50 Real Life Cartoon Characters

Life really is stranger than fiction, as among us live the true to life versions of our most favorite animated characters. We’re not going to deny it. This could be a compilation of coincidences but we dare to say that some of these individuals may actually be the inspiration for the creation of our beloved cartoons. If you’re curious as to what happens when drawings become flesh and bone then get ready! We’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Here is a list of fifty people on the internet that uncannily but amusingly look exactly like cartoon characters.

Carl From Up

Through the swarm of little girls armed with their tiaras and poufy dresses wanting so desperately to look like a Disney princess, there is this man who effortlessly looks like a Disney character himself. Posting this picture up on the internet, our subject got so much attention all over the web because he shows so much resemblance to the main character of Disney’s popular animated film Up. Looking so much like the beloved protagonist, it has been reported that people remember the film upon seeing him walk by, even to a degree that some even get teary-eyed remembering the story just from the mere sight of him.


Apparently, even if you’re a huge celebrity yourself that doesn’t mean you’re exempted from this list. If anything, it actually puts you up for more scrutiny as you’re constantly under the watchful eye of fans. According to many, the gorgeous Joe Jonas looks exactly like Aladdin. With the hair, the face shape, and the jawline, many catch themselves humming A Whole New World to his picture. Enhanced with just the right hairstyle, Joe might want to try on a purple vest and a lamp to complete the look. At this rate, he’s probably going to end up being cast soon!

Russell From Up

This little boy chose just the perfect costume. He looks exactly like Russell from Up! His adorable appearance sporting the character’s Wilderness Explorer uniform gives him just the right aura that matches the animation. He looks thoughtful, innocent, determined, and downright cute! Placed in the exact setting, he could use a partner to do some role-playing with. Someone should really set up a meeting for him to meet our Carl in number one so they could complete the picture. Get ready, Disney! These folks are surefire investments if ever you’re thinking of cooking up a live-action movie for Up!

Butt-Head From Beavis And Butt-Head

Though the character Butt-Head from the adult cartoon sitcom Beavis and Butt-head is male, it would be unlikely to find any men who would look like him. With his unrealistic and caricature-like drawing style, it’s less likely to find women who have this resemblance either, right? Well, that’s where you’re wrong because this girl on the internet definitely looks like Butt-head. While she doesn’t exactly look like the animated character inherently, the face she’s making definitely makes her look like him. We’ve got to give her credit. Making yourself look like an animated drawing – and of the opposite sex at that – is not easy!

Flash From Zootopia

There’s an odd popular belief that says that pet moms and dads start looking like their fur babies after quite some time. It’s a weird saying but it does ring true from time to time. What hasn’t been saying, though, is that movie buffs start looking like their favorite character after watching the flick one too many times. Though this is even weirder, this next number is bound to make you believe us. This girl might have invested too much time watching Zootopia as she ended up looking like the crowd favorite sloth, Flash. It’s probably just a bad picture taken at the wrong time, but the resemblance is undeniable.

Princess Merida From Brave

In the many options of which Disney princess you would like to be, Brave’s Merida isn’t exactly the primmest, proper and polished like the usual royal in a pastel gown would be. Merida instead is a warrior. The character is strong-willed, feisty, and of course, brave. So maybe the choice isn’t really a bad one either if you’re not the kind of girl who’s into frills and petticoats. This one, apparently, could be one of those girls who are more on the stronger side. Her hair, facial features, and even choice of wardrobe all credit the animated warrior princess’ appearance. Give her a bow and you’re good to go!

Linguini From Ratatouille

Admit it – you never expected that a plot that involved a rat breaking into a five-star restaurant’s kitchen and playing around all over the food and eventually befriending a lanky human would be so enjoyable to the degree that you’d definitely give it a re-watch and eventually call Ratatouille one of your all-time favorites. We bet you never expected that our loveable Linguini had a human clone either. Well, the unexpected is always the most delightful. Here’s a guy who looks exactly like our mouse’s good friend, holding up his inspiration for reference of course. A pet rat would definitely win us over.

