Masters Of Fatherhood: Dads Doing What They Do Best

Becoming a parent is undoubtedly a dream many of us want to achieve. While raising a kid is far from easy, for sure, the love and effort a parent gives to them will always be worth it. Along with the dedication, it’s no secret that the kid will remember those wholesome moments they had with their parents. Now with that said, becoming a mother – or in this case, a father – also requires an impressive degree of creativity: it makes things all the more entertaining for both parties. If you want some inspiration or reference on what you could – or not – do, here are some photos showing many of the world’s dads making the most out of their roles as fathers. For starters, here’s a dad that will be more prepared for things the next time around.

Always Helps To Be Prepared

Besides keeping them nice and cozy at home, bringing one’s kid outside every once in a while is a must. It could be for a stroll around the park or some time at the playground. Of course, having lunch at a restaurant is also included in that list. For all these activities, though, one can never be too prepared: you can never know what might happen, after all.

This father right here probably realized that later rather than sooner. If he had spent a couple of credit card points for things like bibs and baby wipes, it’s safe to say he wouldn’t have to spend the rest of his afternoon with a wet shirt. He probably had an extra shirt, though – hopefully.

Experiencing Some Heavy Rain

Speaking of being prepared, another good habit to make is to check the daily weather forecasts. With all the investments made in science and technology, these weather reports have become more and more accurate and easily accessible over the years. After all, we wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of some heavy rainfall while we’re out and about with our kids.

Sometimes, though, some circumstances can never be avoided. For one, it takes a while before these little tykes become potty trained. With that in mind, bringing them on a piggyback ride on our shoulder is a bit of a no-go during those first few years of infancy. Because if you do, you might expect some massive showers directly landing on your back.

A Rare Opportunity

There are many different objects in this world, but one thing’s for sure – they all need a source of energy to keep them going. In the same way a vehicle needs gas, we need to eat food and, of course, stay hydrated. This is especially important for kids, who need a lot of food to replenish all their energy playing and running around.

Well, by the looks of it, this father is already well aware of this notion. During one particular dinner, he cooked himself a nice steak. Of course, a good portion of it is saved for his kid – although the little fellow doesn’t have strong enough teeth to chew through it yet. It’s the thought that counts, in the end, we guess.

All Packed And Ready

A lot of things are needed when bringing a baby on a trip. From a couple of bottles of milk to diapers and some toys, it’s no secret that we can’t hand-carry them all. That’s where a bag comes in handy, so best spend a bit of your credit card points buying a good one.

Now, for the packing part. Before putting things in the bag, listing the items needed always helps: plus, it keeps us from forgetting. Once all that’s done, after one or two checks through the things, you’re finally good to go. This father, though, decided to bring “well-prepared” to a whole new level: even his kid is all snuggly in the bag. Now nothing has been forgotten, for sure.

Standing Out

It’s safe to say we all know more than a few character stereotypes. We’ve seen many of them in movies, shows, and of course, on the internet. One example that has garnered a high degree of recognition is the dad stereotype. There are many stereotypes for the family patriarch, from jokes that are so bad they’re good to mowing the lawn to everything in between. This, of course, includes the type of clothes they wear.

While not all stereotypes apply to every father, this particular dad looks like he’s quite partial with his clothes. While he did put on a formal top for his son’s wedding day, the same couldn’t be said for his lower half: he’s all good with those shorts and sandals.

Doing Two Things At Once

Everyone has their own set of hobbies they enjoy doing after a day’s work. It could be going for a walk before heading home or hanging out with friends for a bit. There are also a couple of fun things to do at home too, like reading a book, watching a movie, and playing a video game. All that changes a bit, though, once you become a parent.

Well, this dad deserves plenty of credit for combining the responsibilities of parenthood with his gaming hobby. Now, he can keep his kid satisfied with his daily need of milk, while papa can stay focused in whatever game he’s playing – at least until our little fellow says he’s full and needs to sleep.

Missing One Layer Of Clothing

Whenever we go outside, it always helps to look as presentable as possible. While the degree of importance may vary from one person to another, it’s safe to say many of us are already fine with feeling comfortable in what we wear – not to mention appearing decent.

