Take a Look At These Perfectly Timed Sports Photos

Sporting events can be very intense, with athletes giving it their all in order to win a gold medal. But this level of serious competition can often lead to hilarious moments, and we have the cameramen to thank for capturing them on film. From funny to downright dangerous, here are some of the best we’ve found!


Alex Rodriguez, better known by fans as A-Rod, is one of the most well-known athletes when it comes to baseball. This comes as no surprise considering his prowess at the sport. He’s one of the most intense players in the game, but if this photo proves anything—it’s that he’s confident enough to relax, too.

Either that or he’s showing off tricks to prove he’s not just a “baseball guy”. What we do know is that he’s a cool guy and this is a cool photo. We’d gas him up further but we’re sure A-Rod is already well aware of this fact.