These People Became Instant Stars Because Of Their Unique Looks

Beauty indeed comes in all forms and sizes, which means that people are no less beautiful with curves or without. With that said, no physical appearance is superior to the other. Every person has their flaws, and all of us are created equal, too. As people, we should be lifting each other up and not defining others based on looks. Reality check: all people are real people.

In today’s standards, more and more people have learned to embrace their own beauty. They’ve learned that it’s okay to be less-than-perfect, to have flaws, and to celebrate one’s own uniqueness. People with skin conditions, freckles, red hair, or albinism also have been credited by the beauty and modeling industry. While they may have struggled with their extraordinary appearance growing up, eventually, their features are what made them popular. In this article, you’ll learn more about these people who became instant stars because of their unique look:

A Young Boy from Uganda

These past couple of years, pictures of this little boy from Uganda have gone viral on the internet, and we can see why. The boy remains anonymous, but his photos captured the attention of thousands of internet users across the globe. Apparently, he suffers from a medical condition known as Waardenburg Syndrome, which causes changes in pigmentation of the skin and eyes, some degree of congenital hearing loss, and other pigmentation deficiencies, such as white forelock/ poliosis or “Mallen streak.”

The genetic condition most commonly affects skin pigmentation and eye color. In the young boy’s case, he has white patches all over his hands and face. Another extraordinary feature that people love is his deep-blue ocean eyes. Well, you can’t easily look away from those eyes! Notable people with this condition include Canadian YouTube star Stef Sanjati, who has Waardenburg Syndrome Type 1.

Aleece Wilson

Aleece Wilson had always dreamed of becoming a model. At first, she didn’t believe in herself and thought her dream might never turn into reality because she had never seen models who looked like her. She has super curly hair and freckles all over her face. The aspiring model also claims she has wide hips and was bullied growing up because of her thick, curly hair.

What Wilson thought were the features that spelled the end of her modeling dreams proved to be the opposite. She has captured the attention of the Elite Models agency in Canada, and it wasn’t long before she was strutting her way to the 2017 NY fashion week runway flooring in Alexander Wang. From there, the young model continued to work with Vogue, Marc Jacobs, and other huge names in the industry.

Alek Wek

Sudanese-British model Alek Wek had also been on an exceptional journey over the years. As a child, she had to flee Sudan because of the civil war and relocate to Europe with her family. Wek suffered from psoriasis until age 14. After arriving in London, her psoriasis immediately cleared. She then enrolled at the London College of Fashion to earn a degree in Fashion Business and Technology.

In 1995, while strolling at an outdoor market, Wek was discovered by a Models 1 scout who booked her a role in Tina Turner’s music video for GoldenEye. Shortly thereafter, she began fashion modeling and was signed to Ford Models the following year. Wek was named MTV’s “Model of the Year” in 1997 and was the first African model to grace the cover of Elle magazine that year. Since then, she has managed to elevate the world’s beauty standards.

Angel Giuffria

Amputee Angel Giuffria has been using a prosthetic arm ever since she was a child. When she eventually got the chance to use a bionic arm, she couldn’t be any happier. The bionic arm allows her to perform basic functions with great success. In recent years, the young lady has become an advocate for bionics.

Giuffria, who has ventured into the acting industry, has earned acting credits in NBC’s Chicago Med and CBS’ FBI Most Wanted. She has always dreamt of acting for as long as she can remember, but she initially found it unrealistic because of her condition: she was born without her left arm. Giuffria went on to use prosthetics and now bionics — something that makes her stand out in the entertainment scene where she is only one of a few people who were born without limbs and who uses a bionic arm.


Anisocoria is a rare medical condition characterized by different-sized pupils. You may have heard of this condition from the iconic singer David Bowie, who has made this feature one of his unique trademarks. Bowie had both anisocoria (unequal size of pupils) and heterochromia (different colors of eyes).

Unlike heterochromia, anisocoria is a more common condition, and in such cases, it doesn’t come along with symptoms or side effects. In fact, twenty percent of the human population have anisocoria to some degree. While it can have various causes, the singer was proud of his oddity and said it was caused by an injury during his teenage years. Well, who would have thought that someone with such an eye condition would become one of today’s most influential singer-songwriters? His career was marked by visual presentation and reinvention, and both his music and stagecraft have impacted the music scene.

Arina Lubiteleva

While Arina Lubiteleva doesn’t have a medical condition that affects her body functions, it appears that she has embraced her flaws by proudly showing her large ears for the world to see. The young Ukrainian model has even garnered nearly 79,000 followers on Instagram, where she inspires many young women who possess unique physical features to be proud of their physical beauty.

Like many self-conscious people might be inclined to do, Lubiteleva has no interest in hiding her ears behind her hair. In fact, she does the opposite. In both her photoshoots and the pictures she posts on social media, she makes sure her ears can be seen to encourage others to accept their imperfections. Some of us may have big eyes, big noses, or big ears, but it doesn’t make us any less beautiful. Credits to the young model, she has inspired many with her message.