Well, by the looks of it, this dad thought his daughter was already more than happy with just overalls. The mother, though, believed otherwise. For one, putting on a shirt before wearing overalls has become an unwritten rule of sorts, so it’s no surprise the baby’s mom wasn’t all too happy. Now, although the parents didn’t see eye to eye in this particular type of fashion, this photo of their adorable baby is, without a doubt, pretty wholesome.

Wrong Diaper

When it comes to repairing computers, cars, and other items, there’s always a particular set of tools to help do the job. The same can also be said for taking care of a baby. After teaching them things, such as walking and talking, these adorable little friends of ours tend to explore and try other activities.

One such activity we need to prepare for is swimming. Along with using your credit card to buy an inflatable pool, swim diapers are another item to add to your shopping list. This dad, however, forgot to have any of them ready and made his baby wear regular diapers instead. Thankfully, it didn’t fall off, but it probably became uncomfortable later on after the water inflated it a bit.

Communication Is Key

More often than not, it takes a team of two or more to fulfill a goal. With that said, raising a child is – in one way or another – an investment that is only as effective as the parents. Communicating is undoubtedly a must to keep it that way: it’s the key to maintaining a strong sense of teamwork, after all.

Now with that out of the way, this mom requested her husband that their kid needs to wear “four diapers” from there on out. Of course, by that, she means size-four diapers. The dad, though, understood it differently: he literally made his adorable daughter wear four diapers. Well, it’s safe to say both parties learned a lesson or two from this.

Get Hydrated

Speaking of lessons learned, this father-daughter duo undoubtedly had a lot of that after this. Most of the time, each parent has their own approach to raising a kid. One might be more protective and teacher-like while the other allows the child more space for trying, a learn by experience type of deal.

Well, this dad undoubtedly takes credit for applying the latter. In the middle of what appears to be a plane ride, the daughter wanted to try drinking from a regular bottle instead of her usual baby bottle. Perhaps reluctantly, papa here let her try. While the kid deserves kudos for giving it a shot, it sure seems like she still has a long way to go before she could drink in one of these.

Bubble Trouble

Kids usually have an immensely high degree of hate for baths. Cleaning up and going to the bathroom just seems so unappealing to them, for some reason. Parents often add a few twists to overcome this and make it more entertaining for them, like letting them bring in toys and some bubbles.

Like many things, though, these additions are always ideal when they’re applied in moderation: too much of something can be bad, after all. Well, this father apparently allowed his kids to use too many bubbles for their bath time. Now, look what that brought him. While it may mean he has a lot of cleaning up to do due to this bubble trouble, it’s nice to see his kids having fun.

Guess That’s One Way To Clean Your Baby

Besides bringing them to the bathroom, it’s also a must to keep kids as tidy as possible at all times. That’s where extra clothes, wipes, and hand sanitizers, among other items, come in handy.

With that said, this dad was undoubtedly ready – sort of – for him and his kid’s trip around the city. After all that walking around and sightseeing, it’s no surprise the two eventually felt hungry – and perhaps, for the baby, tired. To refuel his metaphorical gas tank, this father bought himself a nice burger. Like many others, he enjoys his snack with some ketchup on it. It could’ve been fine and dandy, though, if he had positioned his daughter a safe distance away from any spilling and falling ketchup.

Relearning Catch

Spending time indoors is something many people prefer, for sure. When you share your household with a kid, though, it’s no secret that, sometimes, going outside is the right choice.

Of course, whenever going outdoors, do prepare some fun games to play with your adorable little pal. If you don’t fancy running games like tag and hide and seek, catch takes credit for being one of the easiest ones around. All you need is to toss the ball and catch it once your kid tosses it back. Suffice to say, this dad hadn’t played catch in quite a while, so no wonder he’s a bit rusty with the game’s mechanics. After all, using your kid’s face to catch the ball isn’t part of the rules. It is for dodgeball, though.

Oh, How The Tables Turned

Buying things that help you raise a kid is undoubtedly an investment worth making. Not to mention, it’ll most likely pay off in the long run. One such item that can come in handy is a playpen. It allows kids to play with their favorite toys in a safe boundary.

This dad found an interesting twist to the item’s purpose, though. Instead of using it to provide a safe play space for his kid, he placed it around his gaming rig, which includes his video game console, controller, and two monitor screens. Suffice to say, it’s pretty effective: it kept his kid from touching any of his things and potentially prevented any accidents from happening around them. Funnily enough, this photo makes it look like the kid’s the babysitter – the tables truly have turned.

