Seasoned Celebrities Who Are Still Alive Today

Celebrities are made to impress us with either their skills or their looks. They made the entertainment scene alive and kept us wanting for more. However, celebrities grow old, too, and just like any normal person, they also seek a quiet place for proper retirement after having a long, luscious career.

We often forget their faces and their legacies but we are going back to the memory lane and take a look at their accomplishments and how they are now. Here are few seasoned celebrities who are still alive and well today.


As many would know, having a career in Hollywood is not for everyone. One example is Dolores Hart, who has a glamorous job during her stay in the show industry. She had melted away so many hearts, and the credit went to her perfect smile and dreamy blue eyes. Many even said that she would be the next Grace Kelly because of her long blonde curls, abilities, and beauty.

However, given her great looks, she also has a remarkable talent. The last role that she played was opposite Hugh O’Brian in 1963’s Come Fly with Me. After which, she had decided to live a monastery life. In 2011, she shared her transformation from the stunning actress to a nun in the documentary God Is Bigger Than Elvis. This made Hart an inspiring woman who has touched the hearts of many. Evidently, Hart is never afraid to face her destiny, passion, and calling.