The Funniest and Worst Tattoos We Found on the Internet

In some cultures, tattoos are still openly frowned upon. To a certain degree, there is no denying that some of these cultures have a stigma when it comes to this skin-art because of the people who wear them in their history. For example, the Japanese have long since associated tattoos with the Yakuza or organized crime syndicates. Some of their establishments even outright ban you from their premises if you have a visible tattoo.

Fortunately, most of the world has opened up their minds regarding tattoos. On the other hand, the more people who have tattoos, the more we get to see the worst of them.

Here are some of the funniest and worst tattoos we found around the net.

Norma Jean

All of us have our own favorite Hollywood celebrity. It just so happens that this fellow on the picture loves him some of those ‘50s five. The tattoo isn’t all that bad at first glance. However, a closer look will tell you otherwise. Something seems to be wrong with her eyes, and we all know that this gorgeous actress isn’t crossed-eyed at all. To the artist’s credit, the tattoo isn’t all that bad. He did a good job with the rest of the design. Just forget about the eyes.

Contrary to the belief of most people, tattoos are relatively easy to cover up. If the person with that tattoo ever decides to fix Marilyn’s eyes, maybe an artist can shade in dark eyeliners.

Piercing Eyes

In all honesty, people like this one on the photo give tattoos a bad rep. To a certain degree, we pity him for the series of bad decisions leading up to those terrible face tattoos – eyebrow tattoos, to be more precise. Nothing screams unemployment like this one. We have a hard time imagining how he decided having ”wrongfully convicted” tattooed on his eyebrows would be the best course of action.

Nonetheless, people still find it hard to accept face tattoos. Unless you are a famous rapper or celebrity, we don’t think having these tattoos would be a good idea. However, that’s just our opinion. We have seen pretty good face tattoo designs as well, just don’t expect to see them on this list.


Who doesn’t like a good pun? Well, we can understand if you aren’t into those dad jokes, but this fellow right here probably hates it the most. His tattoo artist must be the best punster to pull this one off. Maybe we can give the artist some benefit of the doubt and assume that English isn’t his first language. Nonetheless, that person with that wrongfully spelt tattoo has no one to blame but himself.

Tattoo artists usually place a stencil before inking the tattoo for those unfamiliar. That being said, that person didn’t even bother to double-check the most crucial part of a word tattoo – the spelling! However, to his credit, at least he was kind enough to share the photo of it online for our entertainment.

Mistaken Identity

Celebrity tattoos aren’t something new, and who isn’t a fan of the classic ‘90s sitcom Seinfeld? Apparently, this tattoo artist isn’t. He doesn’t even know who the main character is. Either that or he played the poor guy like a fool and intentionally made Jerry a Jimmy.

On the other hand, we can also credit the artist for flawlessly executing that realistic portrait. It’s not every day that you can see that level of realism on a tattoo. Unfortunately, however, his efforts go to waste for a simple typo. Although, in our opinion, the artist isn’t the only one to blame. If the guy claims to be a hardcore Seinfeld fan, he should’ve at least made sure that the design had the first name right.

Going Bare

Who needs shoes when you have them tattooed on? He must love his Chuck Taylors that he just had to tattoo them on. Too bad it’s not fully colored. To be honest, this is probably one of the funniest tattoos we have seen. To his credit, those shoelaces don’t look half bad. However, that design would only make sense if he walked around with his bare feet. Imagine him wearing flip-flops. That would look really awkward.

To be fair, that tattoo may look really bad, but no one would really see them unless the guy chooses to show them off, and why not stop at having shoes tattooed on? we hope he fully committed and also had some clothes done.

Coloring Book

This tattoo makes Jesus looks like a hippie from the ‘70s, and what’s wrong with that? To each their own, they say, right? However, if you would objectively judge the art, we would say that this isn’t the best Jesus tattoo, to say the least. To put it bluntly, it looks like a second-grader inked this one. Then again, maybe this guy is a proud father, and that tattoo was drawn by his child.

Tattoos like these aren’t too bad. If you put in suitable investments, you can find a talented artist to cover that up, and maybe the new design would be the second coming of Christ. Not a bad idea, right? Let’s just hope he gets this one fixed.

Spell Checker

This tattoo is so bad in every degree possible. First off, that design doesn’t do the Raiders’ badge justice at all. we mean, we’re a sports fan too, and we understand why you would have your favorite team’s logo inked. However, any Raiders fan would be offended by this design. You even have to look hard enough just to recognize it. Moreover, it says “Radders.” Too bad he didn’t have a rad tattoo artist to ink this one on him.

Tattoos are life-long decisions. That is why you should always research your tattoo artist first. See what the artist is capable of first before trusting your skin to them, and don’t forget to do a simple spell check before having your design inked!