Hold On Tight

There’s no question that this scenario seemed like it was a terrible idea to begin with and that this accident was more than certain to occur. You’ll probably have to ignore the girl while she covers the father’s eyes, and he can’t really see what he’s currently doing. However, it seems like this rope wasn’t strong enough to hold two people, and certainly not an adult, who was probably too heavy for this rope.

Mothers definitely deserve credit for making sure that their kids are always safe, and they’d never try to play this game with them. Fathers, on the other hand, would like to be more involved with their children’s playtime and be goofy. You could say that age is nothing but just a number and that this dad is still incredibly young on the inside.


You could say that the different house chores always get divided between mothers and fathers. It’s certainly almost as if there’s an unwritten rule that only says that fathers are the ones in charge of washing the dishes and mothers are the ones responsible for the laundry. When it comes to cleanliness, there’s no doubt that women know more about it.

Now that fathers are spending more time at home, they’ve finally figured out that it’s an excellent opportunity to help take some of the load off the mothers. It’s certainly the best time to learn how to do the laundry. However, this scenario happened on his first try, and we’d doubt that this husband would ever be allowed to touch the laundry to any degree again.


A stroller can have multiple purposes: it can be a plain baby stroller, and it can also function as a supermarket stroller. You could say that this lifehack is something that only fathers can come up with. This proud dad was already carrying the baby stroller. It certainly seemed like this scenario was the obvious situation, considering that he’s only got two hands.

To this dad’s credit, his daughter probably doesn’t care for this uncanny arrangement. Hopefully, for this daughter, his dad doesn’t have many things to pick up at the store. Women, on the other hand, can multi-task with ease. It’s certainly a complete contrast to men and their ability to get one job done at a given moment, and he was certainly focused on grocery shopping.

Collateral Damage

Whenever school’s out, parents would undoubtedly prefer to spend the whole day at home together with their kids. With this in mind, one could make the case that accidents of this kind are surely bound to happen. Today, we carry our smartphones all the time, and as valuable as they may be, the degree of fragility of these phones is incredibly high.

It’s also inevitable that your smartphone might get caught in your kids’ mess whenever you spend the day with them. You could argue that our phones would even serve as collateral damage as most kids today have little sensitivity to their environment. It’s probably safe if you stay prepared to have something broken, including your phone, while they play and run around the house.

Let Them Have Cake

It certainly looks like this photo was quite a shaky situation. It definitely seems like the father gave more priority to the cake over the fact that his baby could end up getting hurt. However, to his credit, finishing his cake doesn’t take too long, and his baby can sleep soundlessly once he’s done. It must’ve been the reason why he didn’t even hesitate to use his newborn as a mobile table for cake-eating.

Mothers, when they’re pregnant, can easily use their bellies as their mobile tables. With this in mind, we don’t see why dads can’t have mobile tables as well. It’s certainly the perfect example of knowing that certain risks come with leaving your child with the father.

Haircut Inspiration

Most of the barbershops and shopping malls are closed these days. Despite the lack of barbershops, some dads found this time the perfect opportunity to channel their creative side when it comes to giving their kids a haircut. However, in this case, you could argue that the kid’s mother should’ve been the one to cut his hair.

One could make the case that leaving this dad on haircut duty wasn’t much of an effective investment planning on the mother’s side. It definitely looks like this dad took inspiration from a character from The Simpsons. Luckily, the kid doesn’t mind his terrible haircut that much, and you can only imagine the look on his mom’s face when she saw the messy aftermath.

Luke, I Am Your Father

Getting bored during this endless time of isolation will inevitably become dull and boring. As a result, fathers find and improvise ways to enjoy themselves, and it often involves playing around with their kids. They also make sure that their kid is also entertained in the process. Without a doubt, fathers deserve credit for keeping their children entertained without having any structure whilst not leaving the house.

In this photo, we’re not certain if this scenario was the result of a boring and dull lockdown, but we find it incredibly hilarious. There’s no question that this dad is a big Star Wars fan, and his first objective during isolation was to re-watch the entire franchise over again. One could make the case that re-watching the franchise is what gave him this idea.