Carmen Sandiego

Here’s a perfect example of putting your cartoons into reality. When the photographer and his friend found our next lookalike in the background, they slyly crafted a plan to pretend to be taking a picture of each other (hence, our main subject) while making sure their real subject – our real-life cartoon – was clearly included at the back. Great move, kids! It’s like you learned from the master thief herself! Looking so much like the titular Carmen Sandiego, this woman has definitely invested in the right wardrobe and the right attitude to resemble our smooth and skillful cartoon character.

Granny From Looney Tunes

If you remember the black and white mischievous cat Sylvester and his love-hate relationship with the yellow canary Tweety Bird or Tweety Pie, then you surely didn’t miss their sweet and loving owner Granny. Granny’s name was actually Emma Webster, and she never failed to make light of encounters and show so much love to both our favorite animal friends. This picture of a real-life Granny is such a sweet thing! As the Looney Tunes’ style of animation was flat, it was difficult to picture out the characters in flesh and bone. We give credit to real-life Granny nevertheless, for saving the day, just like always.

Milhouse From The Simpsons

The Simpsons is a popular adult cartoon series with stylized yellow characters featuring a family including the head of the household Homer, his kids Bart and Lisa, and other family members. A lot of cosplayers and Halloween trick or treat goers have invested in costumes to look like the three quirky characters we mentioned but no one has chosen the nerdy character, Milhouse, to dress up as. Here, however, we have what looks like Milhouse’s inspiration, to begin with. Josh Saviano, the actor who played Paul Joshua Pfeiffer in The Wonder Years, actually looks like the character without even trying!

Mr. Burns From The Simpsons

Another crazy character from The Simpsons that no one would have thought to have a human real-life counterpart is Mr. Burns. With an ultra-stylized face and body, who knew the exaggerated perpetual facial expression actually exists somewhere real on the face of the earth? The evil businessman character has not only an overstated visual but also a representation of how real-life businessmen really are. The resemblance is so uncanny however that we wonder if the cartoons credit this man as the actual inspiration for Mr. Burns. Look at how effortless he is! The hairstyle, the teeth, and the face shape all create the look.

Hiro Hamada From Baymax

Baymax was a movie that was hard to forget. Of course, it follows that the characters were hard to forget as well. This is why a lot of people choose to dress up as the robot Baymax in costume parties and cosplay events. After all, it is not too hard to be a big white fluff ball. What might be too difficult, however, is to perfectly resemble the human – Hiro. Our protagonist is chosen, though by this boy and he is right on point! He invested in the right hairstyle and clothes to suit his already Hiro-looking face. It’s perfect, really!

Gru From Despicable Me

Cartoons nowadays, especially 3D ones, are highly stylized and while Gru from Despicable Me is hard to copy, this man actually did the trick. It’s not just the baldness. A lot of men go bald, and sure, it’s easy to dress up as Gru if you already have a lack of hair, but we credit this man as he went the extra mile and put on the right scarf just wrapped the right way under his jaw and dressed up in dark clothing just like our loveable fictional ex-villain. There are two possibilities – that our subject was totally unaware, or that he’s a huge fan.

The Riddler From Batman

The DC icon Batman has been one of the most re-done stories of all film and TV history. As it follows, there are so many versions of Batman himself, and all the characters therein, including his just as iconic bad guys. One of these is the Riddler. This villain’s version in the animated series boasts a defined jaw, light-colored hair, and his distinct grin. And then there’s our all-around celebrity Neil Patrick Harris who has exactly just that. The discovered resemblance is so real to the degree that we’re all excited because a Batman musical looks so much more real now.

Cartman From South Park

We all have idols. For most of us, we choose a person with a dignified reputation, one we could look up to in terms of skills, looks, or virtues. We all come from different backgrounds so we all have a different set of criteria for who we give credit to. This boy, for example, is probably unique in his own set of ideals as well as he chose the unpolished and rude Eric Cartman from the adult cartoon series South Park. There’s no judgment here if he adores Cartman, but what we do want to say is that we will not believe him if he says that he’s totally oblivious to looking like the cartoon.

Moe From The Simpsons

The number of personalities who apparently look like characters from The Simpsons is making us think that the cartoon show actually did have a look around before they crafted the cartoons’ iconic appearances. It’s almost like we’re building a cast for a live-action movie! Here’s another one! The nihilistic Moe has a true to life counterpart as well and this guy’s inherent facial features are alarmingly similar to the character’s structure. It’s the hair, the eyebrows, the nose, the mouth, and even the face shape that makes you think about Moe. The degree of resemblance is remarkable, don’t you think?

