Giving Love Another Try: A Rundown of Your Favorite Celebrity Romances

We are just shy of 10 billion inhabitants on this earth, and we only meet so many people before we cross paths with “the one.” Well, it’s not that different for people under the spotlight. Like many ordinary people, they’ve also had their hits and misses when it comes to love.

However, hits and misses in the love department aren’t bad, especially if it leads you to the right person. As many people say, some things have to get so bad before they get better. Moreover, this also applies to love to a certain degree. We know some celebrities will agree to this, considering that many of them found the love of their lives quickly after suffering through a horrible breakup. From failed marriages to unfortunate engagement, Hollywood indeed has no shortage of relationships going sour. Fortunately, there are also just as many romantic redemption stories existing in the industry. Here are some celebrities who had some misses in love but eventually found the right one (well, hopefully) in the end.

Barack Obama

Unless you have been living somewhere remote, then you would know who Barack Obama is. The first black president of the United States of American has had one woman by his side since taking office, but the lawyer turned POTUS almost married a different lady. It’s kind of hard to imagine Mr. Obama with someone else, but before marrying his wife, he was a young man in love with a free-spirited New Yorker named Genevieve Cook.

The two got into a brief relationship in the 80s and even moved in together at some point. However, it didn’t seem like fate was on their side. After failing at a few more connections, Mr. Obama pursued the young Michelle Robinson after meeting her at a law firm in Chicago. According to sources, the would-be, Mrs. Obama, initially declined his date invitation. After some time, however, Michelle finally gave in, and the couple married in 1992. From that point on, Michelle and Barack had seen each other’s highest highs and lowest lows together.