Charlie Brown

There’s certainly a possibility that the father of this adorable newborn saw this Charlie Brown pullover and wasn’t able to resist the temptation. To be honest, this outfit looks so cute, and we certainly would’ve done the same. You can’t deny that the degree of resemblance is uncanny!

There’s no question that this outfit would make for an excellent Halloween costume. Even though the holidays are completely behind us, moments like this make these times better despite the boredom and uncertainty. We certainly could use some entertainment, and there’s no question that this doting father was thinking about the same thing. We’re just hoping that the outfit didn’t have any dangerous materials on it so that this kid continues to be safe and adorable.

The Picture Says It All

This list definitely deserves credit for making us learn that mothers and fathers are a complete contrast when it comes to their approach to parenting. Despite the difference, everything should be fine, as there’s no question that there’s a need for balance. As we all know, balance in parenting is essential since moms can get too over-protective when it comes to their children sometimes.

This photo certainly demonstrates the contrast of approach between fathers and mothers. Moms are too protective of their kids, and they feel as if they’ll need to hold their kid’s hands every chance they can. Fathers, on the other hand, are more relaxed, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing when it comes to parenting. It’s safe to say that this difference is something we can all appreciate.

All Bundled Up

Swaddling is one practice that has lasted for hundreds of years, and it’s meant to keep newborns warm and secure. However, it can take several years to master the skill of swaddling, and only a few people manage to get it right. This father must’ve decided to break the convention and give swaddling a chance. You could argue that he was hoping to prove to the entire world that a man can easily learn how to swaddle.

There’s no question that this dad took a unique approach to it, and he definitely deserves credit for his effort. If you look closely, all this father did was pull the pants up all the way to his baby’s shoulders. You could argue that it’s the thought that counts, and it’s all good as long as the baby is warm.

Bubble Trouble

You could argue that this dad wanted to spend some fun quality time with his baby, as all fathers want. He decided that if he’s going to give him a bath, he might as well have a blast while doing it. Since his adorable baby doesn’t have hair yet, he decided to take credit and created whichever kind of hairstyle he thought of. We’re seeing that he managed to do some Elvis and Santa designs in the process.

It’s a fact that not all babies like to take baths, but it almost seems as if this adorable kid is also enjoying himself. It certainly looks like this baby sees the hilarious side to his dad’s creative bath and haircut creations.

Safety Measures

Babies are undoubtedly known to be extremely delicate, and they’re also extremely evasive, which requires all eyes to be on them most of the time. When this dad got the task to watch his kid by himself, he managed to find the perfect way to make sure that his kid didn’t go anywhere. To his credit, he was able to do it while he attended to other matters.

There’s no question that watching a baby alone is incredibly tricky. It’s certainly a complete mystery to us how mothers are able to do it and fulfill other duties at the same time. We’re not bashing dads out there by any means, as we know that they’re doing their best. It’s just that their methods when it comes to watching over kids are quite unorthodox.

Keep Cool

We certainly get distracted and tired when we spend the entire day with the kids. When we’re distracted, we often forget where things are, and we end up finding them in odd places. You could say that this dad knows a thing or two about this scenario as he placed his WD-40 back in their refrigerator, where it doesn’t belong.

You can only imagine how surprised his wife must’ve been when she opened the fridge. To be honest, we shouldn’t be too hard or put a certain degree of judgment on dads as we’re sure that they’re trying their best. This mistake can easily happen to mothers, too, as most of them misplace things such as their phones, keys, and glasses when their mind is elsewhere.

Toy Store Shenanigans

We’re not entirely sure how to react to this photo, and there’s no way that we can explain it properly to any degree. Despite this odd photo, it seems as the baby is laughing and having a great time. However, it doesn’t excuse the fact that this father may have gone one step too far in trying to bond and spend time with his baby. After all, he’s supposed to have fun with the baby, not at his baby’s expense.

Perhaps this dad just wanted to see if the baby’s face could fit in this pin and needles toy. Despite his mischief, we won’t judge this dad as these uncertain and confusing times require us to do whatever we can to keep ourselves engaged and entertained.

Fun With Dad

One could argue that this photo is another excellent example of the irresponsible games that dads play with their kids. We get the sentiment, and we’re not here to judge them at all. After all, staying home all day with their kids can get pretty boring. To this father’s credit, he was probably just trying to bond and have some fun with his kids and keep them entertained.