Ava Clarke

Ava Clarke was born with a condition called albinism, which is characterized by the absence of skin pigment. The common belief is that albinism makes people look pale because of the absence of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair, but what many don’t know is that it can also affect an individual’s sight. The degree of the condition varies, but in Clarke’s case, she is legally blind. Despite her condition, the little girl doesn’t let her defect affect her spirit. In fact, with her mother’s support, Clarke has become a famous Instagram personality, with nearly 100,000 followers! Her mom has encouraged her to share her unique appearance with the rest of the world.

Moreover, the little girl had been discovered by a modeling agency. Her mom is very supportive of her and assists her with various visual aids wherever they go. Aside from her many Instagram followers, she also had the chance to spend a day with Beyonce!

Bee Melvnin

It’s not every day that you see someone as uniquely captivating as model Bee Mevlnin. For a while, there has been speculation about her ethnicity since dark skin, freckles, and light-green eyes aren’t a common combination. Questions about her ethnicity still hound the flooring model even though she admitted she hails from Gambia. With that said, Melvnin doesn’t look like the average model, and her gorgeous appearance can definitely turn a lot of heads.

Today, Melvnin stands tall and proud of her extraordinary features. She shuns rumors regarding her ethnicity and keeps working her way to the top. There’s no argument she is a force of nature in the modeling world, and we will surely see more of her in the coming years. Nonetheless, no matter her ethnic background, the entire world simply cannot look away from her remarkable features.

Bera & Tsotne Ivanishvili

Some of you may have heard of singer Bera Ivanishvili, who is widely recognized for his unique appearance. He goes by the name Bera, and it’s quite impressive that at 25 years old, he’s already achieved a successful singing career despite his medical condition and the unpleasant comments thrown at him while he was growing up.

Out of four siblings, Bera and his younger brother Tsotne were born with albinism. Still, the young singer didn’t let his medical condition and his different appearance stop him from dreaming. In addition, he even made investments in his own record label, Georgian Dream. While only one of them is famous, there is no doubt that many people feel it’s amazing to see two albino brothers growing up. Bera and Tsotne Ivanishvili certainly stand out not only because of their albinism but because of their brotherly love.

Blonde Streak

Do you remember the white streak on the hair of Sweeny Todd, Cruela Devil, and Bonnie Raitt? The truth is, their hair isn’t artificially highlighted or dyed; they have a rare medical condition called poliosis. This rare hair condition is marked by the absence of melanin in the eyebrows, hair, and eyelashes. Poliosis, otherwise known as a “Mallen Streak,” is hereditary.

Throughout history, the streak has become a trend – think the Bride of Frankenstein or X Men’s Rogue. The term “Mallen streak” first came into common parlance in the ’70s. Originating from the Latin word “malignus,” the term was credited to author Catherine Cookson in her Mallen trilogy. The plot follows the lives of a family who all have a blonde/white streak in their hair. Other famous personalities with “Mallen streak” include TV presenter George Lamb, public servant Ed Milliband, and author Caitlin Moran.

Cat Eye Syndrome

This anonymous boy from Nepal has become an internet star for his remarkable eyes. Like many other human beings in the world, he suffers from a condition called Cat Eye Syndrome, which is an eye abnormality that makes one’s eyes resemble that of a cat’s.

Some of you may have heard of the condition, but in severe cases, Cat Eye Syndrome can also cause medical issues that affect the ears, kidneys, and heart. The name was catchy and stuck even though the syndrome is more complex than its name suggests. The cat-like eye appearance is caused by an eye condition called Iris Coloboma, which is characterized by a defect or a hole in the eye’s iris. Most colobomas are congenital and can cause decreased visual acuity, ghost image, double vision and blurred vision. Hopefully, the little boy can acquire insurance to get his eyes treated.

Cierra Skye

Model Cierra Skye is oftentimes compared to women found in Renaissance art, thanks to her thin nose, round face, and long, wavy hair. While growing up, Skye had to overcome different obstacles, but in recent years, she has learned to embrace her unique features and has seen nothing but success in the world of modeling. Discovered at the age of 14 in Ohio, Skye’s unusual features landed her a spot on the runway flooring.

Skye’s unique looks have made her in demand in the fashion scene. As a matter of fact, she’s a favorite of the fashion houses Marc Jacobs and Anna Sui. Moreover, she has many other interests — she likes to write prose and poetry during her spare time. Until today, the young lady is still standing tall and is a famous personality in the big world of modeling.

Coraline Jouhier

Coralie Jouhier thought that her striking mixed-race appearance combined with her ginger hair would be an obstacle in life, including her career. However, the young lady has since used her unique looks to her advantage and credits her parents for blessing her with these gifts. She said she is low maintenance when it comes to beauty, like her mother, who never wears any makeup and has dreadlocks.

Jouhier admitted that she heard a lot of clichés about redheads, but when she and her family moved to Paris, she started to get compliments about her look. Indeed, you can’t deny how stunning she looks. Although her impressive appearance and hair could have definitely gotten her a spot in the fashion scene, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a chef. Nowadays, she owns a vegan cafe in Paris.

Danielle Kroon

There’s no denying that Dutch model Danielle Kroon’s brown and blue eyes are captivating. As some of you might suspect, this photo wasn’t edited in photoshop. However, the reason that her eyes are in different colors is because of a condition called heterochromia. It’s a condition that also exists in animals, including dogs and cats.