Johnny Bravo

This mirror selfie is definitely going down in the 90s cartoons history. This guy looks remarkably like the character of Johnny Bravo. The Cartoon Network icon was probably regularly present on his TV screen when he was growing up, and maybe he vowed to be just like him. We’re going to give him credit for the effort he’s put in. His toned upper body and his gelled up blonde hair along with his tight-fitting shirt, jeans, and sunglasses all make him look like real-life Johnny Bravo. Maybe if he could do the iconic moves as well, he’d really be the complete package.

Mr. Potato Head From Toy Story

Funny jokes that the public is well-aware of and are constantly being mocked online aren’t always well-received with the celebrities that are at the end of it. Fortunately, this isn’t the care for Steve Harvey. Being constantly mentioned in his show Family Feud, the reference that Harvey looks like Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story is not new. This might be a little mean, but it is hilarious. We give Steve credit for being such a good sport though! He finds the resemblance funny as well, and he’s always armed with a good comeback every time it’s brought up anyway.

Mrs. Potato Head From Toy Story

If Steve Harvey is Mr. Potato Head, then that means there has to be a celebrity lookalike for Mrs. Potato Head. Here’s the best we’ve got and its singer and rapper Nicki Minaj. Although she doesn’t always look like the Toy Story character, this picture of her specifically has an undeniable resemblance to it. This one snap has caught the attention of many and dare we say that after this it’s probably not something she’ll style herself as again. Imagine a live-action version of Toy Story featuring her and Steve though! We believe that’s something worth investing in, Disney!

Dora From Dora The Explorer

This little Dora the Explorer fan is the cutest! We’re guessing that she doesn’t really look like her idol most days, but we give her credit for putting in the most effort to create this picture. She’s wearing the iconic purple shirt and orange shorts combo, along with the white shoes and yellow socks. She even has a trusty backpack that looks exactly like Dora’s. On top of that, she gets plus points for a hairdo that is gelled the way the children’s cartoon star is. 10/10 for this adorable little girl! We hope she finds a monkey friend to play Boots as well!

Elsa From Frozen

At the rate the hit animated film Frozen was going, there is no way anybody would not know Elsa, the queen with magical ice powers today. Now considered one of Disney’s icons, Elsa is definitely a crowd favorite and an easy go-to for costumes and cosplay parties. Though most people really put in so much effort just to look like this Disney star, this pretty lady here does it effortlessly. She isn’t even wearing Elsa’s sparkly dress or putting her hair in braids. She isn’t even blonde but her face – smirk, eyebrows, and all – is a perfect Elsa lookalike.

Mister Spacely From The Jetsons

Among all the comparisons in this list, this next one is in the same category as comparing Steve Harvey to Mr. Potato Head. It’s not exactly new, but once you know it, you cannot unsee it. Danny DeVito looks so much like Mister Spacely from the TV show The Jetsons. Danny’s face and physique are very distinct which make it an edge for him as an actor as his body is like a canvas you can dress up and easily change into an entirely new person – as is the case with Mr. Spacely. With the right clothes and attitude, he can almost be credited as Mr. Spacely’s inspiration.

Consuela From Family Guy

Ah, Consuela. This cleaner character from the adult cartoon series Family Guy is not the most pleasant personality. She cannot do the easiest work; she takes money unapologetically; and, she never leaves even when you really, really want her to already. Obviously, she’s a bad cleaner. As opposed to Consuela’s perpetual frown, this lady’s smile looks like a whole different version. She looks like a happier Consuela. The skin color, the glasses, the hair – they all make her look exactly like the cartoon character. We hope she invests in some red lipstick and a pink cleaner’s uniform and she’ll definitely win the best costume.

Leela From Futurama

When we talk about stylized cartoons – especially ones that are humanoid but not exactly human, like for example a girl with purple hair and one eye, you wouldn’t really expect those characters to be on this list. But that’s where you’re wrong because we aim to surprise! Meet the clone of Leela from Futurama. Okay, we know she doesn’t exactly look human but it’s either she’s the best face contortionist or she’s currently working with a lawyer because she’s got a very bad case with Botox. Either way, the resemblance is remarkable. It’s amazing how she got to make herself look like someone from Futurama.

