If she ever decides to put together a studio album, it’ll surely be something that will stir interest. Nonetheless, she’s continuing her presence on TV. She recently took a crack at directing as she directed the 2019 TV series called MIA.

Barbara Mandrell – Actress

Barbara Mandrell was a famous singer during the ’70s and ’80s. She was considered to be one of the best pop-country music icons. The talented musician even went on to win seven American Music Awards and nine Country Music Awards. In 1982, she released a religious-themed album and won a Grammy Award a year later. People from the music industry have been known to make the jump from music into acting. Barbara took the leap as she took the starring role in Burning Rage together with Tom Wopat in 1984. After her stint in the said film, she landed more roles spanning up to the late 1990s.

Unfortunately, at the peak of her career, she was involved in a near-death experience. She suffered from memory loss, lacerations, and multiple fractures. She must have a lot of faith in God since she and her two children survived the crash. After this unfortunate event, the star started promoting safe driving and the importance of wearing seat belts properly. We wonder if her car insurance covered the expenses of the accident.

Mackenzie Rosman – Philanthropist and Equestrian Rider

Mackenzie Rosman rose to fame after playing one of the lead roles in the famous television series 7th Heaven. She also landed more roles in several TV shows and movies after her contract with the hit series ended. The celebrity’s new parts, however, were short compared to the hit series, so she decided to take a break from acting and started advocating as well as supporting patients with cystic fibrosis. Mackenzie raised funds to aid other foundations and help sustain their operations. She must have used some of her investment money for this.

Mackenzie also has an active lifestyle behind the scenes. The famed TV star is an equestrian, making her reliable in handling and riding horses. It is no secret that Mackenzie loves competing in steeplechases. She’s also no stranger to working with horses as she regularly competes as a steeplechase jockey in the hunt cup and other competitions. Expect to see Mackenzie riding horses when she’s not busy with her advocacy work.

Rebecca Ritters – Journalist

Rebecca Ritters is an Australian actress known for her role in the soap opera Neighbors, where she played the role of Hannah Martin in this famous show. In the early 2000s, she also worked on other performances and musicals. Because of her high income, the star gained enough funds, enabling her to return o school eventually. She received a degree in politics and international relations from the University of Melbourne.

Rebecca must be accustomed to how she’s supposed to carry herself out in front of the camera. As it turned out, she’s been able to land a news and current affairs producer position for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The former actress further enhanced her journalism skills by accepting an offer from Deutsche Welle to be their journalist in Berlin. Rebecca’s career took an unexpected turn from being in the spotlight to working behind it. No one could have ever predicted this leap to come from the beloved acting figures. We’re confident that her knack and interest to pursue journalism must’ve come from the prestigious schools she attended.

Ariana Richards – Painter

Ariana Richards has been in the industry since 1988, but she got her big break only after portraying Lex Murphy in the hit movie Jurassic Park back in 1994. After this role, she focused on her studies and took a break from acting. The breakout star decided to pursue a different passion and got a degree in Fine Arts and Drama at Skidmore College in 2001. All of her hard work paid off since she won first place in the National Professional Oil Painting Competition in 2005.

Ariana’s last film appearance came all the way back in 2013 for the movie Battledogs. She’s been able to juggle an acting career and painting effectively, as the multi-talented artist was able to establish a gallery. You can even view her previous works and paintings on her website. This Jurassic Park star is also taking requests for portraits. You can get Lex Murphy from the 1993 dinosaur film to paint you a masterpiece for the right price, of course!

Jason Zimbler – Software Designer

Jason Zimbler played a role in the hit TV sitcom Clarissa Explains It All, alongside Melissa Joan Hart. The sitcom ran from 1991 to 1994, and after the show ended, Jason decided to take a break. He used his earnings to finish his studies. With all his hard work and determination, the actor was able to get a degree in Business Administration and Theater Directing. He has used his investment money wisely if you ask us. Currently, Zimbler hasn’t worked in front of the camera but did stuff behind the scenes as a software designer for HBO.

The actor-turned-designer certainly planned his career leap well. The average salary for a software designer today is around $105,000. In turn, we can only imagine how much Jason Zimbler is making given that he works for a big company like HBO. Regardless if he springs an acting comeback, the wealthy Hollywood figure should be pretty well-off, living a comfortable life while earning a six-figure salary.

Hank Aaron – Car Dealership Owner

After playing for more than two decades, Hank Aaron ended his baseball career as a Major League right fielder. The teams he played for extensively recognized his contributions and retired his number to show their respect for Hank. His jersey number, 44, was deemed off-limits since then by the Milwaukee Brewers in 1976 and by the Atlanta Braves a year after. After he retired from baseball, Hank decided to invest some of his hard-earned money in a car dealership store in Georgia.