Wanted for Bad Design

At least this man lives up to his word. When he said “YOLO,” you know he meant it, and you can’t even imagine the rock ‘n roll lifestyle he’s having. Judging by his looks, he is around 40 years old, but that isn’t stopping him from an old-fashioned bender.

Jokes aside, though, driving under the influence is a serious matter. This man was a danger to his community. In the same light, his tattoo artist is also one. No one should bear such terrible designs on their skin. However, this man probably had overbearing degrees of drunkenness when he decided to get those awful face tattoos. He can’t even hide them! And that face says it all – ‘what have done?’.


Any gamer would be jealous to see a good Toad tattoo. After all, Super Mario is a classic that everyone loves to play, and if you ask us, playing Mario Kart with friends would be a perfect weekend. That aside, this woman’s Toad tattoo is cute enough. However, it made tons of noise on the internet when people saw the tattoo’s condition — it looks infected. Hopefully, she had that looked and treated.

People forget that tattoos are essentially open wounds after having them inked. That is why, to a certain degree, artists should be well-versed with after-care, and they are responsible for their client’s health. It’s either this woman had a bad allergic reaction, or she didn’t listen to the valuable advice her tattoo artist gave her after.

Milky Way

Objectively speaking, pointillism is an excellent art style, and maybe, that was what this woman imagined when she figured to have the galaxy tattooed on her body. Sadly, the execution wasn’t what she or anyone expected. It just looks like the artist dotted tons of random ink all over her chest. We hope she didn’t spend too much of her investments on this one.

If you google galaxy tattoos, you would find that this type of design would probably be the last one to catch your attention. She should have at least researched a worthy artist to develop a design for such a complex tattoo. Well, it’s not too late. Maybe she could add in some planets with vibrant colors to save that tattoo.

Which System?

Nothing screams like teenage angst than to have an edgy tattoo that says F the system. Wait… did you read that right? To a certain degree, the only system at fault here is the education system. We can’t even begin to tell you how poorly that tattoo was done. Never mind the obvious wrong spelling. Who told that guy that that font is something to be proud of? You can tell that the artist didn’t even put any effort into that piece.

Nonetheless, at least it’s on the internet for all of us to see. For what it’s worth, that tattoo did bring some form of entertainment for us. Let’s hope that this one wasn’t his last visit to the tattoo shop. Someone, please help him fix that.

Poor Quality

In our opinion, lion tattoos are over-rated, and this next one indeed takes the cake. The guy must have been excited to imagine having a roaring lion on his arm. Too bad that lion looks like it can’t even purr. The artist he commissioned must have no business being an artist. To be perfectly blunt, a high-schooler could’ve drawn something better. We wonder why that guy wasted his investments on such a designed ink.

On the other hand, who are we to judge? Maybe that type of art was what he was really going for. After all, tattoos have sentimental values that only the wearer knows. Nonetheless, at least that guy was proud enough to share his tattoo with everyone, and that’s what’s important.

Going Digital

This next one doesn’t look bad at all. What people found funny about it is the idea behind the design. We guess it means ‘it’s pirate time!’. Moreover, if you take a closer look at that analog clock, there doesn’t seem to be a number two. Maybe pirates don’t like two-o’-clocks. Although, to his credit, that tattoo actually looks good. He should’ve just ensured that the artist had the design right to the dot.

Tattoos are, without a doubt, a permanent choice. This is why if ever you decide to have one, you should at least do a double-check and a triple-check with your artist before having it inked. The only reason why something like this happens is pure laziness – such a waste of a good design.

Crocs are forever

Most of the time, someone gets a tattoo for a reason. Either it symbolizes something or it’s just appreciation of art. For this one, he probably just loves Crocs that much that he ended up having a tattoo of the footwear brand. This is not something we will support to the extent of also getting one, but we do appreciate this man’s enthusiasm for these popular kicks.

In case no one told you, Crocs originated in the United States, particularly in Boulder, Colorado. Scott Seamans, Lyndon Hanson, and George Boedecker have credit for the invention of the slippers, and they are also the co-founders of the company. They are initially made for boaters or for the purpose of sailing, but now, they can be worn because they are cute and comfortable. Having one is what we can suggest, but having them inked, is up to you.

Let It Be

Seeing the band’s logo at first glance, if you’re The Beatles’ fan, you will surely appreciate this huge back tattoo. However, after scratching your eyes for you to see a clearer view, you’ll see that something doesn’t feel right. Did the famous band have an anime version back in the days? Even so, these portraits certainly do not resemble any of the members, right? Anyway, it’s already there. At least he’s a proud fan of the band.

