These People Became Instant Stars Because Of Their Unique Looks

Beauty indeed comes in all forms and sizes, which means that people are no less beautiful with curves or without. With that said, no physical appearance is superior to the other. Every person has their flaws, and all of us are created equal, too. As people, we should be lifting each other up and not defining others based on looks. Reality check: all people are real people.

In today’s standards, more and more people have learned to embrace their own beauty. They’ve learned that it’s okay to be less-than-perfect, to have flaws, and to celebrate one’s own uniqueness. People with skin conditions, freckles, red hair, or albinism also have been credited by the beauty and modeling industry. While they may have struggled with their extraordinary appearance growing up, eventually, their features are what made them popular. In this article, you’ll learn more about these people who became instant stars because of their unique look:

A Young Boy from Uganda

These past couple of years, pictures of this little boy from Uganda have gone viral on the internet, and we can see why. The boy remains anonymous, but his photos captured the attention of thousands of internet users across the globe. Apparently, he suffers from a medical condition known as Waardenburg Syndrome, which causes changes in pigmentation of the skin and eyes, some degree of congenital hearing loss, and other pigmentation deficiencies, such as white forelock/ poliosis or “Mallen streak.”

The genetic condition most commonly affects skin pigmentation and eye color. In the young boy’s case, he has white patches all over his hands and face. Another extraordinary feature that people love is his deep-blue ocean eyes. Well, you can’t easily look away from those eyes! Notable people with this condition include Canadian YouTube star Stef Sanjati, who has Waardenburg Syndrome Type 1.