Peter Griffin From Family Guy

For a long time, men – fathers, especially, vowed to never be like the iconic cartoon character Homer Simpson. After some time, though, another notable father figure character came along and exceeded expectations because Peter Griffin was actually worse than Homer. The Family Guy head of the family has a human lookalike and his picture is so distinct to the degree that one look will definitely make you think of the adult cartoon series lead. If he’s a father, we’re guessing he would probably have wanted to be compared to Homer rather than Peter. The lesser evil would probably be better.

Beavis From Beavis And Butt-Head

The looks of the characters in Beavis and Butt-Head are not easy to copy but two out of two of the titular personalities have made it into the list. The Butt-Head that was found was a girl that made a face that made her look like him. This is not the same case with this man. Not only is the resemblance effortless, but even the demeanor of the character is copied. As this is a mugshot from the police, the man dealing with the lawyers for possible crimes has probably involved himself in something Beavis would have done also. It’s like the cartoons are starting to step out of the TV!

Mother Gothel From Tangled

Whoever this lady with the black hair and the tantalizing eyes is, she’s definitely got the looks for a perfect cast for Mother Gothel from Tangled. The animated witch character is not only famous because of her notorious kidnap of Rapunzel, but also for her songs and iconic lines in the animated film. This picture on the internet should be credited because her looks aren’t only good but also reminiscent of an evil lady taking a baby with magical healing hair so she could remain young forever. On second thought, her house should be checked. Rapunzel might actually be in there!

Scar From The Lion King

If stylized humanoid drawings are hard to copy in real life, what more stylized animal drawings? But as we said – we aim to surprise. The character of Scar from The Lion King animation actually has a human counterpart and someone who’s as popular as him too. Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones is looking a lot like Scar. It’s uncanny that it’s almost as if the Game of Thrones producers credit Scar for the inspiration of Khal Drogo’s look. In the attitude, the characters are also similar as they’re both big, strong, and bulky, and have a desire to lead.

Hercule From Dragon Ball Z

It is suspected that this picture came out fuzzy because the shutterbugs must have been Dragon Ball Z fans and must have done a double-take when they thought they saw Hercule living and breathing, in flesh and bone. This might have been a stolen shot of a man who was probably either a fan of the anime cartoon series himself or who was totally oblivious to the coincidence. Whatever the happenstance could have been, we’re sure that the photographers were in such awe when they caught the photo. We give credit to these kids for having sharp and keen eyes.

Andy From Toy Story

Some people love to mimic scenes from movies, trying their hardest to follow everything to the tiniest details just to get it exactly right. Apparently, this boy may have done a fair job at following this scene in Toy Story but it’s only passable. He’s using actual toys of Buzz Lightyear and Woody, almost telling us – convincing us that he looks like Andy. He did a great job trying to get it all in the frame though, but his facial features don’t exactly scream our loveable toy owner. However, we just love the movie and their characters, so it’s hard to reject this one. We give you credit for trying, son!

Merryweather From Sleeping Beauty

This is a story with a funny anecdote. There is a good chance that this woman is completely oblivious to her fashion choice. Though she does look fabulous in her headgear, she also resembles a certain fairy flying along with two others hovering over a certain slumbering princess. Looking exactly like Merryweather, this woman’s choice of a royal blue scarf dressed up in the exact way Merryweather’s is may make you think that she’s playing a role in a Sleeping Beauty production. She should invest in a magic wand and a pair of fairy wings, too, and she might just make a fortune out of the look.

Linda Belcher From Bob’s Burgers

What is not to like about Linda Belcher from the cartoon series Bob’s Burgers? Not only is she good-natured, but she is also loveable and she makes the best burgers. It’s a complete package. When you add red glasses and dark hair flying away at shoulder length on top of a red sweater, it’s almost too good to be true. This woman may have the complete look of Linda, but her mood proves that she is not at the same degree of carefree as the character. She really looks like she’s having a bad day. Maybe someone upset her by telling her she looks like the character!