For starters, The Beatles was formed back in 1960 and it comprises four extremely talented men, namely Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison. The English boy band takes the credit for being the best-selling act in music history and has held the record for having the most number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

Not one for The Notebook

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We also felt that same confusion you are feeling right now. Like, Ryan Gosling? How on Earth? That resembles Justin Bieber more than the La La Land actor. Do you know the time when he decided to grow a mustache? Well, enough with the young singer and let’s just face that this is Gosling’s portrait solely because of the indicated name. Surely, this tattoo is not for the notebook. See what we did there?

In case no one told you, Ryan Gosling is an established actor who was born in Canada. He became popular for his lead credit role in the movie The Notebook, which was released back in 2004, and was a blockbuster hit. He starred alongside Rachel McAdams.

Rest In Peace, Tupac

We appreciate the dedication and adoration this person has for Tupac, but we’re quite baffled if this tattoo was really the late rapper. Like, the resemblance is nowhere near. Anyway, for those who don’t know who this person was, he was one of the most established rappers of the ‘90s. Gone too soon, but his music lives on, while his fans are still dedicated just like this one.

His real name was Lesane Parish Crooks and was born on June 16, 1971, in New York City. Aside from his music that sold 75 million records worldwide, he is also known for fighting injustice and racial discrimination among Black Americans. Unfortunately, he kicked the bucket back in 1996. Among the famous songs to his credits are How Do U Want It and Dear Mama.


At first glance, you might not be able to notice what’s with this tattoo. A meaningful quote and a nice-looking anchor. The degree of perfection is highly commendable. However, something doesn’t feel right putting these two together. For those who are having a hard time keeping up, anchors are actually meant to sink under the water in order to serve their purpose. Guess we all need irony in our lives sometimes.

To give you more idea about anchors, they are usually made up of metal and are meant to meet the seabed to keep the ship from moving. Of course, the bigger the ship the more massive their anchors are. When it comes to the infamous Titanic, Encyclopedia Titanica revealed that its anchor measures 18 ft. and 6 inches, while it weighs nearly 16 tons.


Before you scratch your head out of confusion, well, let’s do it at the same time. Just like you, we’re also quite confused about this tattoo. It does resemble one of the child’s favorite superheroes, Batman. However, we can’t deny the fact that Catwoman keeps entering the picture. The eyes, lips, including the build of the drawing and the femininity is evident. The only indicator that makes us believe that this is indeed Batman is the logo on his chest.

With the proliferation of superhero movies, did you know that Batman is one of the oldest there is? Yup. Bruce Wayne, his fictional real name, debuted back in 1939. When it comes to live-action, only a handful of actors had this to their credits, including Michael Keaton, George Clooney, and Ben Affleck.

Is That a Bikini?

Guess no one can possibly say that this man isn’t wearing underwear, because he does, always. Okay, you’re right, that’s not an underwear, that’s ink. We don’t know what came to this man’s mind and decided to have his waist inked like this, but it sure is hilarious. Can we also appreciate his arm tattoo, which looks like a girl, probably his daughter, but we really can’t tell for sure.

When it comes to tattoos, one can choose the design and the size they like. However, before getting one, there are some things that one should consider. First, is the meaning of the ink. Some choose the name of their loved ones, bible verses, and even inspirational quotes. Second, the cost. If you have enough credits, go ahead. Lastly, you should not get one if your thinking is “I can have it removed for later.”

Mommy, surprise!

It might not be that obvious, but this is a picture of a baby. Not sure if there is a specific inspiration for this. Was it a photo turned into a tattoo? It surely is mind-boggling. If we were the mom of the baby, we would never let this happen. For sure, there are better pictures or better ways to represent the baby, aside from this not-so-good-looking one. Also, instead of socks, which it seems like the baby is sucking, I’d replace it with a pacifier or, better yet, nothing at all.

Of course, most tattoos are permanent. Before having one you have to think, not just twice, but many times. In case you are still considering, waiting for cash loans, we just want to remind you that some places prohibit one to donate blood for a year, and not every place appreciates people having one.

Read Reviews First

Most tattoos have inspirations and reasons behind them. Just like this one, the tattoo artist used a certain picture of a woman who may be significant to the person getting inked. It is certain that the woman in the photo is beautiful, but the tattoo, it’s just unrecognizable. It looks like a ghost from an Insidious film or a zombie from The Walking Dead. Guess the person failed to read reviews of the tattoo artist. Just like a singer being rejected by American Idol judges, it’s a no.

Once you get a tattoo, it stays on your skin until your last breath. Unless you undergo procedures that will completely remove the ink. In case you’re not aware, that consumes more money than getting inked, a payday loan might not be enough.

Front and Back Face

We won’t blame anyone who had a jumpscare as we also experienced one the second we saw this. This seems to be in an airplane, right? Imagine getting a nap and waking up to this. With those striking eyes, we would surely scream. After processing everything, it surely is worth a laugh. We should also give this man the credits he deserves. The creativity in this tattoo is top-tier. From the brows to the mustache, just chef kisses.