Kroon was born with this medical condition, and while she suffered from it as a kid, she has now made a living with her unique look. The model from the Netherlands was able to carve out a significant profession for herself. Her social media accounts have also become popular, and even her modeling career flourished, all thanks to her mesmerizing look. However, that’s not all that she’s busy with these days, as she is now on her way to earning a degree in medicine.

Dru Presta

The entertainment industry has provided us viewers with plenty of choices to check out over the years. Besides the usual movies we see in cinemas and, more recently, on streaming services, plenty of investment money has also been spent producing reality programs.

Due to its more spontaneous nature, many reality shows have become quite popular. Often revolving around the lives of a group of people, one such title that has garnered a fan base would be Little Women, which debuted in May 2014. Along with its main cast, one of the show’s guest stars was the model Dru Presta. Having appeared in two episodes of Little Women: LA’s seventh season, Presta has slowly become an online personality on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram, with her account now accumulating up to 29,000 followers. Plus by the looks of it, her career is far from over.

Ilka Brühl

At this point, it’s safe to say we have heard of the notion that we can only have so much; that while it may not be everything we want, we should still be content with what we have. Well, one such person who undoubtedly lives up to that expression would be Ilka Brühl.

Right from the get-go, Brühl had already faced quite a number of obstacles in her life. Born with a facial cleft, which caused difficulty breathing through her nose and involuntary tears from her eye, her earlier years were far from easy. Thankfully, to her credit, she pushed through – plus, she has plenty of people that care for her supporting her along the way. Since then, she has found fame on the internet as a model. Plus, Brühl has become quite an inspirational figure among many, often expressing that everyone is beautiful; they just need to realize it.

Diandra Forrest

Way before the first building was even supplied with electricity, people were already eager to learn more and more about the world around them. While that passion for discovery and undying curiosity has led to many of the greatest breakthroughs ever made, there’s no denying that there are still many things that amaze us.

This can be quite apparent in topics revolving around genetics, such as albinism. Sadly, most people with albinism are often looked down upon or differently, as if they aren’t like everyone else. Fortunately, we have those like Diandra Forrest who like to prove the world otherwise. An African-American model, Forrest has since had the chance to grace many walkways and magazines. Plus, due to her enthusiasm for performing, she has also tried her hand at acting. Suffice to say, her efforts have already inspired numerous other people to be more confident and, most importantly, proud of who they are.

Kelly Mittendorf

Among many things, the modeling industry encourages its stars to be comfortable and confident with themselves. Through this mindset, models can see the aspects of themselves they initially considered liabilities as assets. Just from acknowledging this notion, a model can achieve many things.

When she was around 11 years old, while enjoying some time at a resort, someone approached Kelly Mittendorf’s parents and mentioned something about her probably becoming a model in the future. Turns out, that stranger was actually a scout. Five years later, when she was 16, Mittendorf finally made her way to the modeling scene. Although she wasn’t what her schoolmates often associated with models, she has made quite a name in the business since then. With that said, while she enjoys her career gracing walkways and magazines, Mittendorf also has her sights on other ventures, like studying for her degree in media studies and mass communication.


Many investments have been made in technology through the years. Among all of the accomplishments made in this particular field, though, one of the most notable is undoubtedly the internet. With the ability to communicate with people from other corners of the world, so much can be done through the online domain, such as spreading hope and inspiring others.

Many of us are quite conscious of our appearance in public, for sure. This notion is surely most apparent among people who have the condition known as vitiligo, the discoloration of some portions of one’s skin. While it may be a terrible thing to have, it hasn’t stopped people from being with who they are. One such person is the model/actress Em – just look at how happy she is. Along with her wholesome aura, Em is fond of sharing inspirational messages with her ever-supportive fans.

Julia Gnuse

Speaking of skin conditions, another one worth mentioning is porphyria. People who have this easily get blisters whenever they’re exposed to sunlight, which can result in scars and third-degree burns. While there are undoubtedly treatments to reduce its severity, who’s to stop you from adding a dash of creativity while you’re at it?

By the time she turned 30, the late Julia Gnuse had developed porphyria. To cover up the scars, Gnuse opted to get herself tattooed with various illustrations, including her favorite actors, cartoon characters, and even a self-portrait. Eventually, with over 95% of her body covered with beautiful works etched in ink, Gnuse earned the Guinness Record for being the most tattooed person. Not to mention, she also made an appearance in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Around 2016, though, she had finally decided to remove all of them via laser treatment.

Elisany da Cruz Silva

Sometimes, numbers just aren’t enough. When it comes to measuring, there’s no denying that we have an even better grasp of things once we put them into perspective. That’s why some documented photos or videos have some object, like a banana or even a pencil, for scale.

Now with that out of the way, let’s talk a bit about Elisany da Cruz Silva. Born in Salinopolis, Brazil, da Cruz Silva was born with gigantism, resulting in her 6-foot-eight physique. Often taking credit for being one of the tallest people in the world, it’s no surprise she has difficulty doing some things, like going to school – she was too tall to fit into the school bus. Plus, she tends to hit her home’s ceiling now and then. Even so, that doesn’t keep her from being happy. With that said, here’s a photo of her with her four-foot-four boyfriend.

