These People Became Instant Celebs Because Of Their Unique Looks

Bera & Tsotne Ivanishvili

Some of you may have heard of singer Bera Ivanishvili, who is widely recognized for his unique appearance. He goes by the name Bera, and it’s quite impressive that at 25 years old, he’s already achieved a successful singing career despite his medical condition and the unpleasant comments thrown at him while he was growing up.

Out of four siblings, Bera and his younger brother Tsotne were born with albinism. Still, the young singer didn’t let his medical condition and his different appearance stop him from dreaming. In addition, he even made investments in his own record label, Georgian Dream. While only one of them is famous, there is no doubt that many people feel it’s amazing to see two albino brothers growing up. Bera and Tsotne Ivanishvili certainly stand out not only because of their albinism but because of their brotherly love.