Anyway, since we’re talking about traveling by plane, you should know that there’s a list of countries that have less appreciation for tattooed people. Leading is the Land of the Rising, Japan. Other countries are South Korea, Vietnam, and the United States.

Can See it Clearly Now

We will give you a few seconds to find out what’s up with this photo. Well, just like the previous photo, where a man faked us with his tattoo that imitates a thong, this one, on the other hand, has a sunglasses tattoo. Did you immediately notice it? Looking back to the position of the unusual tattoo, its position would have been extremely painful.

In relation to this, tattoo enthusiasts cover their skin with inks, even on the parts where we don’t think they would. The degree of pain that one might experience is unimaginable. Well, when it comes to body parts, according to Healthline, armpit, rib cage, and stomach are some of the body parts that if one decided to have it inked, that person will have to endure excruciating pain.

Vault Boy

Most tattoos on people nowadays are considered works of art. From having an unusual and complex design, even the choices of colors, the tattooing game keeps getting better and better. We’re just not sure about this one, though. It’s cute, yes, but the design and color are very basic. There could have been endless designs available, but this guy chose this. We appreciate the cool vibes though.

Well, in case you don’t recognize this yellow-haired guy raising his one thumb, he is often credited as Vault Boy. According to a source, he is Vault-Tec Corporation’s registered trademark and is widely used on their gaming manuals, adverts, and guides. He has a female counterpart and you don’t need references to know her name, Vault Girl.

Angry Baby

Yup, this doesn’t look like a happy baby or a good-looking tattoo alone. We appreciate the gesture of this assumed father, but the end product just doesn’t do it. If you’d agree with us, the tattoo resembled a baby from a jungle tribe. Not going to mention the feathers though. Also, usually, if a person chooses an inspiration for a tattoo, especially babies, it would be a portrait of a baby smiling or at least a cute one. Isn’t it?

If this tattoo doesn’t spark your interest, these fun facts might. First, credits to a survey, which revealed that more women have tattoos than men in the US. Second, the oldest proof that tattooing has been in practice by humans is 3250 BC. Lastly, when it comes to laser removal of one’s tattoo, black ink is the easiest color to remove, while vibrant colors, such as yellow and green, are harder.

Subject-Verb Agreement

This would be an eyesore for English majors. Not sure what message this man is really trying to deliver with his tattoo, if “It gets better,” “It’ll get better,” or “It gets better,” all of which are grammatically acceptable, but what he got was surely incorrect. Sadly, the shame that he will face is also permanent. We just wish that his degree is not related to linguistics or else that would be adding salt to the wound.

Since we talked about the body parts where one would have to endure the most pain when getting a tattoo, we should also point out the places where the pain is tolerable. Again, according to Healthline, the least painful areas where you could have your inks are, the forearm, upper and lower back, and outer shoulders, to name a few.

Not For Everyone

She probably had enough with the attacks of her haters that she decided to have an ink using the popular quote. She might just be a Taylor Swift fan and her favorite song of the singer-songwriter is Shake It Off. However, the concern about this tattoo is not the tattoo itself, but the redness around it, including those back acne.

Though we already mentioned some of the things that one should consider before getting a tattoo, we also want to highlight that tattoos are not for everyone. This also depends on the person’s skin type. Some may experience irritation and discomfort in the area which might cause serious skin problems. Not sure if insurance can cover the expenses if this happens.

Put One Foot Forward

Do you remember the time when you were a kid and your parents bought you stamps, which you usually fill your arms with? Well, this guy right here took it to the degree. He might have put stamps onto his feet, but these stamps are not the usual stamps; these are permanent tattoos. As you can see, the ones in the red ink are smiley faces, while the others in black are sad faces. Using this fact, you can easily distinguish what his real feelings are just by looking at which foot he put on forward.

These resemble emojis right? Well, when it comes to these cute and lovely icons, Shigetaka Kurita is credited as the inventor of the first emoji, according to CNN.

Two-faced Wolf

This is indeed a spacious canvas for the tattoo artist. However, it’s not the skin we want to emphasize, but the tattoo itself. If your attention was caught by the one with the moon and clouds, well, that part is undoubtedly stunning. We’ll give the artist credits for that. However, when it comes to the one on the right, that is actually a portrait of a wolf that you can view from two perspectives: a smiling face and a toothless one. This could’ve been a cool tattoo if the wolf possessed strong and fearful vibes that send chills to us humans. Don’t you agree?

Since we are talking about a wolf, did you know that they are loyal when it comes to finding love? Yup, Good Nature Travel even mentioned that one would risk its life for the other.


This is a tattoo, just want to clear that out. If you had kids or when you were a child, this is how you draw the infamous T-rex. Before you scratch your head out of confusion, let us tell you the story of this tattoo first. This is actually a drawing of a child. The father decided to have it inked to express his degree of appreciation for his kid’s work of art. Well, not sure if the decision of the father is right, but at least this tattoo has a meaning.