Hank’s net worth is currently $25 million, and he probably has a great financial advisor to help maintain his fortune. This Major League baseball legend certainly got the best out of his retirement journey. What better profession to choose after a successful baseball career than to be a car dealership owner, right? Of course, people would always feel the need to upgrade to the latest automobile. Hank Aaron could then capitalize on that and earn decent money in the process.

Doris Day

Doris Day was one of the biggest stars and at the prime of her career during the 1960s and 1970s. She was one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood, which is why her name will never be forgotten. Unfortunately, she decided to leave show business and refused acting jobs first to face her personal issues. When she stepped out of the spotlight to focus on herself, the beloved Hollywood personality decided to help animals.

She must have gotten lawyers to help her arrange the legal aspects behind her large-scale advocacies. The former actress nursed injured animals back to good health. Sadly, she rejoined our Creator for good in 2019 due to pneumonia. Doris Day had it all. She was able to star in different films, TV shows and even had a brief music career. Doris released her last studio album in 2011, which was a compilation of her unreleased music produced by his late son in 2004. Her decorated career is undoubtedly one that should be celebrated even now that she’s gone.

Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit – Firefighter and Sound Technician

Full House is one of the most famous sitcoms in history, and it was Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit who played the role of Nicky and Alex Katsopolis in this show. Their characters are the twin sons of Jesse and Becky. After eight seasons and at least two hundred episodes, the show ended. The twins went their separate ways and chose different careers. Blake decided to be a firefighter while Dylan became a sound technician for Hollywood sets. They must have invested their money because there was no news about their bankruptcy.

It is amazing how the Full House twins both selected everyday jobs after their Full House stint. Blake worked as a firefighter in Georgia for over four years. He then made a brief comeback as he worked on the 2018 films Castle Rock and Beyond White Space. As for Dylan, he served as a sound technician with notable participation on Game of Thrones, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, and the 2020 hit shooter game “Valorant.”

Maia Brewton – Attorney

Maia Brewton has appeared in multiple movies and landed roles such as Sara Anderson on Adventures in Babysitting, and Shelly Ann Lewis in one of the hit teen sitcoms Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. Also, she appeared as the younger sister of Marty McFly’s mother, Sally Baines, in the iconic Back To The Future franchise. During the 1980s and early 1990s, Maia’s career blossomed pretty well. However, she decided to find more stable jobs and went to work as a bartender.

She then took an interest in law that led her to get a degree from Yale University in 1998. It takes extreme dedication to pursue law in one of the most prestigious universities in the World. Maia was well on her way to land a couple of prominent roles. It’d be pretty pointless to speculate on the “what ifs” considering that Maia’s making a substantial salary from her law practice.

Heather Deloach – Entrepreneur

Do you remember the tap dancing “Bee Girl” in Blind Melon’s music video of the hit song No Rain? If you are wondering who she is, that was Heather Deloach. Aside from the famous music video, she also appeared in two episodes of the medical drama series ER. After which, she decided to invest her income in businesses. She spends some of her money on candy stations and agencies that handle corporate event planning. Heather is great at money management and investing her earnings.

She knows how to handle her finances well, so there won’t be bankruptcy reports about her. The former tap dancing “Bee Girl” made a 2020 TV cameo. She appeared in the international TV mystery music game show called “I Can See Your Voice.” She’s in no hurry to continually appear on TV as she manages her own business as its CEO. Between that and acting, it is amazing she still has time for other ventures.

Helen Hunt – Producer

Helen Hunt is known as a versatile actress that can work in front and behind the camera. She rose to fame after she played Jamie Buchman in the famous sitcom Mad About You. After that, she won awards after awards from several prestigious bodies in the industry. She then wanted to try a different career in the same industry and became a director. She made a debut as a director in the movie Then She Found Me.

Given her talent and how hardworking she is, it’s not a surprise she has a net worth of $55 million and she probably has investment and insurances. One particular film wherein Helen Hunt wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the 2014 movie Ride. She then took on a good number of film projects and roles in the succeeding years. Without a doubt, Helen Hunt has been able to put together quite a career in show business as an actress, director, writer, and producer.

Barbi Benton – Interior Decorator

One of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment industry during the ’70s and ’80s is Barbi Benton. This model-actress was also one of the best singers during this time. However, many did not know that she was supposed to get a degree in veterinary but she postponed it because she allegedly had a fear of blood. In the latter part of her career, she met and married George Gradow, who happens to be famous in the real estate industry.

Reports surfaced that the couple works hand in hand since Barbi is also an interior decorator. Finances will be easy for them and they probably won’t need a home mortgage. Barbi Benton could easily compliment her husband’s profession as she could make do with adding her interior design expertise to any real estate property that her husband is trying to sell. They can even make a business out of flipping houses, with their combined skills.

Sharona Alperin – Realtor

My Sharona was one of the most iconic songs that also held the number one spot in Billboard’s Top 100 singles chart for almost 6 weeks. In 1979, it also was the number one song on the Top Pop Singles year-end chart. For those of you who do not know, the song was inspired by Sharona Alperin. She happens to be the girlfriend of one of the members of the band. They got engaged but they decided to call it off.

