Away From The Spotlight: Take A Look At These Celebrities Doing Their Normal Jobs

Being a celebrity has its pros and cons. Having a luxurious life and a high credit score is one of the benefits of being a celebrity. However, there are still some who choose to live a quiet life and retire from show business. They decide to get a degree and become lawyers or teachers and prefer to enjoy their life away from the public’s eyes. For some, they might not appear in front of the camera anymore but opt to work behind it as a director, writer or producer. Some of these Hollywood stars might have been able to live a retired life thanks to their investments and businesses.


Don Johnson is an incredibly popular American actor a few decades back. Don is best known for playing the role of “James Sonny Crocket” in the hit 1980s television show Miami Vice. He also had numerous acting credits in other film and television projects in the 80s, 90s, and even well into the 2000s! Don’s acting prowess paved the way for him to earn numerous awards and nominations, such as his Golden Globe award for his role in Miami Vice.

Besides being a successful actor, Don also managed to branch out into other industries. He managed to cultivate a music career back in the 1980s, where he saw relative success as a musician. Don also started a career in powerboat racing, where he’s known to be an aggressive and fearless pilot who couldn’t make mistakes! Johnson definitely has an impressive resume, thus solidifying his legacy as one of the most talented and multi-faceted men in Hollywood!