To give you a brief review about this dangerous but long-gone creature, NatGeo Kids revealed that Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled the planet 65 million years ago. Scientists believe that they could run at the speed of 20-60 km/h.

Looks Confused

When it comes to divine and holy beings, Jesus takes credit for being one of the most well-known figures in that regard. With that in mind, it’s no surprise many people have a tattoo or two of him. While they often vary in design – another one we’ll be checking out in a bit – some results sadly don’t turn out the way one expected.

This one, for example, probably had the man himself looking a little lost, not to mention confused – two emotions that we often don’t associate with this image. By the looks of it, though, perhaps this tattoo still has some room for improvement, unless he’s already okay with it. Even so, a second chance isn’t too far away for this artwork, and that’s a good thought to have.

An Elderly Baby

Many artworks over the years belong in this particular genre. For the most part, these portraits are based on real people, though a couple has originated from one’s imagination.

With that said, tattoo artists are also no exception to this: more than a few clients, like this one, have gone to them requesting for one. By the looks of it, however, this tattoo designer still has some work to do when it comes to drawing people. For one, he was tasked with drawing his client’s adorable baby girl – just look at her smile in that photo. The tattoo’s final output, though, makes it look like this infant’s face had aged a significant amount. With this skill being a noteworthy investment, perhaps the artist has already improved since then.

So Much For Proper

Even when you aren’t good with art, there’s no denying you already have an idea or two on what makes a great artwork. Besides following a good sense of coloring, shading, and attention to detail, another factor that separates the decent pieces from the amazing ones is symmetry. To some degree, whether we notice it or not, it’s always appealing to see something that’s effectively organized. It could be an array of colors combined into a beautiful pattern or a series of well-designed and thought-out symbols.

This tattoo, however, has none of that symmetrical beauty – let alone any charm to it. There are plenty of reasons to support this sentiment, but one glaring factor is the unequal spacing between words, and the faded ink isn’t really helping, either.

Unending Love

Among many things, love has become a subject for numerous things through the years, notably in movies, shows, songs, poems, and books. A surge of emotion that is often considered akin to feeling a jolt of electricity passing through our bodies, love is something that undoubtedly varies from one instance to another, such as loving your spouse.

With that said, this fellow wanted to cement his feelings for his partner that he even requested a tattoo. Suffice to say, the final result looks pretty decent, don’t you think? However, there’s still something pretty off about it, though we’re not too sure what. Maybe it’s because the phrase was combined with the infinity symbol. It probably would have been better if it was just the word “love,” instead – who knows?

A Long-time Fan

Way before the first gas-powered automobile cruised the streets, people already had plenty of love for music. After all, it is one way for a person to tell a story and express their feelings, among other things. Suffice to say, that hasn’t changed over the years. The music industry has introduced plenty of iconic artists since its inception. Along with their songs gracing the airwaves – and more recently, the streaming services – many fans have also had their favorite song lyrics tattooed on their bodies.

One such example is this line from what seems to be a weirdly composed song made by a fairly familiar artist. Well, we may not know the other songs Jon Bovi has made, but it’s nice to know he has one really enthusiastic fan.

This Tattoo Took Some Scale

Did the title say “scale?” That was supposed to be “skill.” Anyway, it’s still fairly appropriate for this page – to a certain degree. Most of the tattoos we have seen in the previous pages have ranged from decent to just outright bad. Well, it probably won’t get any better than this – though it still helps to keep an open mind: we won’t know what’s coming.

Now with that out of the way, there’s undoubtedly one question that remains after seeing this impressive ink work. Why would he want to make his entire leg look like it’s filled with scales? If he wanted to catch people’s attention, he surely fulfilled that objective. Other than that, perhaps he just wanted to have some with the tattoo artist.

All You Need Is To “Belife”

We’ve all faced our own set of challenges, for sure. Although they often seem to stop us right where we stand, these hurdles are also chances for us to be better. When times are tough, it often helps to be as optimistic as possible. After all, supporting ourselves can be quite an investment.

Other than cheering ourselves on with encouraging words, another way is to etch inspirational quotes on our skin – there have been many lovely designs through the years, no doubt. This one, however, doesn’t fit among those wholesome artworks, sadly. Even if “believe” is spelled correctly, the quote still doesn’t make much sense. Well, it’s the thought that counts, and that’s what matters – in one way or another.

I Am Tiger; I Am Fierce

Tigers are one of nature’s fiercest animals. Taking credit for being one of – if not – the largest of its kind, tigers are undoubtedly as smart as they are tough. While they’re often seen as dangerous to people, they actually don’t see humans as prey – unless they feel harmed or threatened, of course. Besides that, their stripes help them blend into their environment; and if they’re out for the hunt, these wild cats can sprint as fast as sixty kilometers per hour.