Harnaam Kaur

Before becoming a recognized figure in the modeling scene, Harnaam Kaur first worked as a teaching assistant for a primary school. After garnering a high degree of attention from all forms of media in 2014, Kaur has had the chance to attend plenty of interviews and even became a motivational speaker. Among many things, though, it’s safe to say many people will recognize her best for her beard.

When she was around 12 years old, Kaur was diagnosed with a syndrome that elevated male hormones, resulting in her ability to grow a beard. While she initially tried ways to shave it, Kaur has since accepted it and even turned it into an asset. Since then, along with modeling, Kaur has become an activist and advocate for matters such as body image and mental health. Plus, a fun fact: she has named her beard Sundri, meaning beautiful.

Julia Zimmer

The entertainment industry is undoubtedly filled with many big-name figures. While that may be the case, there’s no denying that it also has plenty of room for newcomers. Of course, the earlier years in one’s journey to stardom can be quite challenging, but that hasn’t stopped them from trying, nonetheless. With that said, let’s take a look at one particular rising star from the modeling scene.

Beginning her career around 2011, Julia Zimmer has slowly found her way into the spotlight. Through the years, she has had the chance to work for various big-name figures. Plus, she has taken credit for gracing the walkways for brands such as Luisa Beccaria and Eudon Choi. Her last gig was reportedly in 2014. While she may have opted for a more low-key lifestyle since then, who knows what plans she has for her future? Perhaps she’s just taking a break before making her way back to the scene.

Daphne Groeneveld

Sometimes, one just needs to be at the right place at the right time. While working on your craft is undoubtedly a notable investment to make for your eventual career, there’s no denying that a chance encounter can also do wonders.

Well, such was the case for Daphne Groeneveld. For her introduction to the modeling scene, a portion of the gratitude goes to her agent, who discovered her one fateful day and asked her if she was interested in this particular career. Since then, Groeneveld has become a well-known figure in the business. In fact, in 2011, she even received the Best Dutch Model award from that year’s Marie Claire Netherlands Fashion Awards. Along with her eye-catching fashion sense, another feat that brought this model to the spotlight is her doll-like charm. With that said, she has now worked for big-name figures such as Tom Ford, Anna Sui, and Calvin Klein.

Issa Lish

More often than not, we can associate various small-scale scenarios with occurrences we experience daily. One such example is how one thing can lead to another in the same way a line of dominoes falls right after the other.

Well, to some degree, the same happened to Issa Lish. Due to some trouble in school, Lish had to work at one of her parents’ investments: a sushi restaurant. Without her knowing, though, there was some good to be had from the experience. Throughout that duration, she was discovered, either by a scout or agent and eventually found her way into the modeling scene. Since then, the Mexican-born model with Japanese descent has worked for various brands and big-name figures such as Anna Sui, Vogue, and Prada. Plus, besides modeling, Lish is also quite fluent in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and English.

Hamad Jaman

A few pages back, we have mentioned that many of us are quite conscious of how we look in public. From the clothes we wear to our posture, another thing we keep in mind is how our skin appears.

Many people like freckles but just as much prefer not to have them. Even so, that doesn’t mean that people who do have freckles should be frustrated with themselves. In fact, one such model that supports this notion is Hamad Jaman. Despite having a feature that many people will be ashamed to have, Jaman has made quite a name for himself in the modeling scene. Of course, along with that success, he has also garnered a high degree of fame and recognition on social media, notably Instagram. Suffice to say, his career is far from over, and his fan base will only grow from here on out.

Elaine Davidson

It’s safe to say many of us have heard of the Guinness Records. Every year, it provides an updated list of people who have achieved various things. One example of such a person came a few pages ago, Julia Gnuse, the most tattooed person. For this page, let’s take a look at Elaine Davidson.

While the previously-mentioned Gnuse garnered recognition for covering 95% of herself with ink, Davidson takes credit for being the most pierced woman. In 2000, she had 462 piercings, 192 of which were on her face. As the years went on, the quantity increased, from 720 to 3,950. By 2012, that number escalated to as high as 6,925. Suffice to say, getting to that point was no easy task. Even so, one can’t deny that Davidson deserves some praise for her commitment to this particular form of art.

Eye Scar

At this point, especially if you’re a long-time fan of the Transformers franchise, you have probably heard of the expression “more than meets the eye.” To some degree, it’s like saying that first impressions aren’t always everything; that there’s almost always something new to discover after a closer look.

Speaking of eyes, it’s a rare occurrence for a person to have some sort of scar in the pupil of their eye. Thankfully, one user on Reddit shared a picture showcasing that scar in his eye. Suffice to say, it’s most likely unnoticeable from afar: it almost looks like a needle, with the pupil being the needle hole. Changes like these can be quite concerning at first. Fortunately, the person who posted the photo said that it doesn’t affect his vision in any way, according to his doctor. It can be quite eye-catching to see someone with this condition.

Devon Gallagher

It goes without saying that no good story comes without a few conflicts. Life is not without its challenges, and it’s up to us to face these hurdles head-on and overcome them. While they may be hard, one thing’s for sure: there’s always a lesson worth learning or a message worth sharing in the end.