Sideshow Bob From The Simpsons

Yes, the list of The Simpsons characters does not end. Of the many characters the series have created and featured, apparently, a lot of them have similar human counterparts. It really is either the producer’s credit certain people for the inspiration of their characters, or people love the show so much that they make an effort to look like the crazy yellow people. Either way, it just proves that the viewer rates of the series are up top. This man is one of these proofs. With the wild hairstyle and distinct choice of props, he definitely looks like Sideshow Bob.

Cynthia From Rugrats

This shot of Miley Cyrus has circulated the internet and it was not for the reason she was going for. Her crazy hairstyle made her look like Cynthia, the doll from the cartoon show Rugrats. Though we know that Miley changes her looks so frequently to the degree that no one can really keep track, this specific picture really captures the doll if she was human. We don’t know for sure if Miley did this on purpose or bored netizens just discovered the two and connected the dots, but one thing is for sure – Miley Cyrus entertains, just like always.

Scruffy From Futurama

In the world of perfect timing, there are always photos that resemble the best and most accurate. Such is the case for this janitor. He looks like Scruffy from Futurama and it seems like he is enjoying it! They have the same white mustache, the same hat, the same overalls, and most importantly, the same leaning pose with the mop. This man is one of many possible stimuli to credit for the creation of Scruffy’s character. Even janitors can have a lot of fun. They apparently like dressing up and mimicking television cartoon characters for fun during their free time.

Comic Book Guy From The Simpsons

It’s your favorite band of yellow-colored characters once more. This time, it’s Comic Book Guy. This one isn’t so hard to mimic as it has already been seen as a stenotype and there are definitely a lot of versions of Comic Book Guys out there. These are the people who just love putting down the mainstream, who are smart alecks on anything they know or don’t know, and who are selective about their preferences. We don’t know if this guy actually behaves the same way but what we do know is that his hair, body, and choice of clothing definitely makes him look like he invested in looking like The Simpsons character.

Crazy Cat Lady From The Simpsons

It’s a never-ending list of The Simpsons characters! There is no denying that the reason that the TV show has lasted for as long as it has is that it credits true to life people as bases for creating their characters. This makes the show relatable and it also poses as social commentary, creating satirical remarks about them. A lot like this next character, there is always an old woman who loves her cats. It is less likely that this pedestrian is trying to look like Crazy Cat Lady, but putting her felines on her head and shoulders do the trick effortlessly.

Boo From Monsters, Inc

Boo is one of the cutest characters ever in cartoon animation history. The Monsters, Inc. baby has become an icon and an easy costume go-to for little children as well. We’re almost sure that the reason for the look of Boo’s character is to make the audience gush at her tiny face and body every time she appears on the screen. Next to the massive monsters, she looks adorable! This little number absolutely got that on point! Next to her beautiful eyes and blushing face, we give her credit for donning on a hairdo and a shirt that’s exactly like Boo’s, matched with her favorite stuffed toys to complete the look. We gush.

Bobby Hill From King Of The Hill

Placing this picture next to the character from King of the Hill may have been a little mean but the striking resemblance is something you just cannot miss! The facial features and the shoulder shape of his boy looks exactly like Bobby Hill. The similarity is almost too perfect that this cannot avoid our list. However, we think that this boy has never seen the cartoon show and he probably does not know that he’s a lookalike. It’s such a shame. If he invested in the right attitude, he would no doubt make a fortune out of his distinct looks.


Even for ogres, Shrek is one of a kind. Not only is he taller than most ogres, but he also has a personality that is different from the typical bestial creature. He developed a heart full of love, which is a good thing because if this was not the case, imagine what a wreck his surroundings would be. Though Shrek or any ogre does not really exist in our world, there is someone on our list that we find is a lookalike of our beloved big guy. His name is Maurice “The French Angel” Tillet, a wrestler in the thirties. He’s also a huge man who resembles Shrek to a certain degree.

Mario & Luigi From Super Mario Bros

Technically, Mario and Luigi do not belong to the cartoon world. They are both from a well-loved video game that’s popular to the degree that even non-video game players know them well. They are so famous that from the video game world, they’ve recently transported to the animation realm as well. It’s lucky that we found this curious picture of two plumbers too because although it looks too suspicious to be candid, we have every reason to believe it’s not. They are just two guys to or from a job and were coincidentally take a shot off by a passerby.