These feats are undoubtedly impressive, but this particular rendition of the animal is far from it. In a way, this tattoo art has some sort of resemblance to Kung Fu Panda’s Tai Lung. Still doesn’t shadow the fact it looks silly, though.

Branded Tattoo?

Besides major obstacles, it’s safe to say that encountering small hubbubs here and there can be quite annoying: sometimes, they could even slow us down to a terrible degree. With that said, one such inconvenience many of us experience would be forgetting the things we usually bring, like phones and, in this case, eyeglasses.

Of course, double-checking your items before heading out is a noteworthy habit to develop, but this fellow thought of another way. Glasses are undoubtedly a part of his day-to-day needs, perhaps to help him read, among other activities. For that, he always has his trusty pair of specs at hand. With this tattoo, though, it’s safe to say he will always have them on, even if he isn’t wearing them.

Lost In Translation

Thanks to the internet, we can now learn just about anything, with plenty of online classes to choose from. Among the subjects we could study, though, many of us are interested in learning a new language. While it may take some time to become decent in your preferred language, it will undoubtedly be worth it. For one, it can help you prevent situations like this.

Many languages follow an interesting and eye-catching writing system, so much so that people even want to have a couple of symbols tattooed on them. Now, it may often look good, but what it means may not be what you expected. For example, these characters look pretty neat, but as it turns out, they just mean “turkey sandwich.” Anybody hungry?

Phoning It In

Speaking of notable investments made in technology, there have been many innovations through the years, with the creation of the mobile phone being one of the most recognized ones. Initially created to aid with long-distance communication, the device has evolved through the years. Now it can do just about anything, from browsing the internet, using social media, and streaming movies, among many others.

As good as that sounds, however, there’s no denying that it always helps to have a few days away from our phones: they can be too addicting at times, after all. By the looks of things, however, this fellow won’t be forgetting about the existence of these pocket-sized devices. Even so, we have to agree that the tattoo has a pretty neat aesthetic.

Where Did The Smile Go?

We talked a bit about portraits a few pages back. Well, let’s return to the subject for this page again, shall we? There are plenty of ways for an artist to showcase his skill set. One such way is to create their own photorealistic rendition of a person. Of course, tattoo artists also love to show their degree of expertise in their craft.

Sadly, like that previous portrait example, this one isn’t an output worth sharing – at least in their portfolio, but for humorous purposes, though, then it’s perfect. By the looks of it, this artist placed too much detail on what seems to be the wrong portions of the face. Even the tattoo itself isn’t all too happy with its final form.

An Animal Hybrid

While still on the topic of portraits, the artwork in question doesn’t always have to be based on real locations or people. Something abstract can be pretty impressive, after all. For one, it’s always nice to see how imaginative an artist can be when all he has for reference is his mind. Tattoo designers also take credit for creating more than a few impressive out-of-this-world pieces.

This particular artist, though, seems to need to practice some more before he dabbles in this type of work again. Now, an owl with the head of a dog sounds like a cool design, but not when it looks like this. Plus, this little work of ink still has plenty of room for color.

Dave And His Microwave

Besides drawings of real and fictional people and places, we all know that tattoo artists also enjoy etching all kinds of quotes depending on their client’s requests. This one fellow, in particular, seems to have spent a portion of his credit card points getting a tattoo of a poem he made during his spare time. Now, poems are often written by serious artists to move and inspire people. Still, that doesn’t mean some do it for the laughs.

Well, this guy is more on the latter. Starting off with the classic “Roses are red” hook, he then brings out his expertise – if that’s an appropriate term to use on this matter. At least we know he values his microwave so much that he even used it as his poem’s punch line.

I “Regert” Nothing

Tattoos are cool to look at, especially when they’re done right. Despite their charm, however, it’s no secret that many of us don’t want to have even one work of ink etched on our skins. One such reason many don’t have tattoos is that they’re near-permanent. Removing them can be quite a hassle, not to mention an investment you do not want to make if you don’t need to.

With that in mind, we must have every factor considered, such as the art we want tattooed and the artist tasked with the designing. Now with that out of the way, this fellow undoubtedly found a good tattoo designer and a just-as-good artwork to etch on his skin. Safe to say he might have had some “regerts.”

Are We Champions, My Friend?

A couple of pages back, we talked about “Jon Bovi” and his enthusiastic fan. This time, we’ll talk about another world-famous music artist. Garnering a skyrocketing degree of praise and recognition even years after releasing his last record, Freddie Mercury has since cemented his place among music history’s most iconic and beloved singers. Besides his singing voice, his stage presence is something many singers have imitated but never fully mastered.