After everything has settled, Sharon became a realtor and became successful in handling real estate and mortgages in Los Angeles. Sharona undoubtedly did well even after their split. She was already a young realtor that had tremendous potential back in the day. Sharona has been able to build a career on an incredible knowledge of the real estate market. One could say that the My Sharona namesake is one of the most sought-after agents in the real estate industry.

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Writer And Producer

One of the actresses with the most lovely faces in Hollywood is Jennifer Love Hewitt. This actress and singer-songwriter was famous during the ’90s. Her journey to fame began when she was a child star and an endorser. She then joined Disney’s Kids Incorporated and eventually, she got her first major role as Sarah Reeves Merrin in the 1995 series Party of Five. From there, she had paired up with Jackie Chan in the movie Tuxedo, which helped bring in more projects for her.

She eventually shifted career to become a writer and producer. With all her work, she must have a financial advisor to help manage her finances. Jennifer Love Hewitt was already one of the hottest actresses to hit the big screen during the 1990s and early 2000s. She certainly had a lot more to offer than just her looks and talent in acting. Hewitt was able to produce nine films over a ten-year span. She also worked on Ghost Whisperer and The Client List as a director from 2009 to 2013.

Danniella Westbrook – Bartender

Danniella Westbrook rose to fame after she played the role of the protagonist in one of the most loved shows on BBC EastEnders. The series not only gave her fame but gave her a good credit score. She was also featured in the famous reality show Big Brother. But unfortunately, she had issues with substance abuse when she was just 14 years old. Not only did she ruin her life, but also her health and career.

Fortunately for her, she was able to get back on her feet and reportedly, now works as a bartender. Good thing she was able to find a regular job and get back on track with her life. Daniella Westbrook could certainly make a comeback if she wants to. We hope that this time, she goes about her career in a stable and healthy way. She’ll also have to do so while taking care of her two kids.

Sean Wilson – Businessman and Cheese Maker

Sean Wilson became famous after he played a role in the popular British soap opera Coronation Street. But his acting career wasn’t enough for him, so he got involved in cheese making. Sean is actually a gifted chef who cooks for different restaurants that have Michelin Stars. It was a pretty wise move to use his investment money to set up the Saddleworth Cheese Company. Even if he is not working as an actor, he still appears on television to share his cheese success.

Sean Wilson currently has an estimated net worth of around $2 million to $5 million. His cheese business must be doing incredibly well, given that he hasn’t accepted any recent TV projects. He must have developed the knack for cheese from his experiences in different renowned restaurants. Sean could quickly cultivate this business and leave show business permanently if he wanted to and still maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

Jessica Sierra – Waitress At Hooters

Jessica Sierra rose to fame after becoming one of the contestants on American Idol. She released multiple albums, but her entertainment career was cut short when she was arrested for substance abuse. She also needed lawyers after she was charged with assault and possession of illegal substances. In 2007, Jessica was arrested again for misdemeanor and resisting arrest with violence. Two years later, she finally tested clean and became sober for about a year and a half.

Reports surfaced that she works in Hooters as a waitress. We just hope that her salary is enough for all the fines she had to pay when she had a substance abuse problem. We’re wondering if Jessica Sierra is still receiving any royalties for her past studio albums. If so, we hope Sierra uses the money to put up a string of money-making ventures. She could certainly try a comeback, but it would be a long shot.

Steven Anthony Lawrence – Educator

Steven Anthony Lawrence was a promising child actor who rose to fame as Beans in the hit Disney series Even Stevens. He also landed roles in the hit movies The Cat in the Hat, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Kicking And Screaming. With his talent, hard work, and dedication, he was able to get the Young Artist Award for Best Young Ensemble in A Feature Film. He is great at acting, so it’s not a surprise when reports surfaced that he is teaching acting starting last year.

He shared that he teaches people of all ages and he only charges $40 a week. We hope it’s enough to maintain his credit score and that he won’t need to file for bankruptcy. You may even have seen Steven Anthony Lawrence on other television shows such as “That’s So Raven,” “Frasier,” and “The Amanda Show.” We hope that Steven will be able to use his acting knowledge and land more prominent roles over the next few years.

Mark Feehily – Caterer

One of the most famous boy bands during the ’90s until the early 2000s is Westlife. The band made multiple hit singles and albums and received multiple awards throughout their years in the music industry. However, Westlife decided to spit in 2015. One of the hottest members of the group, Mark Feehily, decided to become a solo performer and also started a catering business. He probably used some of his investment money to buy a van where he can sell coffee and crepes for different festivals.

He made a good move with this investment since he was able to increase his credit score. We’re wondering if Markus’ catering business would continue to operate, given that he has a 2020 tour lined up. Regardless, the tour should be canceled due to the current pandemic. In addition, he’ll also need to figure out a way to operate and manage his catering business despite the restrictions.

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