Sid From Ice Age

Yes, we know that all the other entries on this list were only humans, but this adorable – or, yeah okay odd-looking animal looks a lot like a cartoon animal too! We should at least get credit for putting together the same species, or at least closely similar ones. Meet the clone of Sid, our favorite good-natured but sometimes antsy ground sloth from Ice Age. The clone of our cartoon, however, is a favorite in the household – a good dog. He may have had just a little help to look like his favorite cartoon but he sure convinced us!

Cruella De Vil From 101 Dalmatians

The character of Cruella De Vil has been a massive hit. The villain from 101Dalmatians has been created into a synonym of an evil person. When someone says her name, it is guaranteed that whoever it was used to describe did something terrible. Our next number should definitely be given credit for the hair alone, as the iconic black and white hairdo already tells you that she looks like Cruella. She gets plus points, however, for the huge frown on her face. This makes her look so much more sinister it makes us want to look away, holding our dogs tight of course.

Patty And Selma From The Simpsons

It’s The Simpsons yet again! This time, we have a duo – Patty and Selma. These two aren’t exactly characters that look like humans or resemble a picture that humans would look like. So how, you may ask, did our next pair end up being Patty and Selma in real life? When you invest in matching outfits, cigarettes and simultaneous cigarette breaks, and a surge of hate and weariness about the planet and all that are in it, then you’ll definitely pull off the characters also. We know you get it. Come on guys, it was not that hard to get.

Terk From Tarzan

All newborn babies may look alike to a certain degree but this particular one stands out because he looks so much like a cartoon. Don’t get us wrong – this guy wasn’t singled out. Since they all look alike, all babies to a certain degree may look like Terk from Tarzan as well. This little boy, however, has a stunning resemblance, hair and all. There’s a good chance that he had just taken a shower when this picture was taken which is why he is sporting such a cool hairstyle. This, together with the face really screams Tarzan’s monkey best friend.

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

Before you say anything, here’s a disclaimer. This is a boxing match and this player has just taken one too many punches! Yes, boxing is a risky sport as you will definitely get hurt but to get hurt to a degree of looking like Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame is absolutely next level! This boxer did not get any bad injuries that did not eventually heal over time, but he did, unfortunately, lose the match. Oh well, your life and overall health is a better price, if you ask us. As for your career, though, better luck next time!

Ned Flanders From The Simpsons

We promise this is the last of The Simpsons! It’s our guy next door Ned Flanders. You know, that neighbor who is nice, thoughtful, and always helpful to anyone who needs a hand. Who knew he was also involved with illegal drugs and murdering people here and there? Give him credit for the great cover though. Nobody suspected a thing. Now here’s his real-life counterpart. It’s no other than Bryan Cranston! He looks just like the Simpsons character that it has made us suspicious if he’s hiding anything under his basement as well. After seeing Ned, wouldn’t you want to know?

Lion-o From Thundercats

Carrot Top is an actor in the comedy scene back in the nineties. You may remember him. Then again, you may not. As time progressed, he may have lost his touch despite his funny antics back then. Right now, he’s not as popular as he once was anymore. Currently, though, he does look like the leader of the Thundercats, Lion-O! It’s still funny, but a different kind of funny. They have the same build, the same facial features, and the same hair. What are the odds? If he invests in the right stuff, he may be cast for a comeback!

Chris Griffin From Family Guy

Here’s another one from another adult comedy cartoon show – Family Guy. Chris Griffin, just like the rest of the characters in the show, seems to credit somebody from real life as the inspiration or even hard basis of their creation. Here’s one of the more notable ones. It’s almost like his character was based on Bruce Vallance. If we’re wrong, though, the happenstance is wonderfully amusing. He has the same physique and hair as the character. Something to remember is also that the hairstyle isn’t one that is usual, so it may have been easily copied. What do you think?

Roger Klotz From Doug

The celebrity Macklemore, just like a lot of other artists in the industry, has varied reviews. He has a set of die-hard fans that worship his every move, and he has a set of haters at the other end of the spectrum. He’s got all kinds of followers. We may credit this to his presence in all areas of entertainment. Does he have to be everywhere we look? He’s even in the character of Roger Klotz from the cartoon show Doug. How can he be everywhere at the same time? Are you a fan or a hater? We can’t decide either!

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