With his reputation, it’s no surprise fans like this fellow got a tattoo of Mercury on his body. The thing is, this doesn’t look much like the late Queen frontman. Now, if these tattoos can talk, perhaps it wouldn’t be too surprising to hear this particular work saying it wants to break free.

Spelling Gone Wrong

Is it really that hard to give your tattoo a read through, especially when there are texts involved? The grammar Nazi in us is shaking after seeing this one. We understand that a lot of people confuse the words, your and you’re. However, if you are going to have it permanently tattooed on your body for everyone to see, better get it right, don’t you think?

After all, you are spending your investments on getting inked. Besides, the gun here looks more like a twig to be honest. We are not sure if he was drunk while getting tattooed otherwise, he would have noticed the error. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t drink while getting inked as it can thin your blood.

Stitch Causes Nightmares

We all know that Disney puts a lot of effort into making their characters, and like Stitch, he looks adorable and fun. How can you not like Stitch in the film, Lilo & Stitch? We do know that they don’t want their characters to scare their audience every time they make a new character. After all, Disney is a family-centric company, right?

Well, whoever designed this tattoo clearly had something else in mind for Stitch. We are not even sure if this version came from planet 626. More of a distant cousin, wouldn’t you agree? We sure hope that whoever had this tattooed on their arm did not regret swiping their credit card for it. It surely is a stuff of nightmares especially for the little ones.

Lost in the Galaxy

The process of tattooing works this way: you choose a design, or a text with your preferred font, or a photo even. You then bring it to your tattoo artist who will ink its close resemblance on your skin. They may even use their years of experience and give you the finalized drawing before the inking starts. Though there are many tattoo artists out there who can nail the artwork, some just leave us confused.
A picture that was supposed to show the stunning galaxy got lost in translation. We are not really sure what we are even looking at here. We wonder how the owner of this tattoo felt after realizing that they used their credit card for an artwork that is just plain bizarre.

Eminem or M and M?

The question above is quite confusing, true, but so is this tattoo. We are not sure if the client was aiming for Marshall Mathers, also known as the rap superstar Eminem, or the popular candy, M&M. In fact, we are not even sure why these two should be mashed together and tattooed on anyone’s body!

The rapper’s name came from a merger of all of his names. It did not come from the popular candy. It might be that the person who got this tattoo thought that the artist got his name from it. This is the only logical reason as to why he would want Eminem to be drawn this way. Well, it his investment money anyway. We’re just cringing here though.

Keeping It Real with the Trolls

The trolls being referred here are not the social media trolls. We are talking about the mythical figures that were written about. More specifically, we are talking about their little toy counterparts that became trending decades ago. You know, those with long bushy hair that is said to give you luck.

This guy happens to have a good patch of well-grown hair on his arm. To his credit, he did not sweat much about it. In fact, he decided to have a tattoo of the collectible toy on his arm. All that he needs to do is to have his hair dyed pink and he is good to go. We really do hope that he gets its done. It would be so cool to see it!

Sea Creature Love

We are used to seeing people getting a tattoo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. However, this dude had a different turtle in mind. He doesn’t want those fictional characters but the real deal! He preferred to have a tattoo of a real turtle, which is impressive already. However, where it is placed is something that got us scratching our heads.

Surely, there are other places to get this image inked, but no, the guy got it inked on his head. To his credit, we are sure that he gets plenty of attention with his unusual tattoo. The artist did a great job in capturing the image of the turtle. We are just not sure if it is the right place to put it. Still, we are eager to learn his story about this too.

Handling Terror with Euphemism

Most of us had an obsession with dinosaurs back when were kids. After all, they are these fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth. However, there are those who haven’t gotten past this stage. In fact, they even felt the need to immortalize their investments on these prehistoric creatures on their skin. Take a look at this guy who wanted to make his love for dinosaurs known.

However, there are so many things wrong about this tattoo that we don’t really know where to begin. First, the sketch of this T-Rex will not pass inspection. Second, if the dinosaur was actually fleshed out, the artist could have easily ditched the crown. Finally, is it leg day? If you are going to tattoo this majestic creature, shouldn’t you just go all out instead?

Switching Gears Made Worse

Driving a stick shift is not easy, especially for those who are used to driving an automatic transmission. Moving from one gear to the next is tough already. So, we had to ask, why make your life even more challenging by getting a tattoo that is a wrong representation of speeds? We could have applauded this guy’s choice if only the gears were drawn correctly.

Tattoos are permanent, so why choose one that is not right? Just imagine taking advantage of payday loans to get a wrong tattoo on your skin. It might have a different meaning for the guy, but the placement of the gear numbers is setting up the owner to become a reckless driver.
Good try though, dude.

Taking a Dunk in Style

It is not surprising that people would aim a dig at this man because of his mole. However, it seems that the guy is not bothered by it one bit. It might be that he decided that he will take those digs but with style. In fact, he decided to use his mole as a ball.

