Seasoned Celebrities Who Are Still Alive Today

Celebrities are made to impress us with either their skills or their looks. They made the entertainment scene alive and kept us wanting more. However, celebrities grow old, too, and just like any normal person, they also seek a quiet place for proper retirement after having a long, luscious career.

We often forget their faces and their legacies but we are going back to memory lane and taking a look at their accomplishments and how they are now. Here are a few elder celebrities who are still alive and well today.


Richard Chamberlain is a former stage and screen actor who became famous as a teen idol for his role in the hit television series Dr. Kildare in the 60s. Chamberlain was credited with multiple awards for playing the role. He also appeared in several shows including Shogun in 1980, The Thorn Birds in 1983, and the very first actor to play Jason Bourne in the 1988 action-thriller film The Bourne Identity.

Richard Chamberlain has won numerous honors such as the Golden Apple Award for Most Co-Operative Actor, a Golden Globe award, the Photoplay Award for Most Popular Male Star, the Golden Apple award for Male Star, a Golden Globe award for Best Performance, and the Aftonbladet TV Prize. During his long acting career, Richard Chamberlain has portrayed a variety of classical images and has left a lot of impressive performances, which made him a great actor among the public.