While she may not be a model, Devon Gallagher has developed quite a following on Instagram. For one, her wholesome aura and smile can make just about anybody’s day. Another thing she takes credit for is that despite her being an amputee, she still keeps her head up. With a prosthetic right leg, Gallagher often posts various things about her life, from mundane day-to-day events with her family and friends to her many travels around the world. It’s nice to know that there will always be something to smile about.

Kettellen de Jesus

Blue eyes among brown and other dark-skinned people are certainly rare, and thus it is usually mesmerizing to look at them. If someone is born to a family with blue eyes, there might even be doubts as to the father, to the point that lawyers could get involved. That is a rather extreme situation and certainly not what Kettellen de Jesus experienced. The now 15-year-old girl was born with a genetic condition called Waardenburg syndrome.

This syndrome is a group of genetic conditions that affect the color of the eyes, the hair and the skin. It can also affect hearing on both ears. It is not that usual, but when it affects a person, there is usually moderate to profound hearing loss on one or both ears. For de Jesus, she has hearing loss, but it has not affected her day to day, and her confidence is even boosted by her many admirers.

Khoudia Diop

The modeling world has had its share of extraordinary models that can be considered princesses in their own right. There is only one, however, who is given credit for being the Melanin Goddess, and that is Khoudia Diop. It was self-proclaimed, yes, but she found it fitting because she wanted to assert her own niche in the rather competitive world of modeling. She is also proud of the dark color of her skin and is not about to whitewash it, pun intended.

If you are wondering why she has such dark skin, it is because she has too much melanin. This actually has benefits, as having less of these in the skin makes people prone to some types of diseases caused by UV rays. So apart from being unique, Diop also has a protective layer against the dangers of the sun. She is also very proud of her color, and so she moved from Paris to New York to continue modeling.

La Ostergren

To a certain degree, every woman wants long legs because it’ll make them look taller. La Ostergren did not appreciate having long legs as a child, though, because it made her the subject of ridicule rather than praise. This is common, especially if one is way taller than the rest of the group. Since she was born, Ostergren already had these unusually long legs, and even at birth, she had to come out with the legs partially bent as it did not have enough room in her mother’s uterus, much less in the pelvic area. The length of her legs? 40 inches.

Despite having been taunted at school, she did not give up and studied. She realized that having long legs is already half of what it takes to be a model, so she focused her efforts on that. Now, she has more than 230,000 followers on Instagram. Her followers are very supportive, and they are extremely appreciative of the fitness regimen she has been sharing online.

Laura O’Grady

There is such a thing as the golden proportion, which is considered by many as the standard when it comes to beauty. It is built on the assumption that for things to be considered beautiful, they have to be symmetrical, and anything that is not is considered to be different or weird to a certain degree. Laura O’Grady refused to be bound by such rules and has learned to accept that her eyes, nose, and mouth, though relatively small for her face, could be her leverage to fame.

O’Grady has embraced these “imperfections”, and now the Irish national is a model of one of the biggest agencies in the world. She started back in 2013and had moved to New York to continue modeling. Who knows, one day Tyra Banks and O’Grady might cross paths, and that could be the big break that the latter is waiting for. Modeling, while it may be a very harsh industry, could actually be accommodating and kind at times.

From Mother to Daughter

Reddit can be a treasure-trove of images that we would otherwise not see. In this case, we have an image from “u/bell_ashley666”, which shows a mom and a child having the same exact birthmark, a patch of white hair. We usually associate birthmarks with visible patches of skin, but their case is somewhat unique, having manifested in their hair instead–which, when you think of it, is attached to a patch of skin anyway.

The mother does not look very self-conscious about the patch of hair they share, and she seems very much happy that she has just given birth to a lovely child. We can only assume that after many months of making investments in her health and in her baby’s, she gave birth to what appears to be a healthy newborn. A mother could not wish for anything more.

Lindsey Wixson

Having corrective teeth braces has somehow been understood to be a standard for beauty nowadays, but Lindsey Wixson is having none of it. She is the perfect candidate for braces because her two front teeth have a gap between them, a condition she inherited from her father. Instead of having it taken care of by a dentist, though, she decided to use it as leverage. She had initially wanted to be a lawyer or a chef but then fell in love with the idea of becoming a model.

Throughout high school, she was laughed at for her teeth, but this did not stop her from pursuing her newfound interest. She received her breakthrough in 2009 when she signed with Vision Models. Her runway debut was during the New York Fashion Week in 2010, followed by her opening the Prada show in Milan, Italy, that same year. This was followed by a successful modeling career that she had to end in 2018 due to an injury.

Linus Jasper

He calls himself Professional Orange, and for good reason. Linus Jasper is one of the most popular ginger models to date. His Instagram account has over 31,000 followers as of today, and he is proud of the fact that he is referred to as Ginger. Having embraced the color of his hair, Jasper posts photos to Instagram to show off his ginger hair. His freckles are something that women swoon over.

He is also very proud of his freckles. Jasper has a passion for tattoos on top of being a model. When he is not posing for the camera or working on a project to increase his investment money, you will find him designing tattoos for people. His charm, coupled with his skills, is really a major plus point that makes him a great person.

Liza Ostanina

By now, we have established that the modeling world is rather kind to people who have a unique take on beauty. Liza Ostanina is one of them. She was born in the Ural Mountains of Russia, and from a tender age, she accepted the fact that her looks are not similar to others. When she was 15 years old, she took the plunge and traveled to Japan to become a model.