To his credit, he even spent money on a tattoo of a basketball player using his mole as a ball. Now, he has his own basketball player doing court sessions on his head. How cool is that? We do dig his creativity when it comes to his mole. What a great way to deal with body imperfections. Hats off to you, sir, for your fun tattoo!

Angelina “Jolly”

Fans of celebrities are more than happy to have their images tattooed on their body forever. One of the popular choices is Angelina Jolie, which is not surprising since she is a versatile actress. With the actress having her photos taken most of the time, it is not difficult to find a good shot of her to get inked onto your skin. The problem, however, lies on the tattoo artist.

This one did their best to replicate the sultry photo of the actress. However, we are not sure they captured the image perfectly. We are worried about Jolie’s lips on this tattoo because they seem like she ate something sour. Hopefully, the client got half of his investment money back to head to a lasering tattoo service.

Got the Benjamins?

Who hasn’t seen the face on the hundred-dollar bill? We are guessing that this tattoo artist hasn’t paid much attention to the face on the bill though, especially with this tattoo that he made. Either he must have lost tabs, or his mental image of Benjamin Franklin was not enough to put it on skin.

Benjamin Franklin is the face on the most iconic bill in history, which is the one-hundred-dollar bill. This means that whoever is tasked to draw this will have a huge load on his shoulder to get it right. Just imagine how embarrassing it is to a degree that you could not get the image right. In fact, just think of the hundred-dollar bill that has slipped his fingers because of this.

Not What I Ordered

Whatever image of a beautiful picture you want to get tattooed on your skin, make sure that you are handing it over to a competent tattoo artist. Otherwise, you will end up with a different version of the image that you have in mind on your skin. For example, your tattoo can appear like an exploding brain on your skin much like this one.

The customer gave the image to his tattoo artist, but the end result did not live up to his expectations. It might be that the artist thought to give the image a touch of nature to it. However, the guy’s hard-earned investment money turned into a shriveled-up image of a mushroom on his wrist.

Lucky Socks

You might have gotten the idea on why this person decided to have a pair of lucky socks tattooed on his legs. For those who don’t know lucky socks, these are socks used by golfers that sport a diamond pattern. It can also be a reference to the well-known Boston Red Sox. You choose.

For sure, the person who had this pair inked on his legs thought that he didn’t have to worry about where he put his lucky socks. However, it might be a bit odd in a mall or other public place. On a good note, he is always ready for Christmas as this pair gives off a jolly vibe. Maybe these lucky socks will score him more investments in the future.

Let’s Keep It Zipped

People do have a lot of strange ideas going on inside their heads these days. For example, there is this idea of getting a skin suit on, then removing it only to unveil the alien that is living within. Well, this tattoo is already weird as it is.

The young man may have a different idea on his side when he got this tattoo on his back. Either he wants to keep everything zipped up, or he just wants to have a skin suit, literally. Whatever his reasons are for wanting this back piece, we do hope that he is happy with the end result. Either way, we do give him credit for his creative inclinations as this image can have multiple meanings.

Representing Your Sign

Some people put a lot of effort into choosing which tattoo to get. This is their way of sharing a bit of themselves without talking about it. This guy approached his tattoo artist to get a tattoo of an intricate crab on his back. He went all out to finding the perfect sample for the artist to use. We are also sure that the guy didn’t mind using his credit cards to pay for this back piece.

However, the artist did not give the crab justice. In fact, we are wondering how the guy felt after seeing his tattoo. Yes, showing off your zodiac sign is one way to explain to others how you behave or your traits. This one, however, might live to regret his decision.

Could This Be What It Looks Like?

This tattoo definitely sends shivers down our spine as it quite creepy even in this photo. It looks like the creature came from the world of Freddy Krueger. Why does this tattoo give off the feeling that the young man had a rough past? It’s either that or he might be working as a prosthetic or makeup artist.

The images of these creatures will look intimidating and scary when done on ink. Just imagine how horrible it could turn out if the images were poorly done or, when they are made to look unclear. When this happens, it might be that the tattoo will look like a whole different creature or a combination of them. Wouldn’t it be easier if you just choose one and get it as a tattoo? Well, we sure know how this person’s investments on his skin turned out.

Making the Headlines

To be honest, COVID-19 made headlines across the globe. This one took the news literally by having COVID -19 inked on his forehead. He might be preparing to hide the fine lines that usually appear on one’s forehead, but what puzzles us the most is that there is an image of Batman too. What could this mean?

Is the guy stating that even Gotham was not spared from the pandemic? Perhaps in the alternate universe, COVID-19 was a bio weapon bent on the world’s destruction. Was Bruce Wayne even successful in stemming the spread of the pandemic? If yes, how much of his investment money did he spend to do so? What if, instead of a bat, the pangolins were actually the source of this global pandemic?