There’s no question that we appreciate this dad’s effort, but this photo is another reason why dads should be left alone with their kids. If you happen to want to keep yourselves preoccupied during isolation, you can easily opt to do some DIY projects, learn a new hobby or language, and so on.


The first time coming home from the hospital together with your newborn is always both a memorable and exciting moment. You could say that there’s not much that’ll be able to ruin this incredibly wholesome moment. That’s what this couple thought until they realized that the new father managed to leave his house keys.

Despite his fault, we’d like to give credit to this dad as we’re sure he’s trying his best. He’s been a father for only a couple of days, and he’s already managed to channel his dad’s fails, and he’s certainly acing it. We’re just hoping that he doesn’t forget anything else that’s essential to taking care of their adorable baby in the succeeding days, months, and years.

That’s Not Right

Now that every day feels like a Saturday, there’s no feeling that quite matches opening each day with some nice pancakes. Having pancakes first thing in the morning certainly allows us to start the day off perfectly. Interestingly, making pancakes is an excellent opportunity for doting fathers out there to become acquainted and to familiarize themselves with the kitchen.

You could say that this dad hasn’t been in the kitchen to a frequent degree. He’s made the mistake of confusing curry and cinnamon as his pancake ingredients. However, we understand this dad’s confusion as these small jars look surprisingly similar to each other. He’s just lucky that he managed to catch his mistake in time otherwise, it would’ve been an unpleasant breakfast for his kids.

Put A Clip On It

Of the myriad relationships that you could have in your life, there is quite nothing like the relationship between a father and a daughter. While a relationship with a mother offers an immense degree of softness and gentleness, a father’s is quite different: it is on the spectrum of adventure and risk, and not to mention, fathers are the best persons to do the craziest things with!

In this snap, we see a personification of the famous saying “like father like daughter.” The father, who in any way does not look pleased, put on his best smirk and wore the same hair clip as his daughter. They even have matching hairstyles. Whether this was the daughter’s request or not, this father sure does deserve credit for making his daughter’s day.

Zip Tied Hair

It can’t be overstated how big a role a father plays for his children. While much has been emphasized in a mother-daughter relationship, fathers who are always present and supportive rarely get the credit that they deserve.

Fathers are also supportive of their daughters who attempt to learn a new skill, especially driving or learning a new sport. However, in the following scene, the little girl just wanted to have her hair neatly tied. What the father did next is worth noting: he used a zip tie instead of the usual hairbands. It did the job, but most of us would think of this as hilarious. Without much experience in tying hairs, perhaps the father did the best that he could for his daughter.

Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

The degree between a father-and-son relationship is somewhat incomparable to other kinds of relationships. Sons and fathers bond differently than mothers and sons, but this does not undermine the latter. One of the traits that most fathers share is their inability to turn down their loved ones’ requests no matter how wild they can get. Saying no to a kid is especially hard when they wear their adorable smiles and puppy dog eyes. This is perhaps the reason why the more resistant mothers are the ones who maintain peace and order within the house.

In this next image, we see an adorable father and son duo who applied shaving cream on their faces — what a perfect way to enjoy bath time with dad.

The Joys of New Parents

One of the challenges as a new parent is dealing with dirty (and not to mention, stinky!) diapers. Most parents make investments in a diaper disposal bin that can be fully maximized with a simple hack: putting a plastic bag inside. In this way, there are fewer chances to touch the diaper accidentally. During the first attempts, the stink and the icky factor will be intimidating, but as time progresses, most parents become immune to the scent, and this seemingly huge task will eventually become a routine.

One tip is also clearing the bin at short intervals so that the disgusting smell will not linger for long periods. Again, getting used to these will take time to get used to.

Dads and Kitchens

It is often common that the “Man of the House” does not need to go to the kitchen and painstakingly prepare a meal. If there are some who do not conform to this notion, many of them would prefer a fast grilled or pan-fried steak paired with an ice-cold beer. The next scenario is proof that fathers don’t pair well with kitchens to a certain degree! Since most of the movie theaters are closed, enjoying a movie at home is the best thing to do. Of course, the occasion would not be complete without popcorn.

This dad seemed to have made a mess by heating up popcorn inside a paper bag. He should have heated the ready-made popcorn instead of taking on this experiment.