Her wide-set eyes, fair skin, and icy blue eyes were her ticket to becoming a well-liked model. So far, she has represented brands like Dior, Givenchy, Prada, Gucci, and more. When she first signed up for a contract, she was dumbfounded and could not believe she would be able to realize her dream. People credit her confidence and her unique look for making her a successful model right now.

Lotte Zuidema

Bushy eyebrows and light freckles–these are the trademark features of Lotte Zuidema, a Dutch model. Many have also said she resembles a character in a painting by Johannes Vermeer, “A Girl with a Pearl Earring”. A quick scan of the oil painting, which was made in 1665, reveals someone with a striking resemblance to Zuidema. To some degree, we can even go as far as saying that she is the reincarnation of this 17th-century beauty.

As with others on this list, Zuidema has also accepted her look and used it to pursue studies in product design and eventually land a career in modeling. Apart from her unique look, Zuidema became successful at her job because modeling is her passion. She is also confident and has a striking personality that model agents like. Her charisma is through the roof, which brands definitely favor.

Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart is given credit for making history in the world of modeling. She is the first, and hopefully not the last, model with Down’s syndrome. When she was still young, it had always been her dream to be on the runway and in advertisements. Her mother was very supportive and encouraged her to pursue her passion. Initially, Stuart was not that confident due to her condition and the way she looked, but she got past that and went on to lose about 40 pounds.

With grit and determination, she was able to become a model. She first opened an Instagram account, which now has over 352,000 followers. This goes to show that she is well-liked by many people. She also has been using her influence and the social media platform to promote inclusiveness and diversity in the modeling world. Of course, we give kudos to this determined woman!

Maeva Marshall

Because of her freckles, many would have thought that becoming a model was next to impossible for Maeva Marshall. But this did not deter her from becoming a model. She had hyperpigmentation on her face, and she hated it initially. People also had many comments regarding it, and on top of everything else, she had to be treated for several diseases. She even had a stroke at a young age, but like many others on this list, she showed grit and a great degree of determination.

Landing a contract at Heroes Model served as a gateway to the modeling world for her. Everything went fast after that, and she had projects lined up after, as well as shoots with brands like Vogue and Kenzo, among others. Despite being successful in this facet of her life, Marshall is looking forward to something else, a bigger purpose. For sure, we will find out what that is once she realizes what it is.

Man with Facial Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a condition where the skin loses melanocytes or pigment cells. No amount of investment money can cure this condition. The result is white patches in various areas of the skin. This is what this man is suffering from, and as we can see, he has vitiligo on the side of his face. His facial features are truly remarkable and unique.

The internet was abuzz because of this picture, but so far, no one has come forward to identify the person. Indeed, we still don’t know who this person is. When this picture was taken, however, we can see just a glint of happiness in the man’s eyes, so we can assume that he is confident in how he looks. He probably has to explain his condition to many because some might mistake it for something that is communicable.

Man’s Best Friend

Truly a dog is a man’s best friend. Of course, there is a need to make investments in spending time with a dog – feeding him daily and taking care of his health. Humans get so much more in return without even realizing it. Take the example of this child whose confidence has been boosted tenfold simply because his dog has the same facial features as he has. Sometimes we can be self-conscious about the way we look, and we can only guess that at one point in this child’s life, he felt embarrassed or even disenfranchised.

Seeing the smiling face and the loving gaze of his dog is simply awe-inspiring. It is very seldom that we find this on social media. Now, we think that the bigger question here is whether they specifically looked for a dog with the same features, or did they just happen to find one right away? If it is the latter, we can claim divine intervention to some extent, right?

Morgan and Megan Boyd

What is cuter than a kid? Well, how about two kids, specifically a pair of twins? Morgan and Megan Boyd are internet sensations for various reasons. One, they are identical twins, but unlike others, they are easy to tell apart. How? Well, one of them, Morgan, has heterochromia, which means that his eyes have different colors. The other twin, Megan has blue eyes and a cute smile, just like her sister.

The combination is not really impossible but is quite rare, and genetics can take credit for this difference. What is amazing is that this unique pair of twins has captured the hearts of many people. They have dark skin and lovely curly hair, which only adds to their charm. In the future, we can see these two making a difference, just like the rest of the people on this list.

Mikayla Holmgren

If Madeline Stuart made history by becoming the first person with Down’s syndrome to become a model, Mikayla Holmgren is breaking records and shaking the pageant world simply for having competed for the title of Miss Minnesota in the Miss USA pageant. The twenty-something woman braved the stage and participated in all the rounds with confidence. To her credit, she won not one but two awards during the competition.

At this time, when diversity and inclusion are buzzwords in almost every industry, it is only fitting to see someone like Holmgren make it to the pageant. Her personality is as pleasing as the other candidates, and she could really bring something that is timely and unique to the table – awareness regarding her condition. The pageant world should really make heavy investments in allowing more people of all backgrounds to join!

Natalia Castellar Calvani

You could make the case that model Natalia Castellar Calvani possesses an incredibly bold and unique feature. That unique feature is her eyebrows, and one could say that her eyebrows are due to the fact that she has both Cuban and American roots. To Natalia’s credit, she’s incredibly proud of her heritage, and she’s just as proud of her heritage as she is of her unique eyebrows.

