Then And Now: These Celebrity Kids Are All Grown Up

Alexandria Zahra Jones – David Bowie’s & Iman’s Daughter

David Bowie is a British rock musician and songwriter. His exploration of music in the 1970s played a pioneering role in the whole music world. David Bowie ranks 29th among the BBC’s top 100 Britons. Bowie’s current wife is Imaan, a supermodel. The two married in 1992. The music legend David Bowie and supermodel Iman are loving parents to Alexandria Zahra Jones or Lexi Jones in short.

Now 19 years old, Lexi prefers to stay out of the limelight and live like a normal teenager. She also loves art and has posted her illustrations on social media. Her father, David, died in 2016 after battling liver cancer. In 2018, Lexi and her mom got tattoos dedicated to David to commemorate his second death anniversary. Lexi’s tattoo was a crescent moon with the words “Daddy xx 1947-2016”. Her love for her late father is evident in this sweet gesture.