The Daily Stroll

Most of us have probably heard of the maxim that it takes a village to raise a child, and obviously, if you want to have more time with family and provide for them, you have to be successful at work and in your chosen career path—housing loans and education loans are getting more expensive nowadays. However, the present arrangements in the workforce have made this a challenge, and the tendency is that they often get tired.

In this case, it is obvious that feathers can sometimes forget a lot of things because of exhaustion. The brilliant father, in fear of forgetting his daughter, decided to tie a leash on his daughter’s torso as they went out for their daily stroll.

In a Parallel Universe

As soon as a baby is born, fathers take credit for being the best providers of constant care and utmost attention. These acts of love will strengthen the foundation of the bond that the pair will share forever. Even before birth, the baby already had an inkling of the father’s voice.

In the next scenario, we are unsure of how this happened. It is a rare and hilarious sight: a father fast asleep inside his baby’s crib. Perhaps he wanted to hug his cute baby until the latter fell asleep, but the opposite happened. Most parents encourage sleep by acting that they’re going to sleep; this is imitated by infants. However, dozing off before your child does is not the idea.

Too Much Label

As more banks offer credit card plans, purchasing items have become more accessible that we tend to buy than items we need. These items have the tendency to look alike and accumulate, which leads to more confusion. The solution? Putting labels on everything.

In this next photo, this sleeping baby’s father had perhaps gone too far and placed the label “baby” on the baby’s forehead. This father probably had lots of time to spare or maybe did the act out of boredom. We are sure of one thing, though, that he did this when his wife was not around. It’s interesting to note that the baby is sleeping as if nothing happened. As long as no harm was done, then there is no cause for alarm.

Good Deeds for Bad Reasons

As a father, holidays off are one of the most awaited rest days, which only means spending more time with loved ones. In the next scenario, this child was ecstatic the whole day with her father and even more excited to get her hands dirty! While bonding over house chores is the best way to establish a healthy father-daughter relationship, the photo here is a bit unsettling: the daughter grasping onto a nail while the father is extending a hammer. There are more child-friendly chores for a father-daughter bonding day. Let’s hope that the daughter did not move a degree or she will have a bad memory of that day.

When an extra set of hands are needed in handling sharp objects, better call someone older the next time.

An Onion A Day

Aside from their color and their distinct scents, apples and onions are quite similar when it comes to size and shape. As a parent, it perhaps goes without saying that you don’t want your child to be hungry at school, so you wake up during the wee hours in the morning and prepare their lunch box.

In this scenario, the father was somehow shocked when his kid went home and opened the lunchbox, which contained an onion. Confusing the onion for an apple is an understandable mistake. Let’s hope that the child did not get hungry during the day. Both are important in maintaining a nutritious diet. However, only one of them can make your eyes water. The father still gets the credit for preparing his child’s snack.

Pancake Mask

Whether or not this next photo can irritate mothers, a father’s humor is something that’s hard to replace. This is perhaps the epitome of the saying that one should never leave dad alone with the kids. It might sound like a warning, but some of the most memorable events take place exactly when the dad is alone with his loved ones.

In the present era where working from home is becoming a norm, fathers can make more investments in time with kids. When the workload is too much, the best way to destress is to play with the little ones. This father decided to make a pancake the size of his baby’s head and made holes in the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Feeling a Bit Blue

Giving children art materials at an early age can help them get in touch with their creative side, which is an important factor in their development. Apart from familiarizing them with aesthetics, these materials can help widen their imagination and help unleash their creativity. However, without proper guidance, the opposite might just happen.

In this photo, we are certain that this happened with dad around. Whether he was too busy laughing to stop the child from getting paint on the couch or he suggested that they’d have a paint party, mom would be totally mad with what happened here. The paint can be removed from the kid after a few baths, but the living room would likely need a new couch investment.

Ground Control to Major Tom

Most of us would think that this photo was taken during Halloween, but it isn’t. Choosing the right clothes for children is not much of a gargantuan task since most of the time, these little humans do not care much about how they look; they just want to be comfortable. This kid’s clothes do not seem to be uneasy, but this might be the last time dad will take her out shopping for clothes.