These days, it’s highly common for women to pluck and design their eyebrows to look as thin as they can be. However, Natalia has never been ashamed of her thick, black eyebrows. Interestingly, Natalia experienced bullying at school for her unique appearance. Despite all the bullying, she chose to be confident in herself, and today, she’s signed with the prestigious group of Next Models. Well, she’s definitely a stunner, so we expect to be seeing more of her in the future.

Nyadak “Duckie” Thot

Nyadak “Duckie” Thot is an up-and-coming 24-year old model from South Sudan. She was raised in Australia, and she earned her distinct nickname during her formative years. She received the nickname “Duckie” because her classmates and teachers had a hard time pronouncing her first name right. Besides her name, Duckie also had a tough time blending in as she had an entirely different skin tone than everyone around her.
Duckie hoped to find success as a model in Australia, but unfortunately, her dark skin tone was holding her back from getting modeling gigs. Eventually, she moved to New York where she was able to sign as a model with New York Modeling Management. You could say that Duckie’s decision to move to the Big Apple was an excellent investment for her modeling career. Expect to see more of her as she continues to put together an outstanding modeling resume.

Rain Dove

Rain Dove is a well-known 30-year old model who goes by the distinct pronoun “them.” Dove once stated that he never really cared about using pronouns to describe people. Dove was born a female, and during his childhood years, he felt masculine and “ugly.” Despite his masculine inclinations, he couldn’t deny the fact that he wasn’t a man, either. It must have been a time of confusion, but he eventually figured things out.
Dove eventually realized that he could be whatever he wanted and preferred to be. In fact, this interesting model credits her confidence as a model. Today, Dove is one of the most flexible models in the industry because she can easily accept photoshoots as a man or as a woman. You could say that Dove’s flexibility and fluidity easily allow her to have more opportunities and a reputation in the fashion and modeling industry that’s unlike any other.

Refilwe Modiselle

Refilwe Modiselle is one famous model who was born in South Africa’s Soweto area. Interestingly, Modiselle is now the new pride of South Africa, and she recently made history as the first albino South-African model. Modiselle also became the first albino model to walk a runway show in South Africa. One could easily make a case that Modiselle is one of the most interesting up-and-coming models to look out for.

There’s certainly no doubt that Modiselle has now come a long way in her modeling career. She was first discovered at the tender age of 13, and she has now been able to work with prominent names, including David Tlale for South Africa Fashion Week. Besides working with David Tlale, Modiselle also received credit for being included in the Oprah Magazine Power List, which is one of her most important accomplishments as a model so far.

Sarai Lewis

Sarai Lewis is one famous model who achieved popularity through her “deformity.” Her “deformity” is referred to as heterochromia, and she’s been able to use her success in modeling to raise awareness for the condition. Without a doubt, Sarai deserves a ton of credit for being a spokesperson for the condition. There’s no doubt that Sarai is on the right track of achieving more awareness as she has a ton of followers on social media.

Thanks to her profession as a model, Lewis can travel the world with ease. In each country she goes to, she’s able to inspire all of her loyal social media followers. Just by looking at the number of followers that Sarai has on Instagram, you can tell she’s incredibly proud of herself. That, and the undisputed fact that people find her exceptionally beautiful and intriguing.

Shankar Jalota

Shankar Jalota is one well-known model who shares a skin condition with Winnie Harlow, vitiligo. Jalota may seem highly confident of himself now, but that wasn’t always the case during his teenage years. He even used to dress up in a way that hid his unique skin condition. Eventually, Jalota was able to embrace his condition and even enjoy it.
Today, Shankar is one of the most successful models, and you could say that he’s made quite a career because of his unique skin condition. In fact, he isn’t just an international model, but he’s also an ambassador who raises vitiligo awareness. Thanks to him, anyone who shares the same skin condition can embrace and feel positive towards his/her own body. Besides helping people develop a positive body image, he also deserves credit for teaching society to embrace and accept people of all colors and shapes.

Simone Thompson

Simone Thompson is a popular actress who has quite a unique, and even bold, trademark. She’s got a face that’s quite difficult to forget, which starts from her trademark gap-teeth. As if her noticeable gap teeth aren’t enough to make her special, Simone also gracefully flaunts her bald head along with her tattoos. Simone’s distinct look is then capped off with a colorful and unique style.
There’s no question that Simone stands out wherever she goes. Interestingly, she’s only 23 years of age, and besides several acting credits, Simone has also managed to land a couple of modeling gigs. Some of her most notable modeling gigs involve collaborations with prominent brands such as Puma, Vogue, Marc Jacobs, and many more. She’s even managed to work closely with hip hop icon and fashion mogul Kanye West over the past couple of years.

Sophia Hadjipanteli

There are a ton of unique individuals who are known for their distinct style and look. One of those women is Sophia Hadjipanteli, and she’s known for her trademark unibrow. You could even say that Sophia’s unibrow shares a couple of similarities with Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist who also has a unibrow. The only difference is that Sophia is in the modeling industry, and she’s captured the attention of the entire fashion world with her confidence and bold look.
You could say that Sophia’s unibrow, together with her style and confidence, deserves all the credit for her massive number of social media followers. She’s even managed to set numerous trends including the “unibrow movement” which is a recent beauty trend on Instagram. Without a doubt, Sophia has been able to challenge and change all the conventions of the modeling world, and she’s one of the most unique models we have today.

