Celebrities That Have Inspired Fans With Their Weight Loss

People often look up to celebrities when it comes to weight loss. They tend to follow what they do, their routines, and the secrets of achieving that sexy body that they have been dreaming to have. Whether it’s a strict diet, exercise, or even surgery, fans will surely follow what they do.
As celebrities know that their body and looks are their primary investments in this industry, they will do everything to make their appearance look pleasing in the eye. So, here is the list of your favorite celebrities that defy all odds to lose those pesky extra pounds to attain the sexy body they have now.


At this point, after releasing hit records like Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, and Hello, it’s safe to say that almost everyone can recognize Adele. Along the way, the singer surprised everyone when she revealed her new lean body. What did she do, you ask? Rumor has it that the 31-year-old star chose a diet that would still allow her to take wine and chocolate. Now, with that said, how many pounds did she lose? A whopping 50 pounds.

After giving birth to her son, Angelo Adkins, the famed hitmaker reportedly decided to lose weight by hiring a personal trainer and following a food diet. It seems like she has been following this diet since 2016, and now people can see the effect. From the looks of it, despite her busy schedule, it’s nice to know that the singer still takes time to make investments for her wellbeing, and she now enjoys the results.