While it isn’t entirely wrong to dress your daughter as a spaceman, it is worth noting that mothers have a wider degree of understanding when it comes to clothes. Most times, fathers also don’t care too much about how they look, so it is somewhat expected that this will be projected to the kids.

Snotty Birthday

When we were young, our parents would often ask us how we wanted our birthday cakes to look. Most children in the present would want a Frozen-themed cake, and boys would beg for their favorite Avenger such as Spider-Man or Thor. Cakes, no matter their design or theme, are always thought to be delicious. However, this one seems like a deal-breaker.

Whether or not this kid chose the design for this cake, no one can materialize this request other than dads: a nose-shaped cake with a dripping snot design. The degree of detail can surely induce a gag reflex. Shopping for the cake’s ingredients and putting the cake together sure sounds like the perfect quality time between father and child.

Cuddly Time With Daddy

For new parents, one of the most recurrent challenges is adjusting every time their baby gets up and cries non-stop. Waking up during the wee hours and tending to their most basic needs often leaves the parents short on time for themselves. In the next photo, we see a dad taking advantage of the baby girl’s nap time. However, there seems to be one little problem: she won’t fall asleep unless she is in daddy’s arms. The solution? Lying down in her dad’s arms while he plays video games.

It goes without saying that the need to be creative multitaskers is apparent when raising a child. An investment in a daycare center or a nanny can be quite expensive. There is perhaps no greater form of comfort than being in a loved one’s arms.

Confusing Containers

In this situation, the husband had perhaps defended himself when he confused the bottle of milk with the bottle of liquid laundry detergent. Upon observing them closely, they resemble one another except for the stickers attached to them. Let’s hope that the discovery was made before the children had poured the detergent into their cereal because that would be dangerous. On the other hand, if the milk was loaded in the washing machine, the extent of this problem would be to a lesser degree and would require an easy fix. However, this might just be the last time dad makes a single trip to the kitchen and to the laundry room.

To make your house safe, it is better to allot a dedicated storage for these dry goods to prevent confusion.

Sleeping Soundly

With ongoing research and innovation in the present era, making an investment in baby accessories and appliances can be one of the best decisions. However, with more opportunity, there are also products that can somehow be complicated and sophisticated. Adjusting to new products can take up a big chunk of your time, especially if you are resistant to learning how these contemporary tools work.

In this photo, it’s hard to say exactly what’s happening, but it’s obvious that the baby’s position seems wrong. The dad perhaps wanted to carry his sleeping baby around while being occupied with house chores. He used the correct accessory, which is the baby carrier, but he did not place the child as the design intended.

Your First Time?

If the recent lockdowns have taught us anything, it would probably be that cutting hair is one of the hardest things you can do. Maybe most of us have a better appreciation for barbers and hairdressers after dealing with badly cut hair. However, this challenge doesn’t bother the dad in this picture. He actually looks razor-sharped, focused on making sure he gave his baby a perfect trim. Even the poor baby isn’t too sure if he has made the right decision to let his father do his hair.

Although, to the father’s credit, he looks like he’s taking the job seriously. We can only hope that the baby’s new hairstyle would be to his satisfaction. Maybe next time, the mother can have a go at it instead.

The Cool Kids on the Block

One look at the photo and you know that the kids’ father grew up in the ‘90s, and his investments for those cute Wayne’s World costumes certainly didn’t go to waste. The kids look fantastic and seem to be in character as well. I just know that that dumbfounded look is a signature of Wayne and Garth.

In all seriousness, though, the kids don’t seem to like their costumes, and it’s most probably because they were expecting to wear costumes of their favorite superheroes rather than their dad’s outdated movie references. I’m sure those kids would’ve loved it better if they were wearing a Bat-suit or a Spiderman costume, right? Maybe next time, kids. At least they made their father happy.

Can I Have a Bite?

Babies are so curious about anything and everything, and once they have a taste of what good food is, they would be so thrilled to try any tasty-looking treats around. Just look at the baby in this photo. The food wasn’t even anywhere near him, but in his cute little baby mind, he was probably imagining it landing on his mouth. Well, to his credit, maybe the father always played food-airplane games during his mealtimes. Nonetheless, that baby has that look that would make any parent chuckle.

It’s a good thing that the father looks like he has no intention of letting his baby have some of those chips. Babies have to learn control and be too spoiled, at least in my opinion.