Spikey Tongue

It’s a well-known fact that all of our bodies are unique from each other. There are numerous bodily functions we can perform, and that includes breathing and many more. However, there are a couple of bodily functions that only a few individuals can perform. However, just because some of us are different and unique, it doesn’t make us strange. Being unique and different is what makes all of us beautiful.
Despite how unique and beautiful other individuals can be, we can’t deny the fact that we’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s a tongue with spikes, and there’s no question as to why people named this unique individual “spikey tongue.” We’re wondering how this individual was able to make his/her tongue look like this. You could say that this feature is quite a good investment when it comes to showing off at parties, gatherings, and events!

Sveta Kazelen

Sveta Kazelen is one model who’s not ashamed of her androgynous appearance. Throughout the years, Sveta learned how to embrace it, and she’s even managed to cultivate a successful career out of it. Sveta is known to keep her hair short, and it’s certainly one aspect that’s unlike any other female model. Besides flaunting a unique look, she isn’t afraid to showcase her athletic physique.

Sveta’s physique certainly attracts and intrigues a ton of people. You could say that her physique deserves credit for attracting thousands of followers on Instagram. Besides her exceptional physique, Sveta also uses her Instagram profile as a platform to express her passion for photography. This unique model also flaunts breathtaking photos of landscapes, nature, and the numerous things that she sees each place she goes. Without a doubt, Sveta is a special individual with several passions.

Swantje Paulina

It definitely took some time for well-known German model Swantje Paulina to be comfortable with her physical appearance. However, once she finally did, she was able to use it as leverage for a successful modeling career. Today, Swantje has over 600K followers on Instagram alone. Besides Instagram, Swantje also has hundreds of thousands of followers on other social media platforms, and it’s certainly not a surprise considering how stunning and confident she looks in most of her posts.
Swantje certainly has several similarities with models such as Hamad Jamam. Just like Hamad, Swantje uses Photoshop to enhance the freckles on her face and make them bolder. Though Photoshop may get credit for the editing job, there’s no question that Swantje looks just as stunning without it. She’s certainly got an extraordinary look, and she’s undoubtedly one of the most inspiring models today.

Winnie Harlow

One could easily argue that model Winnie Harlow is one of the only people on this list who does not need any introduction. Most of us easily recognize Harlow because of her unique look, and it’s undoubtedly one that can be incredibly difficult to forget. She’s only 25 years old today, and it’s amazing how she was able to become one of the highly sought-after models in the country. There’s no doubt that she’s come a long way after starting in America’s Next Top Model!

You could say that Winnie’s unique look deserves all the credit for allowing her to be discovered by several prominent designers. Before modeling, Harlow was already cultivating popularity through Instagram, and she was able to receive a good number of followers in a short amount of time. Interestingly, one of her followers is former supermodel Tyra Banks, who helped Winnie begin a career as a model.

Yasmine Aisha Khalifa

We’re all suckers for nice things, and it’s tough to deny the fact that we’re incredibly envious of Yasmine Aisha Khalifa’s light green eyes. As if her light green eyes weren’t intriguing enough, Yasmine also flaunts a stunning dark complexion. Thanks to her mesmerizing and unique look, this up-and-coming model from Stockholm is now slowly achieving popularity in the fashion world. In fact, she’s now one of the world’s most sought-after models!
One could easily argue that Yasmine’s unique look was her investment into cultivating a highly successful modeling career. Yasmine now has over 50,000 followers on her social media accounts, and there’s no doubt that most people are intrigued by her unique look. We’re definitely interested to watch her grow into becoming one of the world’s prominent and top models. It should only be a matter of time before Yasmine works with the most celebrated brands and companies in the fashion and modeling industry.

The Baby With The Darkest Skin

We can be honest that most of the images on our list are completely real. However, this photo of this baby is certainly one that we’re highly skeptical of. We might be unsure of the left photo’s validity, but we certainly know that the photo on the left has a good chance of being real. Despite how unique the baby on the left looks, we’re hoping that he/she is being taken care of and raised in the best manner possible.
There’s no doubt that images like these deserve all the credit for making it more difficult for people around the world with abnormalities to be confident in themselves. You could say that people with abnormalities have a tough time becoming proud of who they are. This photo is certainly a good warning for everyone on the Internet to research anything they see on the web.


There’s certainly no doubt that Shaiwel’s unique blue eyes allow her to stand out from the crowd. As of 2019, Shaiwel has over 36 thousand followers. We’re pretty confident that that number has doubled in the past couple of years. It’s certainly clear that Shaiwel is one of the most popular individuals on social media, and there’s so much more to her accomplishments as a model.
Besides a successful career in modeling, Shaiwel also works as a personal development coach. She covers all areas and degrees of self-improvement on her social media page, including food, mentality, motivation, traveling, and friendships. Shaiwel is undoubtedly one unique individual who seems to find success in any platform. She’s undoubtedly one of the most inspiring models and social media influencers you’ll see today, and we’re sure we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.