45 Weddings that Prove to us that Wedding Shaming is Real

As an engaged couple, you’re making important decisions about your wedding that will affect not only you but also your guests. While you want to ensure that your plans reflect your preferences, you should also consider what your guests could appreciate because they’ll be along for the ride.

It is an all-too-common dilemma: attempting to arrange the wedding of your dreams while not offending anyone. Many ladies find themselves in this predicament to some degree, and it’s all because of wedding shamers. Some strangers follow a wedding on social media and freely talk trash about it, assuming the couple will never know or see it. These folks often unconsciously give a harsh and unambiguous judgment on a bride or groom for their wedding-day decision.

This just proves that wedding shaming is real, and here are some of the nastiest comments that you can ever find.

Mom, this is not cool!

During their wedding day, the bride and groom are the centers of attention. They’re about to enter another challenging degree of their life. What a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It’s simple to scold a random visitor. After all, there’s an unspoken taboo about attending others’ weddings in white. What do you do when your mother-in-law tries to take your thunder?

As expected, the bride wore a gorgeous gown to her wedding. What about her mother-in-law, though? After all, she’s dressed like a bride like her son’s soon-to-be-wife! She had the option of wearing any color she wanted, but she selected white. Is picking something unique so tough? Can you wear your favorite color: lilac, pink, or baby blue? Not only that, she also had a picture with her son that made them looked like a newly-wed couple. So what does it mean?